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"Where the Hell are we?" "Better questions: When the Hell are we, and why the HELL do we have bodies!!?"

Heh.  This one brought several scenarios to mind.  And for the longest time, I couldn’t decide which I wanted to use. Finally, I decided to write one version and see if it went anywhere.  If it didn’t, then I’d just try another (and another if I needed to). This is what I came up with.


Rex ducked a stray blaster bolt and watched as his Generals both faltered for an instant.  “Protect the Generals!” he shouted, but it was wasted air.  Anakin Skywalker was back in action a second later, his lightsaber weaving in a dance of protection.  Obi-Wan Kenobi was barely a second behind him.

The battle was fierce, but his generals seemed to have things under control.  He wished the commander was here as well, but she was back on Coruscant.

His Generals looked confused, and Rex exchanged a quick glance with Cody.  The two of them started moving closer to them.  Close enough to overhear them.

“Where the Hell are we?” Skywalker yelled to Kenobi.

“I have a couple of better questions!” Kenobi shouted. “When the Hell are we, and why the HELL do we have bodies again!”

What?  Rex blinked at the Jedi.  Then ducked another blaster bolt.  Had something happened to his Generals?  Some Force thing?

Right now, though, they had a battle to fight, and the Generals seemed to be handling it.  After, though, he’d have to talk to them.


After became later, and later.  Rex’s Generals were acting weird, reading every report from the last year, then talking about “Luke” and “the Princess”, arguing about “Mustafar” and discussing something about “the chips”.  Whatever the chips were, they weren’t arguing about them, only trying to figure something out about them.

And then General Skywalker cornered him and practically frog marched him into the medbay.

A second later, General Kenobi dragged Cody in.  “We’ve left Ahsoka in charge,” Kenobi said. “We’ve got a lot to discuss, gentlemen, but first you both have a medical procedure to go through.”

“Sirs?” Cody asked.

“We’ll explain afterwards,” Skywalker said.  He picked up a small hypospray.  “Meds or suggestion?” he asked.

Cody and Rex exchanged glances.  “Is this have to do with the battle two ten-days ago?” Rex asked, stalling.

“Something like that,” Kenobi said.  “I believe Anakin asked a question.”

They exchanged glances.  “What are you going to do?” Cody asked.

“Removing something that absolutely must be removed,” Anakin said.  “We can’t tell you more until it’s actually gone, or we’ll trigger something that will end with at least two of us dead, possibly all of us.”

Rex inhaled sharply.  He glanced at his brother one more time and nodded.

“Suggestion, sir,” Cody said.  “The knockout meds give me a headache.”

“Get on the bed, then, Commander,” Kenobi said. Once Cody was on the bed, Kenobi passed his hand over the man’s face.   “Sleep,” he said softly.

Cody relaxed and closed his eyes.  Skywalker turned to look at Rex, who was already climbing into the bed next to him.  “Same, sir,” he said.  “Though I just don’t like how groggy I am after the meds.”

Skywalker quirked a smile.  “Understood, Rex,” he said.  Once Rex was settled, Skywalker sighed.  “Sleep,” he said, and Rex closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Rex woke with a bandage on the side of his head. Cody was just waking up as well, and their Generals were looking at two small specimen tubes.  “Sir?” Rex asked.  “What is that?”

General Skywalker sighed.  “It’s a bio control chip, Rex,” he said quietly.  “It contains orders that, if enacted, override all sense of self and force someone to do whatever the order is.”

“Mind control chips,” General Kenobi said, just as quiet.  “We just pulled these out of your heads.”

“What?  Who would put them in our…”

“The Sith Lord,” General Kenobi interrupted Cody. “In order to destroy the Jedi. There’s an Order on these chips that would make the Clones kill all Jedi.”

Rex froze, horrified.  “Sir?” he managed to squeak out.

General Skywalker glanced at General Kenobi before looking down.  “We needed these out so we could get proof that the Council would believe,” he said. “I’m sorry we couldn’t tell you before now.  We were worried there might be a failsafe that would hurt you if we warned you.”

Cody swallowed hard and sat up.  “Sirs.  How can we help you stop this from happening to our brothers?”


And they remove the chips, and Obi-Wan and Anakin tell the Council who Sidious is.  They stop him, and then Anakin leaves the Jedi Order while he has some sanity, and they work with Padmé and Bail Organa to reform the Republic.

Yes, this is post ROTJ Anakin and Obi-Wan, suddenly back in the Clone Wars.  And they immediately get to work stopping the formation of the Empire, and saving their men.

(Some of my other ideas were (a) Sith Spirits accidentally possess someone or (b)the Force hiccups, and suddenly Qui-Gon, Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin land on the floor in a New Republic hanger bay, startling the Rogues.  I couldn’t get any traction on either of those ideas- though I really wanted to on the Force hiccup one- so time-traveling Anakin and Obi-Wan it was.)

I really wanted to submit this precious little furball. His name is Myttens a Selkirk Rex found as a stray cat. After a visit at the vet and the groomer, Mr. Mac Myttens hid himself underneath the closet for six weeks straight. Slowly he began to get used to our family and soon stole all our hearts with his unique little personality which grew bigger and bigger after time past by. Now four years later he’s one happy cat with your regular diva like cat behaviour, but we don’t mind, we love him for that. Myttens is our pride and joy and we wouldn’t trade him for the world!