leon-0 by ~reyyyyy


truth be told; he'z my fav turtl


i figure out of all the turtles, leo has the most “traditional honor”, etc– so he’s reppin a kinda samurai outfit, but also practical armor with gladiator touches. he’s got some modern flair, some MMA-style stretchy pants underneath his samurai/gladiator skirt armor stuff. i also figured out of all the turtles, leo would def be the most down to wear a man-skirt. I figure leo coulda scrounged this stuff up himself / made the rest of the matereals– some blue spraypaint is all he’d need to personalize it. Leo’s a resourceful dude! 

i figure leo is not SEEN in PUBLIC all that often, plus he’s not a human– so he doesn’t mind living his life in cosplay mode. yet he still knows how to party, brah