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I don't know if you read/watch it at all, but in honor of it being September 1st, consider a Harry Potter 5Ds AU :3c Which houses would you place them in?

THIS IDEA WAS ADORABLE OKAY- you can see it from the scarves x°D (I think the scene with Jack and Crow was before they were put in their houses but I just needed their scarves to tell where I’d place them) oh and Yusei is totally a Ravenclaw to me (also, his scar is his yellow mark I’d say hahah)

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Legendary Artists and Bands That Still Have Yet To Be Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Today, (12/17) saw the announcement of the music acts that will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. They are:

- Chicago

- Steve Miller

- Deep Purple

- Cheap Trick

- N.W.A.

The top 4, I agree with wholeheartedly, but N.W.A. is a rap act and does not warrant induction into an organization with the words “Rock And Roll” in it. They beat popular vote front-runners Yes and The Cars to make it this far. I do not deny the talent of the members of N.W.A, but I feel that artists and bands that perform actual Rock and Roll, that have been around since the 1960s and 70s, should have first crack at induction. Here are those aforementioned artists and bands that should get the recognition that they deserve:

The Moody Blues

Jethro Tull


The Doobie Brothers

The Zombies

Procol Harum

Jim Croce

Harry Nilsson

The Cars


Peter Frampton

Joe Cocker

Fairport Convention

The Scorpions

Emerson Lake And Palmer

Electric Light Orchestra (UPDATE: INDUCTED IN 2017 CLASS)

The Alan Parsons Project

The Raspberries

Tommy James And The Shondells

The Monkees

Grand Funk Railroad

Dire Straits

Todd Rundgren


J. Geils Band

Manfred Mann

Mott The Hoople


Bad Company


Three Dog Night

Billy Preston


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EXO Member Introduction

What is up my muchachos, Bitchachos, and bitch-nachos?? ‘Tis time for me to try something new for a lovely friend o’ mine who doesn’t know much about EXO. That will CHANGE. 


  • Real Name: Kim Minseok.
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Snaggletooth, Xiudaddy, babyfaced-Bottom, Baozi Boy.
  • Personality: Don’t fuck with Xiu, he may seem cute and all (AND HE HELLA IS) but he could rip your head off. He’s a precious baby bean who must have all of the love.
  • He’s totes magotes not my bias whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  • Age: 26 (27 in literally 3 days my son grew so fast)
  • Position: Singer, oldest hyung. 

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(Xiufish is back in action)

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LWL Museum fur Kunst und Kultur, Munster by Rex Harris

1 of 4 scenes from the legend of St Laurence from Warendorf, Westphalia, c1420