reynolds similarity

Charlie’s mom seems to really love him, and Dennis’s mom seemed to have some fondness for him. Mac’s mom outright said “I don’t give a shit” when talking about him, and Dee’s called her “a disappointment and a mistake”
Charlie and Dennis both had mothers who cared about them, while Mac and Dee had the opposite.


Prime Suspect 3 in 1993 to The Fifth Estate in 2013.  Wow, what a journey* for Vera Reynolds and Jimmy Jackson.

(Although I should probably say I’m not so much thinking about them in this particular film as much as their respective journeys to having a TARDIS and teaching at Hogwarts.)

 *I’d say an unexpected journey, but that’s totally the wrong franchise.

please join the maria reynolds defense squad

i watched @galactibun ‘s maria speedpaint and felt Compelled to draw her bc she doesnt get enough love also i love how they draw her a lil on the chubby side……. so…………… here she is


Me listening to Reynolds Pamphlet for the first time

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