Swan’s Way, Article by Lyle Rexer for Dear Dave Magazine Issue 17

Featuring: Molly MatalonCorey OlsenBridget CollinsCaroline TompkinsOliver LottSam Clarke, and Sebastiano Arpaia

“But what so many photographers today are searching for among images seems to be that narrow fissure between representations where something else is intimated, in the process attempting to communicate the humor of seeing and the unprecedented character of being. Ghirri also writes: ’ … the effort we are inclined to make, daily, is one of rediscovering a gaze that negates and forgets what we know and are used to—not so much in order to see afresh with different eyes but rather out of the need to orient ourselves anew in space and time.’ ”

Here it is, my oc from Brave Frontier!

It took me like 2 days to figure out what i wanted and i feel great with the work

This is how he’ll looks like ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I wanto him to reach Omni evo, but i need to do more sketchs, also i cant choose betwen fire or light as an element.

The name… Im between Rexeres or Zadeth, idk 😂😂 im a mess