“...Ted... something occurred to me.”

Ted the Animator: “Eh? About what?”

Carl the Animator: “Your name.”

Ted the Animator: “…this is a setup for some elaborate awful pun, isn’t it.”

Carl the Animator: “No, no! See, like, you’re named Ted and all….”

Ted the Animator: “Yes. I am. And have been, ever since you first met me.” 

Carl the Animator: “Well… yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “Rumor has it it’ll be my name tomorrow, too.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, ok, I know… today I realized somethin’ about it, though. Somethin’ new.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s three letters long, what’s there to realize?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, doesn’t it mean your real name is Theodore?

Ted the Animator: “…you do realize Ted is short for a lot of names, right?”

Carl the Animator: “…wait, what?!

Ted the Animator: “Yeah. Just look it up.”

Carl the Animator: “I d–… wait, please tell me your name isn’t Edwina.”

Ted the Animator: “Fortunately, ‘tis not the case. ”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, that’s a big relief, at least.”

Ted the Animator: “Seriously though, why did you think I’d have to be named Theodore of all things?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s the only name that makes sense! I didn’t know society had chosen extra names to randomly also shorten into ‘Ted.’”

Ted the Animator: “Learn somethin’ new every day, huh?”

Carl the Animator: “Like, ‘Edmund’ and ‘Edward’ don’t even have a ‘T’ in them! That’s totally nickname cheating.”

Ted the Animator: “…out of curiosity, which name would you expect to be mine?”

Carl the Animator: “I dunno… but deep down, I’m still really hoping for Theodore. It would suit you.”

Ted the Animator: “I would hope not! As names go, it sounds quite pompous and stuffy… like an uncle that collects foreign soaps or something.”

Carl the Animator: “History has plenty of great people named Theodore! Like, there’s that dinosaur from the ‘90s movie with Whoopi Goldberg.”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, that’s the positive Theodore example you decided to go with?”

Carl the Animator: “Why not?”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, you think of Theodore Rex before you think of Theodore Roosevelt?!

Carl the Animator: “Look, if the 26th U.S. president had been an anthropomorphic talking dinosaur detective, he’d get much higher priority in my brain.”

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what's the difference between the ghost company and the 212th?

Hello Anon!

The Ghost Company is a part of the 212th battalion.

How it works is that you have companies like the Ghost Company that consists of the ground infantry unit. Each company will have a captain who leads them.

Companies are a military unit and act as a measurement to tell you how large the group is (which is a really basic way of describing it lol). For example, companies are divided into platoons, which are divided into squads.

For a visual, consider examples and think of their numbers for these groups:

Torrent Company

Slick’s Platoon

Domino Squad

You’ll also notice that some of the troopers we know who are part of Ghost Company will be sporting their yellow marks to showcase they are part of the 212th (i.e. Boil and Waxer).

– Admin CG

Sometimes when you don’t know what to say, a hug is enough.

Season 3 of Rebels: The season of Kanan Jarrus hugs.

(Been a while since I made an edit, might as well make one about Kanan and hugs.) 


She’s so coo-t!
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All Chopper’s scenes from “Ghosts of Geonosis”. Took a lot of liberty with this one audio wise. It just felt more right to do it that way than restrict myself to the original audio. Hopefully you won’t notice too much where I did the splicing. Of course this episode demonstrates how helpless the crew would be without Chopper around with his many accessories.

Padawan Rex AU - Chapter 6 - poplitealqueen (Isimun) - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Just take a moment to appreciate his face. Lookit that face. *boops lines between eyebrows*

(If you can guess which scene in this chapter this is supposed to be, you get cake.)

The Winter Baby

“Ma…. Mary Lou… She took in a baby one day.” Credence whispered, tears clinging to his lashes as he whispered something soft and quiet, like a confession, a plea for absolution. “It was so tiny, I think it was sick too… But the baby was… So beautiful… It died that winter, but I was the one to take care of it.” The boy tucked his face against Percival’s neck and he shuddered. “I wanted to be it’s mama… I was… I was so happy taking care of it. Even when it cried at night because it was sick or hungry. I was so happy and I loved it so much… Even though it died only a couple of months later… I want… Daddy, I want…” The words still struggled to press past Credence’s lips as the boy looked up at Graves.

The Secret Room

“What do you think?”

Percival had never been one for charms, for transfiguration. His repertoire moved more towards hexes and curses, battle magic was the preference of his wand if anything. But now he had pressed his wooden palm to the back of the wardrobe tucked into the corner of his office, made to store his coat and any spare clothing he might need during a long week at the office. The extension charm had worked well and after a few hours of planning and casting careful magic, settling everything and arranging it to his liking, he had finally brought Credence to MACUSA to show him the room.

It was small, smaller than the boudoir that Credence had at home, but with the large, enchanted window looking out on rolling green moors currently, and the small daybed and two small shelves full of books, the entire room was cozy enough that Credence could happily spend an afternoon or evening in the room without suffering from claustrophobia.

Calling in the Storm

Welp. Beyond the Sea now has magic. I added to the masterpost which can be seen here, if you would like a little background. Huge shout out to @thebisexualmandalorian who was sooo so fun to headcanon all the magic with, and who basically co-wrote this with me. Loudmouth belongs to Jesse <3
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Loudmouth, Rabble, Wolffe and Kix were standing knee deep in the ocean calling in a storm. It was their first attempt, and so far, they were doing well.

The closest thing that one could compare what they were doing to, would be a haka; but it was different. Hakas were used for warning, warding and sending off. This? This was calling something in. Something huge, dark, and dangerous; but also beautiful.

Dark, ominous clouds started to roll in, bringing with it; rains, strong winds and rumbles of thunder.

Jesse, with Cody and Rex flanking him, were out in front of the others by about a dozen feet. They were redirecting the waves, to keep them from getting knocked over.

Rabble and Loudmouth were holding hands with huge smiles on their faces. They were moving in even closer tandem than the rest of the group. If anyone could hear anything over the winds, they would have heard both of them laughing maniacally.

Wolffe with a snarl on his face, focused on the deeper seas, currents and deeper forces. Warning the wildlife of what they were bringing.

Ruckus stepped up behind Kix and placed his hand flat, in between Kix’s shoulder blades, head bowed in concentration. Kix’s hands were in the air, as he was chanting. He pulled them down, hard. Flashes of lightning coming down on either side and behind them on the beach. A very real representation of the tattoo crawling down his arm.

Up on the beach, just at the edge of the water, was Tup. Sarong and loose strands of hair being blown around in the wind. He looked like a conductor, pulling all the pieces, and energy, that the rest of them were putting out there, and weaving, blending them together, to call in the storm.

It was a beautiful sight.

Jango was proud of his adopted family. He was there, sitting in the sand a ways back, in case things went awry. He should have known it wouldn’t have been necessary. They all worked so perfectly together, a cohesive team.

Jango leaned back on his hands, smiled, as he closed his eyes and faced up, feeling the rain pour down.

This was going to be a glorious day.


Kotobukiya- Metal Gear Rex: MGS4 Ver.

Not art, but I still think of this as an artistic endeavor.

I didn’t mean to spend my long weekend building and painting a model, but these things happen… Looks pretty neat though. I love the MGS4 version of Rex, she’s a beaten up, falling apart old lady, who will still beat the s**t out of whatever fancy robot you got.

The Telephone

“It’s incredible!” Credence actually did laugh this time. “Say something else!”

“What should I say?” Percival perched his chin on his fist, cradling the sleek white receiver against his face, delighting in the sounds of Credence shuffling around on the other end.

“Anything at all!”

Percival laughed, holding the phone close before he began to recite, his deep voice even and clear as he spoke, “Ding, dong, bell. Pussy’s in the well. Who put her in? Little Johnny Flynn. Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout. What a naughty boy was that, to try to drown poor pussy cat.”