rey azteca

So, professional wrestling show Lucha Underground is apparently releaseing season 2 prequel comics on, of all platforms, imgur. Here, Rey Mysterio Jr. learns that Dragon Azteca

(This guy)

Was, as was prophesied, mur-diddly-urdered by his student Black Lotus

who was tricked into thinking he murdered her entire village (Lucha Underground is fucking weird). 

Rey Mysterio Jr. is so incensed, he quits his back-alley third-rate wrestling league and runs off to join Lucha Underground. 

This happens

And that’s the end of that scene, with no resolution or explanation. 

Rey decides not to deal with the lightning skull dudes (can’t say I blame him?) and starts roughing up mobsters for information. 

Dragon Azteca II wants Rey to take Dragon Azteca 1 (the dead one)’s mask, but mortal men were not meant to wield such power (!) so Rey refuses. 

He’ll bring justice to professional wrestling on his own terms.