The Red String of Fate - Rey’s Force Vision

( So as I promised here’s my Episode IX re-make, part 1 💙) ( TROS does not exist, my epIX re-creation is not related to that garbage movie at all )

Rey goes for a walk in the forest, to find peace…to find answers within herself….Then suddenly she feels something in the Force…a figure of a small boy runs across the path in front of her. He feels somehow familiar…

As she watches the child, the trees begin to thin and transform into tall white pillars…

 A tall figure appears in the distance, the little boy happily runs to him…the man holds out its arms, swinging the laughing child into the air..she could recognize “him” anywhere…Ben. And their child. Her family.

When she opened her teary eyes again…the force vision was gone.

She was alone with her thoughts again…but was she tho?




This is how it ended right? Rey and Ben, two Grey Jedi Masters, exploring the galaxy and bringing balance to the force. Sounds right to me.

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Death and Rebirth


I’ve always loved the Hades/Persephone AU for Reylo. It just fits them so perfectly. Plus I’ve been re-reading PJO which put me in a major Greek mythology mood, so this is the result haha. I think I spent about 25 hours on this in total 😳

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