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But why don't you like reyyyyy

so i’m just very lazy so i’m just gonna copy what i already answered once lmao

well it’s kind of a kneejerk reaction at first… i don’t like daisy ridley for like no reason, you just can’t like everybody, you know ? she annoys me so much i can’t help it  :///

and when i first saw tfa, i just…..nope ugh i can’t.
i think rey is really badly written. Personally, whether she’s a skywalker or not, there is no way she could have been that good with the force and a lightsaber with no training and in so little time….especially since kylo (who is a skywalker too) has been training for so long, he was trained by luke then by the dark side….i can’t buy that little rey without any experience could beat the crap out of him after observing what the force was for like for 5 min :////

that’s only my personal opinion and i don’t try to convince people who think otherwise :) everybody is free to think and like whatever they want !