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Most of this is speculative (except the first two images), but……

-Notice in the second image that is CLEARLY Adam Driver.-

I haven’t seen this comparison yet… but these could very well be the same shots. In the second image, the profile and hair are clearly Leia, especially if you watch this part closely in the actual trailer and stop it frame by frame.

Not only that but, Leia is looking in the same direction so it DOES MATCH up from a clearly shown shot in another part of the BTS reel - that this is Leia! (you can see her brow and cheek bones in the second image would match the angle she is turning her face in the top image) Her hair looks to be the same (you can see her hair in the second picture if you look closely)… The lighting even matches… I am gonna say it’s pretty solid evidence that Leia and Ben share this scene.


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Smart Reylos to me: you should really set your standards lower. That cliff scene seems really unlikely. Me: wow, you are so right. *pushes cliff scene into a corner* Tlj BTS reel: lol water! Lol rey jumping into water! lol she’s jumping into water on purpose! Lol guy that looks like Adam stunt double jumping! Lol under water shot! Me:

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Nagisa and Rei going fishing and Rei starts to get sick first but in the end Nagisa is the one who gets incredibly sea sick and ends up puking a lot. He gets embarrassed from it but Rei is there to help him with lots of TLC! <3

>>>I didn’t really know what what kind of relationship you wanted them to be in.. so I make it really FLUFFY romance. Hope that’s okay.

(Author’s note: reminder I drop honorifics (chan) for dating couples. Also, Shoji is Japanese chess.)



“I just need a minute.” Rei was leaning over the edge of the boat with a handkerchief over his mouth.

Nagisa was rubbing his back with a concerned look. “Rei… you okay?”

“I’m fine, really. I’m just waiting for it to pass.” Rei told him.

He was swallowing constantly and he felt his stomach reeling. The nausea was worse than he had experienced in a long time. He truly though he would have grown out of such a thing by then.

Rei felt his stomach lurch uncontrollably and he leaned further over the side of the boat. Nagisa held on to him to make sure he wasn’t about to fall overboard.

“I’m sorry.” He said guiltily. “I honestly thought I would have gotten over this…”

“Don’t apologize Rei.” Nagisa encouraged.

Rei burped softly into his handkerchief then felt his stomach lurch again. He heaved over the side of the boat and puked up his breakfast into the water. He coughed weakly and wiped his mouth. “Hey, I actually feel a bit better now.” He said with relief.“

Nagisa smiled widely. “Oh good!”

“Alright. I promised you we’d do some real fishing and gosh darn it we will.” Rei said with determination.

Nagisa’s eyes lit up and jumped up with his hands in the air. “Yay!”

Rei showed Nagisa how to set up the fishing line and he listened intently to Rei. He even managed to set up his own line by himself.

Once the lines were set up Rei sighed with a satisfactory nod. “And now, we wait.”

Nagisa looked up at him. “That’s it?”

Rei was confused. “Well… yeah?”

“Oh…” Nagisa sounded disappointed.

“But- the exciting part comes when we get a fish!” Rei tried to sound enthusiastic.

“Oh yeah!” Nagisa seemed to get his spirt back.

“In the meantime, what would you like to do?” Rei asked.

Nagisa thought hard, looking around the boat. “Oh- could you teach me to play Shoji!” He had seen that below there was a Shoji board.

“Sure!” Even Rei was getting excited after that.

They played Shoji for over an hour on deck, waiting for their lines to be bitten and by that point Nagisa had seemed to reach his limit.

He yawned as Rei step a particularly long time thinking about his next turn and he looked about readily to doze off.

“Nagisa… Nagisa?”

Nagisa shook himself out of daze and looked up at Rei.

“It’s your turn.” He said.

“Oh, right.” Nagisa stared down at the board for quite a while before Rei finally realized he wasn’t really playing anymore.

“Why don’t we stop for now?” He suggested.

“Oh, you don’t mind?” Nagisa tried not to make his disinterest too obvious.

“It’s fine! We can just do something else.” Rei put the game back in the box and went below deck to put it away.

Nagisa let out an inner sigh of relief that he didn’t have to play anymore and leaned against the side of the boat looking out at the water.

It was quite beautiful with the sun shining against the blue water but he had only been staring off at it for a minute when he suddenly felt the boat move underneath his feet. It moved only slightly but it somehow managed to throw off his balance.

It wasn’t a new feeling, as he was sure it had been happening the entire time but it was the first time he had really noticed it.

He felt strange for a moment from a jolt going though his stomach. But he forgot about it when he looked to his side and noticed that one of the fishing poles was twitching.

For a moment, he thought this odd, then he realized what was happening and got excited. “Rei! Rei! Come back!”

“What is it?” Rei ran back up to the deck. “Oh! We’ve caught one!” He unlatched the fishing pole and tugged on it.

“Is it heavy?” Nagisa was ramped up.

“A bit.” Rei began trying to reel it in. Then he suddenly lost his footing and was pulled forwards.

Nagisa grabbed onto him and helped him pull the fish up. The entire time they were jumping around on the boat trying to keep their balance and Nagisa found the movement was slightly unsettling.

He still enjoyed himself thoroughly though as they pulled the fish up and into the boat.

“Wow!” Nagisa’s eyes widened as it flopped around on the deck.

“Unfortunately, it’s not big enough to keep.” Rei said sadly and picked it up to throw it back.

“Aww! Really?” Nagisa was bummed.

“That’s alright! We’ll just set up a new one.” Rei tried to get him to cheer up.

As they were setting up a new line, Nagisa found himself feeling strange as he stood looking out at Rei and the open water.

He swallowed hard, then to his dismay, he finally realized what the feeling was. It was the same feeling he got when he had been riding in a hot car and driving on a curvy road for too long.

As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he was feeling seasick.

He hoped that it was just a temporary thing and that it would go away on its own but instead it only seemed to get worse.

After about an hour suffering through the feeling, he finally laid down on a lounge chair and closed his eyes.

“Tired Nagisa?” Rei chuckled. “I know standing around doing almost nothing can be pretty exhausting.”

Nagisa put his sun hat over his eyes and nodded.

Rei smiled and sat beside him in the sun to read a book.

Nagisa tried to sleep for about half an hour, but sitting still on the deck only made the motion of the boat even more obvious.

As his nausea increased he began finding it harder and harder to sit still and he ended up tossing and turning in the lounge chair. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Nagisa? Are you okay? Are you dreaming?” Rei’s soft voice was somehow calming and welcoming so Nagisa didn’t feel as nervous.

“I’m okay. Thanks.” He said, not daring to open his eyes for fear of feeling worse.

“If you’re sure.” Rei told him. “If we don’t catch anything in the next hour, I was thinking of opening some of the canned fish we brought along.”

Just the thought of eating fish at that moment made Nagisa’s stomach turn. “It’s okay! I want to wait until we catch something.”

Rei sounded hesitant. “Well… I’m not sure if we’ll catch anything before we have to get home…”

“It’s fine, really! I’m really not that hungry.” Nagisa insisted, still keeping his eyes closed.

“Alright… Nagisa?” Rei paused and waited for an answer.


“You’d tell me if something was wrong… right?”

“Of course.”

“Okay… just checking.” Rei sat back with his book again but he couldn’t shake the feeling he had that something wasn’t right.


After only another half an hour of enduring the nausea, Nagisa realized he was losing the fight with his body and that it was time to call it quits.

Luckily, Rei was all too familiar with the symptoms of sea sickness, along with being familiar with how Nagisa acted when he was sick.

“Nagisa?” Rei put his hand on his shoulder again.


“You’re not feeling so great are you?”

Nagisa shook his head.

Rei sat on Nagisa’s lounge chair and stroked his arm. “Do you feel sick to your stomach?”

Nagisa nodded and Rei laid next to him on the lounge chair and wrapped his arm around him.

Nagisa curled up in a ball, clutching his stomach with a groan. “Reiiii. I feel like I’m ganna be sick.” He whined.

“It’s okay Nagisa.” Rei stroked Nagisa’s curly hair, pushing it behind his ear. “Do you need to right now?”

Nagisa nodded, still whimpering.

Rei helped Nagisa sit up and the moment he opened his eyes, his stomach lurched. A strange noise came out of his throat and his hand shot over his mouth.

Rei grabbed him and hurried him to the edge of the boat.

Nagisa gagged over the edge and his eyes watered.

“It’s okay Nagisa.” Rei stroked his back and Nagisa started to break into tears. “Don’t cry. It’s all going to be fine.”

“Rei… I don’t feel good.” He said again, this time in tears.

“I know, I know.” Rei coaxed. “It’s okay.”

Nagisa hiccuped a sob and let out a wet burp. Then he lurched forward and vomited over the side of the boat.

“That’s it. It’s all okay.” Rei spoke softly.

Nagisa let out a wet burp that brought up more liquid. He coughed as landed in the water and Rei wiped off a tear that had rolled down his cheek.

“Do you think you’d be able to sit down?” Rei asked.

Nagisa swallowed hesitantly, then nodded and followed Rei below deck.

Rei had Nagisa sit in a large lounge chair and gave him a cylindrical container. He sat in the chair with Nagisa, wrapping his arms around him.

Nagisa groaned and hid his head in Rei’s shoulder. “I don’t like being sick.” His voice was muffled in Rei’s shirt.

“I know.” Rei brushed his fingers through Nagisa’s hair.

Nagisa’s stomach bubbled and he felt a burp trying to escape. He turned away and let it out with embarrassment. Then tried to swallow again but ended up spewing his stomach contents into the vessel.

“There there.” Rei rubbed his arm up and down. “It’s okay.”

Nagisa laid back again with a pained expression on his face.

Rei placed his hand gently over his stomach and ran small circles over it.

Nagisa burped again and his cheeks turned red. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Rei leaned his head against his and continued the rubbing motion.

“That makes it feel a bit better.” He told Rei.

Rei kissed him on the head. “I’m glad.”

Things *we* saw in that TLJ sizzle reel...

Rey’s a fucking Skywalker…

Rey Skywalker does fight a sea creature as rumored?

Rey Skywalker does fight the Knights of Ren as rumored?


Rey Skywalker and General Leia meet again?  (does that mean that General Leia and Luke Skywalker meet again?!?!)



so now reylos are saying reylo is DEFINITELY happening bc they didnt show anything of kylo and rey in the sizzle reel and any finnrey footage we get is another nail in the coffin for finnrey im 

Rey Reel shot by Ronald Applin

A behind the scenes look for “HS87: We The Plug” on ADD!

After teaming up with Hit-Boy to produce Beyonce’s “Flawless” and Drake’s “Trophies,” Rey Reel has been working on HS87’s upcoming album due out April 22nd. Click here to see the boys at work.


Beyonce performs “Flawless” in Manchester during the European leg of her world tour.