i’m not even kidding when i say this was the creepiest thing to ever happen to me in skyrim.

narfi is a nuts beggar in Ivarstead and Wilhelm is a normal bloke running the Inn there. When I found Narfi’s dead sis’s amulet that proves she’s dead for some reason i wanted to see what Wilhelm would say if I spoke to him first, since he informs you about Narfi’s situation.

and sponataneosuly he breaks from his usual Nord calmness and starts freaking like Narfi does and says Narfi’s lines, even referring to himself as Narfi. Not even a VA mixup, it’s still Wilhelm’s voice. At first I was thinking he was mocking Narfi’s insanity but nope. 

and the he acts like he never said anything. i don’t know why this disturbs me so, but it does. 

The Straw that Broke

While helping Narfi of Ivarstead discover the fate of his sister Reyda, I noticed something quite disturbing. The quest reward for helping Narfi is always three random alchemy ingredients. The three ingredients given to me this time were human flesh, human heart, and nightshade.

Those are the three ingredients needed, along with a skeleton and a circle of candles, for the Black Sacrament. I felt this was disturbing as the game never gives any clues as to who would have Narfi killed or why, in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. With the ingredients given to me, it would suggest that Narfi may have been planning on using the Black Sacrament for himself.

A hole in this theory is that Narfi begs for his life during the DB side quest “Kill a hapless beggar.”

Wilhelm told me Reyda wasn’t really coming back. He knew nothing about what happened to her, he only told that to Narfi to give the poor man some solace.

I asked Lydia to wait for me at the inn while I looked around to find clues about what might have happened to her. She couldn’t have gone too far — Wilhelm told me she always gathered ingredients from the same spots by the river.

After scrubbing the margins, I decided to search in the water. It was dark and cold, but my skin warmed up after a few moments, and without noticing I was swimming comfortably. It took me some good hours to find her remains, but there was no doubt: the little satchel filled with rotten seeds must be an alchemist’s. Around her skull I found a silver necklace, which I picked up with the utmost care. Under the colored lights of Skyrim’s night, the tiny pendant read To Reyda.

I dried myself and found Narfi sleeping. I sat down beside him and told the truth, hoping his mind could cope. He cried on my shoulder until sunrise, clutching the little piece of jewelry in his hands, muttering “I couldn’t even say goodbye to Reyda.”

It was sad, but Narfi seemed stronger when the last tears left him. In the morning I brought him a meal and he told me he was going to work hard, hard as his papa, to mine many stones and rebuild his house. “That will make Reyda happy”, he said with a confident smile, touching the necklace that now he was wearing.

"Build a nice wall, Narfi, and I promise you I will make a portrait of your whole family to hang on it", I said.

"You are a good friend", he said, hugging me tight before going back to his little quarry.

I was looking for someone, she was an asari."

“Johnny’s got a girlfriend??”

“Yes, who’s not you.”

“Johnny’s not my type.
—  Johnny, now calling himself Dr. Leonard Freiman, elaborates on the last thing he remembers. Some teasing occurs between Ashil and Reyda

"I believe that Wilhelm actually killed Reyda because she knew some secret about him that he didn’t want to get out. That is why her body is upstream of the islands where she should have died, and just downstream of a bridge where he probably threw her corpse in the river."


Before we do this… where’s the airlock release? So I don’t hit it accidentally."

“Oh, that’s right here.”

“You just killed him?!”

“Only a little bit…
—  Norina and Junior Engineer Tim Donovan, a few minutes before his unfortunate demise.

Followed by Reyda, trying to impart some sisterly counsel to Norina
1.5 Interrogation Aspirations

After the cruiser Nairobi was sliced in two by Cerberus, all of their crew were forced into escape pods. The survivors were picked up by a frigate two days later. Norina and Reyda, two asari sisters serving in the Alliance marines, were recruited by a captain to join the SSV Broadsword.

When they came to present themselves to Commander John Devereau he blanked, stuck in a flashback. For a moment he held an ancient artifact as he was approached by a beautiful asari. Snapping out of it, he asked about their experience holding interrogations and invited them to join. Norina was eager to help but Reyda was more cautious about her sister’s abilities.

Norina volunteered to charm the Cerberus biotic so Quintus could dose her with sodium pentathol. The prisoner revealed Cerberus was working to secure the other mass relays and the Cerberus cruiser had been assigned a separate mission. Omega was being used for training Cerberus troops as well as to secure the Omega 4 relay.

Petrovsky himself was no longer on Omega and Cerberus were focusing on finding an asari named Talina for some reason. The device used to change where in the system a mass relay would deposit a person had been named a “locutor” and their ship was one of the first to get it. The biotic prisoner wasn’t able to provide any more information and was kept as a POW.

Now it was time for what had been years in the making - Johnny was finally going to get his chance to face Gale properly.

Are you sure you want to do this? We were just on a ship that blew up."

“The captain looks gullible.
—  Reyda and Norina, discussing volunteering for the captain’s mysterious assignment. Said assignment turned out to be joining the crew of the Broadsword