reynolds x maddy

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mark/maddy - candy

Maddy spent hours over the stove; her hair was frizzy, her apron was covered in sugar and stickiness, and she was tired of holding the thermometer in the pan, when Mark came in and smiled at her, she wanted to throw something at him, “This is all for you, you big jerk, I thought you’d like candy, I didn’t realize that my vast knowledge of chemistry would meet it’s match in candy production!” she huffed frustrated before he came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek gaining another frustrated sigh. 

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mark/maddy, dirty - lol

They’d gone back and forth far more times than any adult would like to admit; the phrases “your turn” or “not it” volleyed between the two of them as they stood in the backyard watching two little girls making mud pies; dirt, mud, leaves, and sand from head to toe, in the end Mark grabbed the hose and sprayed the squealing, giggling girls down before turning the water in Maddy’s direction, she let out some curse words before wrestling the hose from his hands to turn the tables. 

HA! You thought it was gonna be dirty dirty. Pshaw. Take that. 


There is so much I want to say about this exchange. It doesn't seem like much but when I was gif-ing this and seeing each expression….It’s like a whole new scene. 

Mark is trying so desperately to do the right thing. He’s enjoyed working with Jim and all he wants to do is have Jim like him. But sorry bud, based on your affection for his daughter, he’s not really going to take you seriously. You can see that in the way Jim barely gives him his attention. That is until his interest is piqued with more of Mark’s chivalry. Then he’s like “uh…what?”

Mark is being honest and he thinks he’s doing the right thing but he’ll soon realize that just like he hasn’t told Maddy how he feels, it was probably a bad idea to share the depth of his feelings with her Daddy. He is not okay with this development. 

Jim doesn’t want to be reminded his daughter is any where near an adult and here’s this kid just flaunting it right in front of his face. But the man’s got a point, his daughter is 16. Not of marrying age. Not something to even be discussed at this point in Jim’s mind. And remember, Jim has been in prison for two years and so his mindset is that Maddy is 14. Not 16. He knows she’s grown up, but it’s got to be hard to think of her as 16 when he missed those years. 

That’s when Mark seems to realize his mistake and is very clear about it. “It was always my intention to wait.” Like, whoa, this went the wrong way fast. No, no, we’re so waiting. I’m just trying to give you a heads up. 

At this point Jim would like to be out of this conversation even faster than Mark does and he’s trying his hardest to remind him of the severity of the mole situation. They’ve got work to do and chatting about his daughter in any way is not an approved topic of discussion. 

So Mark runs. Runs as fast as he can. So defeated. I hardly noticed the comedic timing of “I’m just gonna go away,” last night, but it’s pretty hilarious. 

And if this doesn’t remind you of Friday Night Lights, well, you probably haven’t seen FNL. Or maybe you just didn’t love Matt Saracen the way I did. ;)


Maddy, so forward.