rexs marksley


I wasn’t sure about this..but I really need your help.
For a last two years I have a health problem that’s ruining my life.
Im losing moblility of my hands and it’s gettin’ worse week by week.
Doctors are not exactly sure why this is happening.
In present state it’s hard for me to hold a pen and I’m really scared it’s gonna get worse.
You see there is possiblity I’ll lose ability of doing any kind of art I do and love.
Like drawing, sewing, embroidery, playin’ instruments and making costumes.
I was associating my future with the last one and willing to go on costume design studies next year.
The problem is I don’t have any money for more medical exams not even mentioning any surgery. But  there is no way I’m gonna give up.
And that’s why Im comin’ to you. I’m not askin’ for donation but considering buyin’ a commision from me.
I can draw you literally anything (at least I’ll try there is a lot I was never drawin’ in my life )
your OCs , your ships , create you a sona , your favourite character
I’m new in digital drawing that’s why I can only make a sketch or lineart.
You can pay me how much you want starting from 2 $  
For payment details please contact me by e-mail (  or  just write me on tumblr.
I’ll try my best I swear.
My adress is 123-help right now.

here we go!  SPG characters, colour coded and as accurate as i could possible get it without turning mad.

there might be mistakes,  ive already fixed some.   some things are just pure speculations/headcanon or just wishful thinking.  open in new tab for better image.

VQ Theory!

“General there’s something out here, I’m gonna need to recruit some heroes.”

“Heroes? You mean like yourself? Uhh… Who did you have in mind commander?”

“All of them.”

Guys! I have a theory! The general suggested that the commander meant heroes like himself.  Now if we consider the characters that steam powered giraffe has made so far via ballads, We have The Ice Cream Man, Captain Albert Alexander, Rex Marksley, The Suspender Man, Roller Skate King, Lily (A.K.A Air Heart), Commander Cosmo, and Cosmica (A.K.A The Daughter of Space).  I have a theory that Commander Cosmo is going to bring everyone together including Steam Powered Giraffe, GG (and possibly find some new characters as well) in the next album to take out whatever it is that Commander Cosmo found!

(Edit: Added Roller Skate King)

I like to think that Rex Marksley has no formal education on engineering or any of the sciences needed to create his gadgets, and he is entirely self taught on the matter. It’d make sense for his character and background, and I heavily empathise with that, since I could never grasp textbook education, but have since built and wired my own jetpacks and such.

Education ≠ intelligence 2k15 

Rex Marksley for President