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the only OTP question you need to ask is which one is the aesthetic blogger and which one is the shitposter

The NGE Casts’ Tumblrs

Shinji reblogs mostly memes, particularly different variations of the same pepe face over and over and over. The rest of his posts are music that he also reblogs, or random text posts talking about how sad he is at the time. Strangely enough, these are the posts that get the most notes.

Asuka doesn’t reblog anything, instead she posts “motivational quotes” that she herself has said, along with hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of her Eva with captions like “Gonna kick some ass today”

Rei technically has a tumblr, but mostly because Shinji suggested she make one. He helped her set up her account. Her blog is the default theme with the header saying “hello” in all lowercase letters. It’s blank except for like, one book quote that she’s reblogged when Shinji was explaining how to reblog things.

Kaworu’s blog is filled with reblogs from Shinji’s blog with tons of excessive and sometimes an inappropriate amount of heart emojis added on to it. He also reblogs those affectionatesuggestions and the like alot to tag Shinji in them.

Mari runs a pink aesthetic blog. The only posts that don’t fit her theme are the selfies that Asuka posts of herself with her eva. Mari likes to occassionally add “Yes, Princess, slay!” onto these.

Misato wanted to be cool like Shinji and Asuka so she made them help her make one. It’s mostly drunk posts, reblogs of those posts that take a screenshot of a funny post and has weird unnecessary commentary added on, along with pictures of attractive male actors.

Toji is fairly inactive as well, but he likes to reblog occassional stuff from Shinji telling him to cheer up or he’ll deck him.

Kensuke reblogs all of Asuka’s eva pictures, which she thinks is weird and annoying, along with other random military facts that may or may not be true.

Kaji has a plantblr. It’s all pictures of his watermelons and asks he’s answered giving people advice on how to care for their garden. He refers to all his plants as ‘The Boys’.

Ritsuko runs a government conspiracy theorist blog where she posts all her wild, crazy, and let’s be real probably accurate theories about our lizard overlords.

Maya is here for cute puppies and motivational pixel art.

Gendo is a pornbot, everyone has blocked him

NGE Characters as MBTI

(Not all types are represented, apologies)

Shinji Ikari- ISFJ

Rei Ayanami- INFP

Asuka Langley Soryu- ISTP

Misato Katsuragi- ENFP

Gendo Ikari- ENTJ

Kaworu Nagisa- ENTP

Mari Makinami- ESTP

Toji Suzuhara- ESTJ

Ritsuko Akagi- INTJ

Yui Ikari- ESFJ

Ryoji Kaji- ISFP

Maya Ibuki- INTP

Makoto Hyuga- ISTJ