rey negro

Tenía una cara como un ángel, pero dentro de mi corazón estaba tan negro como una pantalla de cine a la quiebra
—  Lana Del Rey - Because Of You

“Dios está en la máquina.“

Probably a little late on this bandwagon, but I was working on my version of Sombra today for use in my fic (eventually). I headcanon her as being more machine than human. She’s always connected and thrives on information, able to interface with computers and the like with a touch. She likes chaos, prefers to do whatever is the most interesting/entertaining to her, and of course she’s a huge troll.

She’s the only member of Talon who can really read Reaper because he’s made up of machines. I have it in my head that she calls him “El Rey en Negro” or the King in Black and every time he complains about her having read him well she goes, “It’s all ones and zero’s to me”.

Regardless of canon, I’m going to have fun writing her when the time comes.