reyna amirez

Jason “The flight is the best part of the entire trip” Grace

Leo “I can and will turn anything into a pun” Valdez

Hazel “ask me about my Feminist and Social Justice Agenda” Levesque

Percy “I take hour long showers and am not even sorry” Jackson

Annabeth “books are better than people and you cant tell me otherwise” Chase

Piper “I have a secret stash of lipstick in my sock drawer” McLean

Frank “On Wednesdays we wear Stop Animal Testing Shirts and Pins” Zhang

Will “ lol I love Nico :)” Solace

Reyna “who needs a relationship when you have too loyal metal dogs” Amirez de Arellano

Nico “i dont care if mcdonalds is Crap for your health if its delicous” Di Angelo

inkcaviness  asked:

And they still open up their little shop and every time someone asks "so how long have you been together" they're just kinda there like yeah nah. And maybe one day Calypso sees this super pretty girl and just goes "well dang why did I ever bother with guys anyway" and Leo adopts like 5 dogs

Asexual Leo is really important to me.
I think Leo would rather built 5 dogs, to impress Reyna.

“Hey Praetor wanna race these babies?”
shows of his doggies, all of them are fucking corgies.
“You sure you wanna race with those?”
“Bet you 10 bucks and a hot coco my babies are gonna win.”