A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 27: Ray Bans


Chapter Summary: It’s a new day! Time to face the music.

Chapter Preview: 

“Kylo?” she croaks out, her throat parched and gritty. “Hey.”

Kylo grumbles, mumbling incoherencies into her hair. If anything, he shifts closer.

“Hey,” she says again, rasping out his name a second time. “You’re warm and I don’t feel good.”

That makes him open his eyes. A dragon. He reminds her of a dragon, at least the ones she’d seen in movies. His eyes blink open slowly, taking all the time in the world to focus, and the next huff of air to hit her face when he looks down could just as easily be fire.

“You’re too warm,” she says once more, trying to keep the queasiness in her gut from escalating. The last thing she needs is to throw up on this guy because god would that be both gross and utterly embarrassing. “Can you, uh… let me go now?”

Author’s note: The skies parted and out came a chapter a week earlier than usual. Enjoy! 

ADOT readers! I’m working on ch. 37 now <3 ty for the wait. Hang in there a little longer. *retreats back into her scheduled break*

anonymous asked:

Did Rey name herself as a kid or was her name always Rey? I've heard disputes on this in the past.

It’s unclear. She had the helmet of a pilot named Dosmit Ræh and some people have speculated that she got her name from that, but there’s no conclusive evidence on that front.