rex sorgatz

I think our government collects too much information about us, but nearly everyone thinks that. I love GPS, I don’t use TOR, and I seldom think about the NSA. I appreciate many anonymous online communities, but believe the internet is generally better with more real-world identity. I don’t think Google is evil. Facebook is evil if cluelessness is evil, but it will be as relevant as Microsoft in 10 years, so who cares? I hope Secret goes away. I am careless with passwords. I often say I have “nothing to hide,” but suspect it is dangerous to slip into that mode of thought. I think Anonymous is interesting, not much more. (I deeply miss anonymous Tumblrs though!) Bitcoins are kinda silly, but I randomly bought 100 at $6, so w00t! I support net neutrality, but not its alarmist rhetoric, and I doubt the internet will be drastically different if my side loses, which, unfortunately, seems likely. I torrent a ton of stuff, but I spend more money on cultural objects and media products than anyone I know. SOPA was stupid. I visited Silk Road once, just to see it. I went to /r/TheFappening, mostly to understand it, but also to see the Jennifer Lawrence photos, and I feel icky about it. I am not a “meme person,” nor an “emoticon person.” I think Wikileaks is good for society, but Julian Assange is banana monkeyshit crazy. I miss Aaron Swartz. I once voted libertarian for president, but four years later, I voted socialist, so I’m clearly confused. Edward Snowden — I was initially unsure, but after that Brian Williams interview, it was clear he was more hero than traitor. (If those definitions weren’t mutually exclusive, I’d pick both.) Glenn Greenwald seems annoying — to me. (But I’m right. That dude’s annoying.) Red Dawn is my favorite comedy, and The X-Files is my favorite romance, but conspiracy nuts are… nuts.
—  Rex Sorgatz’s epic security-issues disclaimer in “Life Atop Ground Zero” is the new Geek Code.