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anonymous asked:

Which skins are your favorite?

aw well how kind of u to ask

  • sparrow/oni/blackwatch/bedouin genji
  • mystery man mccree (except for his stupid moustache. i’m sorry. it’s stupid)
  • anubis/bedouin pharah (i’m fond of jackal too because i use it on my alt)
  • blackwatch reyes
  • cyberspace sombra
  • slipstream/graffiti tracer
  • lone wolf hanzo (co-best gold gun)
  • dr. junkenstein
  • abominable/yeti hunter mei
  • huntress widow (co-best gold gun. fond of rose because i use it on my alt)
  • palanquin, and i have a soft spot for taegeukgi
  • siberian/arctic zarya
  • captain amari
  • andes/slapshot/jazzy lucio, i’m wearing andes again bc i luv that pompom
  • witch mercy (duh)
  • oasis symm (duh)
  • sunyatta zen