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- Reyna and Annabeth bond over their love of hot chocolate and hot-messes-of-friends who are trying (and failing) to run the demigod camps
- Reyna doesn’t like Annabeth that much when they first meet
- She can’t understand how anyone so smart would date that sweet, kind-hearted doofus child named Percy Jackson
- She eventually grows to love Annabeth’s sense of humour and smile and witty intelligence
- Annabeth doesn’t understand why Jason never dated Reyna (she’s super strong, crazy smart, beautiful, kind, stubborn)
- Doesn’t understand until she hears Jason’s stories of trying to set Reyna up with a couple of girls in the legion
- For which, he says, he got smacked in the back of the head
- “how was I supposed to know she didn’t want me to set her up with a cute girl after she told she was gay? I’m her best friend, that’s my JOB.”
- Annabeth is a little surprised, but then she notices Reyna staring at Calypso’s butt and getting a little discombobulated whenever a really cute girl talks to her
- Annabeth finds herself flirting with Reyna just to mess with her
- Reyna is slightly offended but also not because a cute girl is flirting with her
- Percy has changed a lot since their trip through Tartarus
- Annabeth and Percy slowly drift apart after the war with Gaea
- They start fighting a lot and they can’t figure out what’s wrong
- They’re not really sure why, but they end up going their separate ways
- Reyna is the first person Annabeth goes to after the breakup
- She holds Annabeth as she cries, wraps her up in a blanket, makes her some hot chocolate, and calls Hazel and Piper over for a girls’ night
- They don’t ask questions, they just bring takeout and feel good movies over to Reyna’s quarters and they all cuddle together on the couch and watch movies
- Annabeth is squished closest to Reyna and she falls asleep with her head in Reyna’s lap
- Piper and Hazel take over Reyna’s bed (Reyna doesn’t ask any questions)
- Reyna doesn’t have the strength to wake Annabeth up, so she ends up falling asleep with her hand tangled in Annabeth’s hair
- She wakes up early with Annabeth curled around her and snoring softly, so she goes back to sleep
- Piper and Hazel wake them up while whispering and giggling and just being super attached to each other (Reyna finds it so cute it’s gross)
- Annabeth slowly removes herself from Reyna and apologizes for grabbing on so tight
- Reyna doesn’t mind one bit, but she just tells Annabeth “it’s fine, I totally understand. If you need anything, just let me know”
- And Piper gives Reyna a knowing smirk but Anabeth just smiles shyly and thanks her
- Reyna and Annabeth start spending a lot of time with each other over the next few weeks
- Reyna tells herself it’s only because Annabeth needs a friend, but she lets Annabeth cuddle with her whenever she needs to
- Annabeth is so thankful for Reyna and for some reason she’s started to notice a weird tingling feeling in her stomach whenever she sees Reyna??? and she doesn’t know why
- Annabeth finds herself really really looking forward to their movie nights and hot chocolate dates and walks through New Rome
- They don’t fall asleep on the couch anymore, now they have the frame of mind to lay down on the bed when they start to fall asleep during the movie
- Annabeth and Reyna both wonder to themselves if this is how normal best friends act, if normal best friends cuddle and fall asleep together in bed
- They both decide that it has to be normal, there’s nothing weird about it
- One day Annabeth grabs Reyna’s hand and pulls her along to make her walk faster so they can get to Leo’s party faster and the contact makes Reyna’s stomach flip
- When they finally get to the party, Reyna interlaces their fingers and looks at Annabeth to make sure it’s okay and Annabeth just smiles really big and runs her thumb over Reyna’s hand and everything’s just right
- A few weeks pass and they don’t really discuss it or mean to but their relationship gets a lot more touchy
- They’re not afraid to grab each other’s hand or to hug each other randomly and they no longer question if it’s weird to cuddle with your best friend
- Neither of them know exactly what their relationship is
- Reyna wants the relationship to be more than just friends, but she doesn’t want Annabeth to think she was just using her the whole time
- And Annabeth is so fucking in love with Reyna it’s not even funny and when she realizes it she tells herself that she really needs to tell Reyna before she does anything stupid and scare Reyna off because it’s possible that Reyna has no romantic feelings for her whatsoever and she doesn’t want to overstep her bounds
- Reyna plans to ask just what in the world their relationship actually is one night during movie night
- Which is also the same night Annabeth was planning on asking Reyna out on a date
- So they’re both super hella awkward that night and can’t figure out why the other person is acting so weird
- Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, Praetor of Camp Jupiter and Daughter of the war goddess Bellona actually gets nervous and trips over her words and spills popcorn and Annabeth can’t help but laugh at this beautiful and adorable dork in front of her
- Annabeth Chase, Daughter of the Wisdom goddess Athena herself, can’t quite gather up the courage to say anything before the movie starts
- Reyna doesn’t pay any attention at all to the movie and when Annabeth asks her a question about it she doesn’t even know what was said or what’s going on
- Annabeth waves a hand in front of her face “Reyna? Are you okay? You look a little si-”
“I love you.” Reyna blurts out before she can stop herself
- Annabeth is taken aback and isn’t really sure what to say and Reyna is freaked out by her silence and then proceeds to disentangle herself from Annabeth and tries to get up from the couch all while apologizing profusely and saying that of course she misread the signs and that she’ll go back to her own place and that Annabeth never has to see her again
- But then Annabeth smiles and grabs ahold of Reyna’s hand and pulls her back to the couch, intertwining their fingers
- They’re both silent for a few moments as Reyna tries to avoid looking anywhere but directly at Annabeth and she’s expecting to hear that Annabeth loves her too, that she always has, but only as a friend
- When she finally looks at Annabeth she sees Annabeth staring at her lips
- And suddenly Reyna is excited and extremely confused
- Annabeth opens her mouth to reply with “I love you t-” but before she can finish Reyna’s mouth is on hers and it’s basically the best thing ever
- She really likes grabbing at Reyna’s flannel and Reyna really likes grabbing at Annabeth’s hoodie and it’s a lot to take in all at once
- They eventually need air and when they break apart they realize that Reyna somehow ended up straddling Annabeth’s hips and that Reyna’s flannel shirt is gone and Annabeth’s hand is on Reyna’s stomach
- Reyna rests her forehead on Annabeth’s and whispers “I love you so much”
- Annabeth whispers “I love you too” in between gentle kisses and while running her hand over Reyna’s abs
- For some reason Piper shows up at Annabeth’s door the next morning, banging on it incessantly before unlocking it herself and following a trail of clothes to Annabeth’s bedroom to find Annabeth and Reyna peacefully sleeping in the bed, curled around each other and very much clothes-less
- Piper clears her throat and scares the absolute shit out of both women in the bed
- Annabeth almost falls out of the bed
- Then she proceeds to yell at Piper for five minutes while Piper laughs and Reyna sits back and just smiles at her girlfriend and best friend
- After allowing just enough verbal abuse towards Piper, Reyna snakes an arm around Annabeth’s stomach and peppers kisses across her shoulders, trying to calm her down
- Annabeth is startled and not amused “Rey! Piper is RIGHT THERE” and when Reyna just pulls her back towards the mattress to hug her close Annabeth tries to glare at Piper but she’s having a hard time and instead just manages to get out the words “Go away now and don’t tell anyone and we’ll forget this happened”
- Piper giggles and says “Bye love birds”
- When they finally make it out of bed and into the public to eat lunch, Hazel winks at Reyna and high fives Annabeth, Jason shouts “IT’S ABOUT TIME” from across the pavilion, Leo shouts something inappropriate and Piper and Hazel have to hold back Annabeth and Reyna so they don’t attack him, Calypso smacks Leo and then congratulates them, and everyone goes to see Frank for some reason and it looks like money is changing hands, but Reyna decides not to ask what’s going on
- They’re just really cute together
- They steal each other’s clothes and cuddle a lot and they love to watch movies together and drink hot chocolate and kiss a whole bunch
- Annabeth knows judo and Reyna asks her to teach her some
- It becomes one off their favourite couple activities
- A few years later, Reyna retires and decides to go to college in New Rome
- The retirement ceremony is really beautiful and Piper and Annabeth and Leo all cry while Hazel hugs them all and playfully rolls her eyes at Reyna
- Reyna is happy to pass the job on to Frank, she knows he’ll be fantastic at it
- Frank is really happy and definitely the captain of the Reynabeth ship
- Piper insists that she’s the captain, and they argues so Leo and Reyna suggest they just co-captain the ship
- They finally agree to it
- Annabeth is the one to propose to Reyna
- She does it at none other than the coffee shop where they love to have hot chocolate dates
- Of course Reyna says yes and there’s lots of hugging and cheering and kissing

Definitely Comfortable (Reyna x Reader)

This was requested by an anon that is just super awesome for requesting this since Reyna is my queen.  I just…okay, let’s skip my monologue for once and get to the story.

Happy Reading!

Pairing: Reyna x Female Reader

Words: 2290 words

Warnings: None

Excerpt:  Today, you were simply sparring.  It was a Sunday, and because Romans were also die-hard Christians back in the day, Sunday was a day of rest.  Of course, for most Romans at camp, it really wasn’t a day of rest.  

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Have you ever thought about doing some kind of gender switch with the seven and Nico? It would be cool to see head cannons on it! I really enjoy your work! Names: (If you can think of better names please help me out and do so!) Percy = Persia Annabeth = Anthony Jason = ??? Piper = ??? Hazel = Hank Frank = Florence Nico = Nicole

Thanks anon!

  • Persia grew up a little bit faster than she should have. Her ex-step father, Gabe, made her want to be out of the house as much as possible. She hated him so much since life at home wasn’t that great. But she loved her mom and wanted to help make money so they could move out. When she got attacked by a Minotaur, she headed straight to Camp Half Blood where she met her best friend soon boyfriend, Anthony Chase.
  • Anthony practically grew up at camp. Him and his step mom argued a lot so he ran away from home when he was seven, meeting up with Luke and Thalia. But he tried to act strong around them, being the youngest he wanted to prove to them and himself that he could do this. The day they got attacked by the cyclops, he tried to act brave and wanted to fight next to Thalia. But Luke practically dragged him towards the safety of camp. From then on, he trained so he couldn’t be afraid anymore. He didn’t want to be that weak seven year old. But meeting Persia made him slightly weak.
  • Jade Grace was ripped from her family when she was three. She cried a lot when she was little. Being ripped away from her family was traumatic for her. She constantly tried to look for them when she had the time. But she was a natural born leader since her dad was Jupiter. And her spot in Camp Jupiter went up after leading the Fifth Cohort. She became praetor in a little more than a year of service. Having Reyna as her co-leader was the greatest experience of her life. She learned so much from her until she went to sleep one night and woke up with no memory. When she woke up, she was next to Peter McLean.
  • Peter was probably the most attractive boy at Wilderness School without even trying. In fact he wasn’t trying at all. He was always compared to his dad, Tristin McLean the famous actor, since he was practically a miniature version of him. He hated it. But he loved his dad. He loved surfing with him and trying to connect with him. And sending him to Wilderness School, Peter knew that he wasn’t wanted. Meeting Jade was probably the best thing in his life. Jade didn’t know that Tristin was famous actor and liked him for him. But he was also friends with Leah Valdez. 
  • Leah was always a troubled child at least what she was told. Trouble always seemed to find her. But she always tried to see the good side of life. Like making friends with Peter and Jade. Those memories, along with the ones with her mom, helped her get through the day. She tried to make a name for herself by trying to be sarcastic and funny. It didn’t work out very well. At least she had good friends to get rid of those bad thoughts.
  • Florence was chubby when she was a little girl. She thought it was just baby fat that wouldn’t go away. Throughout her life, she got teased for it and she tried to work out and eat better. But nothing seemed to work out. To get out her frustrations, she picked up archery and became really good at it. She was an outcast until she met Hank.
  • Hank was pretty disoriented when his sister, Nicole, brought him back to life. He was afraid of being hated just because of the color of his skin. But when he arrived at Camp Jupiter, he was shocked that people were afraid of him because of his father, Pluto. He didn’t know if rather be hated because of his father or the color of his skin. But Florence welcomed him with open arms. His only true friend at camp who wasn’t afraid of him at all. 
  • Nicole was a loner since her sister died. She tried to ignore everyone and stay away. Persia tried to make sure that she was okay, but that only made Nicole hate her more. She just wanted to be left alone and spend time with the dead. There wasn’t much of a difference, the living or dead, they just hurt her. Thinking that getting her sister back would help, she tried to bring her back, but brought Hank back instead. Hurt a little but at least she had family now. 

I’m just going to sit over here this evening and think about the ladies being on a softball team

Annabeth and Reyna are co-team captains

Mellie as the Coach, Juniper designing the uniforms, Hazel the fastest, Piper and Rachel talking so much trash (so much trash), Thalia chewing bubble gum and striding up to the plate and staring hawk-eyed at the pitcher, Clarisse cracking her knuckles, Clarisse kicking the dirt at her feet, Clarisse adjusting her hat

That’s all, just Clarisse playing softball