The Foxes as WEIRD SHIT™ That My Friends Have Said.
  • Matt: "so what does the steve irwin shirt really mean to you?"
  • Dan: "you can order fucking capri sun pouches on here!"
  • Nicky: "fuck you, fuck ya mom, and fuck ya whole clique too"
  • Neil: "send me a text out loud"
  • Allison: "no one can see, i don't even have my nipples out, its just the underneath"
  • Renee: "people who are genderfluid are on a higher plane of existence. you know who doesn't have genders? gods."
  • Andrew: "spray holy water on her. burn, satan."
  • Aaron: "i have come to the incredibly shocking conclusion that i am a basic white bitch."
  • Kevin: (about the stuffed sheep he's had on his head for three days) "if i can't balance my life, at least i can balance my sheep."
  • Seth: "life just needs to stop for a while" "have you ever heard of percoset?"
  • Jeremy Knox: "i'm too cute for my own good sometimes."
  • Jean Moreau: "oh, hail satan, thank fuck, that's amazing."



 “ Half dressed, apologetic. A mess, she looked pathetic, she cried: please don’t go, sir! ”

This is a kinda old draw I did in class w/ my copics, like… I love my daughter Maria Reynolds

Hamilton Characters as Cards Against Humanity Cards

Hamilton: my complicated backstory that you will soon learn about
Lafayette: liberté. égalité. beyoncé.
Burr: poor life choices
Washington: children on a leash
Mulligan: my sex life
Jefferson: pretending to care / the south
Laurens: the homosexual agenda
Eliza Hamilton: sunshine and rainbows
Angelica Schuyler: the feminist agenda
Peggy Schuyler: being ignored
King George: the heart of a child
Lee: whining like a little bitch
Philip: daddy issues
Madison: penis envy
Maria Reynolds: a hot mess
James Reynolds: beating your wives


HC were Maria likes cryptids and aliens and space. She also has alien pj’s (probably from Eliza)