Style challenge!

In addition to picking some bigger media I liked I also picked three friends who I’ve worked with and who have drawn me before (though I tried to forget how they did, so the end result is nothing like they have or probably ever would draw me haha).

Check out their actual beautiful work:

@portentous-offerings (I tried imitating her style when she uses markers haha)

@sabubu91 (Specifically from her super cool Rex’s Rangers comic starting soon!)

@arealgreg (…Who needs to draw more)


Procrastination Break! Thought I throw in some pages from my sketchbook I haven’t posted, a mish mash of older and newer pieces. I’m still super happy I finally started to stick doodles and sketches on loose sheets into it, especially since I ink now more often and the paper is pretty thin. Most of the time I feel bad I’m not one of those artist who can fill up every inch of a page, but it just isn’t me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

so tup doesn't strike me as the kinda kid who'd get into a lot of trouble in high school, or at all really, but i'm also super curious about how new dad!rex would handle actually having to do the discipline thing.

This turned into a 1,000 word essay. S-sorry. tl;dr Usually a grounding and a lecture, because Tup actually listens and learns if given the chance. But I filled like 2 pages expounding upon that so have a cut that hopefully works:

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tora42  asked:

oh man, now i'm having thoughts about camp u-fucked-up on the back porch and how at least the older bros had someone who would leave a blanket or something out for them if they got locked out for the night. but tup wouldn't??? which makes it WAY worse.

This! Tbh depending on the infraction and the weather, the older bros might just lean out the window and heckle each other if they got porched. XD But they’d also toss out blankets and granola bars if they could get away with it. It’s one of those things that’s in a long list of things that were questionable but not really THAT bad, taken individually and given the context of the time. Tup hardly ever got in trouble like that, and even if he did he wouldn’t talk about it because it 1) is embarrassing, and 2) had been normalized to him by hearing the others laugh it off as “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” But somewhere during the “okay wait how do we convince a judge to remove Tup from our parents and give him to Rex?” phase, the older bros (all adults and some with kids of their own) sit down and start compiling all these things. It was easier to brush off and justify things in small doses, but written out in a flat objective list all at once, it looks much more damning. Rex strikes me as the type who keeps a pretty tight lid on his temper by letting out a controlled but effective jet of growling steam when he’s pissed. But realizing that these sorts of things must’ve been going on with Tup the whole time too causes his righteous fury to collide with his self-loathing like baking soda and vinegar, blowing his lid clean off. Fuck this, it’s Sue My Own Parents O’Clock!

If it helps, I do figure that as Tup got older and realized just how inattentive his parents could be, he would often just walk/bus/metro over to the precinct or Rex’s place if he found himself faced with a locked door or empty fridge. The parents were so bad at letting Rex know in advance when they were dumping Tup on him that Rex pretty much never even questioned whether Tup had been intentionally sent or not. He just rolled with it. And if Rex was out of town, most of the other bros were close enough to hit up for dinner and a couch as well. Tup’s not good at directly asking for such things, but he’s transparent as fuck so a “Hey what are you up to tonight?” text or “casually” wandering into Jesse’s shop near to closing time always results in an invitation.