August 22, 2016


Reyes 78 says the work of Victor Reyes, aka Reyes 78, is “stuffed with more pigment than a boat full of Skittles.” Born in Milwaukee Reyes moved to California in the 90s and eventually landed in San Francisco. On a return visit to the midwest he painted this 100’ x 14’ wall at 16th and Morgan in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood for Art In Public Places in 2012. Since first discovering graffiti, and committing himself to the artform at age 14, Reyes has long been interested in exploring the point, as Brooklyn Street Art puts it “where graffiti and Street Art are merging to created something more abstract and geometric.” This particular composition, sponsored in part by Chicago’s National Museum of Mexican Art, represents the cultural melting pot of the Pilsen neighborhood. @rys78 @chicagoings @brooklynstreetart @scenesfromthesidewalk