reye's syndrome

Let’s play “How to spot a fake James fan”.

 - Some peoples are gonna say that Kara was wrong to talk to James the way she did in 3x01, but Lena was right, because she’s a boss and a BAMF. But of course “I like James, but he was a bastard this episode”

 - Some people are gonna say that Lena was wrong to talk and act with James the way she did in the 3x02 and she’s a bitch, but that Kara was right because she was hurt and crying for the loss of Corn-El :( and James have no heart.  But of course “I like James”

 - Some people are gonna say that James was wrong with both Kara and Lena and that he’s just the spawn of Satan and the idea of him with Kara and/or Lena is disgusting (but not in a racist way of course). But do not forget, they also love James. 

MAKE NO MISTAKE, none of this people care about James Olsen! 

If they did, they would see that both Kara and Lena were wrong and shouldn’t have treated him like that. They all use him and call him “a sweetheart” when they need him to shit on the other ship and fandom, but if James dare to have feelings for someone or trying to be respected, he’s insufferable. 

Kawasaki’s Disease

This is a necrotizing vasculitis that is believed to be caused by a virus.

  • Causes Coronary Artery Aneurysms
    • Also pericarditis, myocarditis, AMI
  • MC in asian babies (under 5)
  • Symptoms of Fever (5+ days) and Creams
    • Conjunctivitis (BL)
    • Rash (desquamation)
    • Edema
    • Adenopathy (cervical)/ Anemia (normocytic, normochromic)
    • Mucous Membranes (Strawberry tongue)
    • Sterile Pyuria
  • Treatments
    • IVIG
    • ASA (high does lowers chance of arterial aneurysm)
          • In children the ASA + virus can cause REYE’S SYNDROME
            • Reye’s syndrome = virus + salicylate (ASA/Peptobismol)
            • Vomiting/HA/Seizure/lethargy
            • ENCEPHALOPATHY w/elevated liver enzymes
            • Low blood sugar, high ammonia + Acid

KAWASAKI DUDES! Surfers get fevers from being in the sun 5 days a week and they need to cool down with drinks of CREAM. They’re out on the waves to heal their broken hearts.

Reye is youngest surfer on the beach and he got a swollen head thinking he was the best. He took some ASA for the headache and ended up hurling his lunch of liver!  Not cool dude.

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craychikwholuvspizza  asked:

I've had a sore throat for two days any advice?

I swear you guys need to stop coming to me with medical questions.

THAAAAT BEING SAID I have an answer.

It’s a few steps so stay with me:

1. HIT THAT LIQUID TRAIN but don’t drink water, drink some freakin pedialyte! More electrolytes than water or Gatorade, less sugar than Gatorade, and the cherry flavor tastes pretty good to me. If you can’t afford to hit that pedialyte train (idk tho it’s pretty cheap?) get some apple juice.

2. HIT THAT GINGER TRAIN IF U CANT TALK OR ACCESS YOUR HEAD VOICE my dude if ur a singer u know what I’m saying but basically above the voice where you talk is your upper register (your head voice). Hit that ginger train (yeah dude like the stuff at a sushi restaurant, the pure stuff that tastes like crap) and you’ll get your upper register back

3. HIT THAT IBEUPROUFEN TRAIN if you have to talk because most sore throats are inflammation-based and ibeuproufen (not Tylenol/acetaminophen) reduces swelling better than alternatives. Once again DONT HIT THAT ASPIRIN TRAIN because Reye Syndrome is not something you want to mess with

4. HIT THAT ENTERTAINER’S SECRET TRAIN if you can find it! It’s really good for sore throats but the only retail place I’ve seen it stocked is at studio commissaries and drug stores outside major animation studios

5. S T O P T A L K I N like this should be step one to not healing but GO ON VOCAL REST where all non-essential talking is cut out. When I started working on Lion Guard the Bunga voice killed my throat (I’ve since figured out new ways to do it so it doesn’t hurt me any more) and the day afterwards I’d load up on ginger and pedialyte and ibeuproufen and entertainer’s secret, but nothing helped me more than a cheap lil whiteboard that said yes, no, please, and thank you at the top, and a space for writing at the bottom. If you have a job that kills ya voice, make a whiteboard like that it saved my lifeeee!

Hope you feel better my dude