If Rex and Finn have taught me anything, it’s that having a trooper designation that ends in 7 means I’m gonna like that character.

Also that following orders vs your own moral code can be a slippery slope and you need a sexy pilot type and someone with a high-class British accent to help you out. Oh, and at least one girl younger than you.


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“You’re comfy.” Codex, please!

Follow up to This. Enjoy. (B

Rex groaned when he began to wake up, whatever Kix used to sedate him wearing off. He could feel the familiar lump of another clone underneath him, and he knew the only one with the gett'se to do that is Cody, if only because Cody knew Rex liked cuddling him.

So he curled closer to the other clone, burying his face into his neck. He felt and heard the chuckle, and was pleased that his assumptions were right that it was Cody beneath him.

“Stop movin’…” He murmured.

“Rex, uj'ika, it’s time to get up.” Cody said softly.

“Don’t wanna…” Rex moaned, “You’re comfy.” Cody chuckled and ran his hand over Rex’s head, brushing the short hair back a bit.

“I know, cyar'ika, but you’ve been asleep for over a day now. General Skywalker needs his captain back.” Rex jolted awake at that, pushing himself up to look at his lover.



“Don’t you uj'ika me! Why did you-” Rex was cut off when Cody pulled him down, back into his arms.

“Rex, you needed to sleep. However, you’re pushing a second day out, and unfortunately, this was all that could be afforded. General Skywalker needs you back in command. Appo’s done a fairly good job, but let’s face it, he’s no Captain.” Cody said, even as Rex was clearly getting himself comfortable against him. “So, you’re going to wake up, properly, get ready for the day, eat, and then go report to General Skywalker.” Rex sighed.


“It’ll be okay, uj'ika.” Cody promised. Rex wasn’t sure about that, but Cody had never lied to him before, so for now, he’d trust it. But, that didn’t mean he couldn’t poke fun at his lover.

“If you want me up, you need to stop being comfy, meshurok.”


uj'ika – cupcake

cyar'ika – sweetheart/darling

meshurok - gemstone

I think I’ve mentioned this vaguely in passing before, but for my records: Rex (later joined by Tup) lives in a 2-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a five-story apartment building. And of course it has to be unit #501. ;D Hell the building is probably on Torrent Avenue too… dunno the street number for it though. 7567 should be saved for something more personal for Rex, like his PD badge number or whatnot.

Anyway, everyone’s addresses should be dumb references. Though the only other one I can really think of at the moment is that the house Cody and Obi-Wan eventually get together has the address 2127 Sky St. 

I knew it would happen

The snail’s lid isn’t very secure, so when Rex just landed on it it caved and she fell in the tank

And some how

In the 3 seconds she was flailing in the water

A snail latched onto her leg

So she just calmly landed on my desk


And proceeded to calmly eat the snail and look at me like


The sneaky padawan

I’m bored at work again:


“Rex–wake up!”

Rex woke up suddenly and had a moment of panic at the extra weight on his chest, but it quickly subsided when he realized it was just Ahsoka.

“Stay quiet,” she whispered sternly. “I can’t let him find me.”

“Who?” Rex asked back. “Why are you in here?”


“Snips! Snips, where are you? I know you hate these temple assigned projects, and so do I, so let’s just get it over with and do it now!”

“That’s why,” Ahsoka hissed back. Rex couldn’t believe his life sometimes. This was one of those occasions.

“Kriff, he’s coming!” Ahsoka slipped off Rex and moved under his cot. Rex heard her moving around the boxes under his bed, presumably trying to hide herself.

The flap of his tent opened, and a frazzled General Skywalker walked in.

“Can I help you sir?” Rex asked.

“Have you seen my padawan Rex?”

“What makes you think she’d be in here sir?”

“Rex…” Anakin started. “Do you know something I should know?”

There was a large rattle from underneath Rex’s cot, followed by a string of curses. Tano emerged from the small space with her hands raised.

“Okay, okay! I’ll go do the coursework. You win.”

“Good,” Anakin said. “And Rex–”

“Yes sir!”

Anakin sighed, “You’re lucky that I like you. Come on Snips, let’s go.”

Tano looked regretfully behind her and mouthed ‘sorry’ to Rex. Once they left, he sighed. It was going to be a long reconnaissance mission.