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Need Blogs to Follow

I’m in dire need of more blogs to follow so if you post any of the following, please reblog this post so that I can follow you!:

•BBC Sherlock (TJLC please)
•Marvel (Spideypool, Deadpool, Spiderman, Stucky, Clintasha, Loki)
•Taylor Swift
•Star Trek (Spirk)
•Star Wars (Kylux, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, StormPilot)
•The Office
•Nancy Drew
•Dan and Phil
•Disney (mostly Moana and Tangled)
•Harry Potter (Scorbus, Drarry, and Wolfstar)
•Star vs. the Forces of Evil (trans! Marco theory, Starco, Tomco)
•Danny Phantom (trans! Danny theory, Amethyst Ocean)
•Gravity Falls (Billdip, trans! Dipper theory)
•The Hobbit (Bagginshield)


Cute Real-Life Couple Appreciation Post

Hey. So i know this isnt related to my blog, but i want to say somthing about this. Today is the anniversary of Trayvon Martins death. Justice for him and his family is still pending and causing protests. I think it is horrible to shoot an innocent kid buying tea and skittles. It breaks my heart somone would do that. You are lucky to be alive. People are heartless and feel the need to take a life of someone who still has a life to live. And all this white and gold dress stuff is just a huge distraction from this. Trayvon deserves full Justice and the cruel criminal who shot him deserves no mercy. Thank you. Please spread the word.

The greatest thing about loving tons of celebrities is that even if I have a super shitty day, I can just see a picture of one of them and suddenly get this huge smile on my face. They just constantly brighten my mood.