This set is so beautiful, but I would have played Alive in the middle instead of opening with it. 

Do you ever think Cody has gotten salty about Obi-wan calling blasters uncivilized? Because I do. Honestly all I can see is it coming up one night at the clone club with Rex and Wolffe and a few other command clones, Cody is slightly tipsy and ready to roast his jedi general

“Uncivilized? You know what’s uncivilized? Running around like a gungan with their head lopped off, swinging a giant *makes lightsaber noises drunkenly* light stick and cutting people in half. *Hiccup* But noooo.. making a clean headshot from a mile away is uncivilized… Uncivilized my left foot..”

black-rogue  asked:

Okay but imagine Rex and the rest if Torrent Company taking Ahsoka out clubbing (because poor sheltered padawan) and being incredibly suprised because they thought she'd be a horrid dancer because she'd never done it, but there she is KILLING IT

oh my god absolutely

It was unanimously agreed later on that it was all Hardcase’s idea, mostly because no one could remember Kix suggesting it due to all the alcohol consumed. 

How they got Ahsoka to agree to it, let alone Rex, is a mystery lost to the ages. There’s a rumor that puppy dog eyes were involved, and a lot of black market items exchanged. Rex refuses to confirm or deny anything, but Jesse still mutters darkly about the candy stash he lost in getting “the Commander and the Captain out dancing” to this day after a few drinks.

They weren’t expecting much, to be honest. There was actually a small bet going on - some of the men thought that Ahsoka would fall flat on her face immediately, others pointed out how graceful she was on the battlefield and were sure that she would just backflip her way across the dance floor. 

(“Gymnastics isn’t the same as dancing, idiot!” “Yes it is, FIGHT ME, RINGO.”)

So. Anyways. When they finally end up at the club, after Rex stared down the bouncer until the poor dude was sweating bullets and let the clones in, Torrent Company grabs a few tables. While they’re pushing them together, Ahsoka wanders off. Towards the dance floor. Every other time she’d been clubs or bars, it had been on Jedi business, and she hadn’t exactly had time to enjoy herself. And what none of the clones knew or realized was that Ahsoka? Ahsoka kriffing loves to dance.

And she’s really good at it, too.

The boys don’t even notice at first, they’re too busy arguing over seating arrangements and who wants what to drink. Rex sees, though. And he has to smile, because Ahsoka hasn’t looked as happy and carefree as she does now, dancing in a dirty club somewhere in Coruscant, in a long, long time.

The others notice eventually, of course. And there’s some grumbling and a few credits are exchanged, and afterwards a couple of them wander onto the dance floor, too, although none dare to approach the Commander. A few of the other patrons do, the more intoxicated ones who didn’t notice that she arrived with a contingent of soldiers, or don’t know the significance of the silka beads hanging down from her montrals and the distinctive silver cylinders on her belt. She skillfully turns them all away, with a pointed word or a mind trick.

One, though. This one asshole does not know the meaning of the word ‘no’ apparently. Ahsoka doesn’t want to hurt anyone, especially someone who is clearly just a little over-intoxicated and not a real threat. He’s just a persistent asshole.

It isn’t until the asshole tries to reach out and grab one of her lekku that Rex decides to intervene. 

“Hey!” He’s next to Ahsoka in less then three seconds. “She isn’t interested, okay?”

“Who th’ kriff are you?” Asshole sneers. “Her boyfriend?”

“Worse,” Rex growls, as his brothers materialize behind him. “I’m her second-in-command.”

Asshole’s brain finally starts working again and he suddenly realizes that there’s a company of pissed off clones and an annoyed Jedi in front of him, and he bolts out of there faster then Grievous when confronted with defeat.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know.”

Ahsoka grins up at him and Rex can’t find it in him to say no when she asks him to dance.  

another sketch of vlad with some info about him :^) he eats people…… and his birthday is on new years. he had a cat called slinky and he’s a rex. moiderer club. he also wears a face mask bc he hates germs and has an irrational fear of the plague, but in his house or around friends he takes it off

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Hola guapa, wcif the black hoodie bug's wearing where bug and brix are hugging? also i just wanted to say i love ur captions my favorite is successfuldate png qsjdjk so funny fun fact i binged read brix's life all night last night and i can sum up my life with your sims i mean when i'm with my bf i'm flirty rizky 24/7, at college i'm bug, when i eat i'm brix, in the club i'm rex... i literally just wanted to ask for the hoodie but i couldn't stop writing help

dude i literally died when i read “hola guapa” THATS THE BEST THING!! best thing ive been called on this website istg thats SO BOMB

also tysm for reading my brix gameplay?? like OMFG!! thats so sweet

Bug’s hoodie is this one right here BUT i edited the mesh to remove those long straps at the end of the sleeves :T its a personal edit and it’d be disrespectful to share it tbh so!! yea

Tales In And In Between Battles 3/? (Rexsoka)

A collection of fluffy drabbles about Rex and Ahsoka during the Clone Wars. No over-arcing plot, but all set in the same timeline. Rex/Ahsoka

Part 3/? - Blue Balls

Rating: T

Summary: Ahsoka and Rex go undercover at a slave ring disguised as a night club. Rex gets a lap dance.

Links: | AO3

A/N: The title is a triple pun I just couldn’t resist. Night club. Run by a Chiss. State of most men who leave said club.

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Rock&Folk - March, 2001 [Translated]

This article had a lot of general copy that I started to translate and then skipped because it wasn’t really new or relevant information. For reference, the author discusses One More Time’s worldwide success, Daft Punk’s background, and then goes through the tracks of Discovery. As for the actual interview, there’s talk about breaking the rules of music, how Discovery was made, Daft Punk’s feelings about the commercial use of their music, live shows, and the new (at the time) robot personas.

Scan by ifcwdjd– you can download the full set of scans here.

– – –

“Daft Punk Go Back to the Future”
by Eric Dahan

The Parisian electronic duo, brought to fame four years ago by the album “Homework”, are putting out “Discovery”, an interstellar voyage into the 80s – the time of Zapp, Human League, Prince, and Van Halen – reintroducing instrumental virtuosity, and a consummate artistry of the change and contrast in house music.

– – –

Breaking the System

Rock&Folk: What strikes you when listening to “Discovery”, musical material aside, is the science of contrast, of change, and other classical compositional techniques. Did you read over your music theory textbooks recently? At the time of the very rudimentary “Homework”, was there a distrust regarding musical virtuosity?
Thomas Bangalter: At the time, we were mainly preoccupied with showing that techno and house music weren’t noise confined to being exploited by the independent distribution networks. Electronic music had the chance of breaking the system that was in place. Since then, there are new rules… 

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