Episode 15:  This is something they both want. Right?

REX - A King Arthur Webseries

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Hey guys, I’ve officially updated the page on my blog that tells  you all the web series i’ve featured and we’re up to 26.   I have unfortunately run out of web series based on books that I can find.  I know about Rex, Project Green Gables, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Party (p.s. go support them on kickstarter)  but as those are still ongoing, I am waiting to feature them on this blog. If any of you have any other literary web series not featured on this list please let me know so I can watch and include them?

Happy belated birthday @martininamerica, may your year be full of laughter, treasured company, and blessings. Thanks for your creativity and encouragement from all your videos, you always inspire me to draw and find joy even when I’ve lost it. I’ve come a long way thanks to you. Cheers, man! You rock.

I can’t get this image out of my head of a Star Wars rebels episode where, through some horribly dubious coincidence, the Ghost gang stumbles upon old Ben Kenobi. 

Kanan is shocked to see him, but recognizes him instantly. Ben is immediately defensive, all “Who are you and how do you know me?” so Ezra, who has no clue who this old guy is, enthusiastically announces that Kanan is a Jedi - a real Jedi. So Kanan very reluctantly admits that he was a padawan when Order 66 went out, just a youngling when Obi-Wan knew him, he probably wouldn’t recognize him, he’s not a real Jedi, not actually, but way back then, he went by a the name Caleb Dume. And of course as soon as he says it he starts reiterating that Ben probably doesn’t remember him at all, but Ben gets this look on his face like he may or may not cry and says,

“Depa’s boy,” And it stops Kanan in his tracks and without warning Ben hugs him and says “I feared for the young ones most of all, I’m so glad you made it.”

And then Kanan introduces Ezra as his apprentice, and he’s really bashful about it because he never even completed his training and is thus nowhere near fit to teach, but Ben is so happy he could burst, and smiles at Ezra like he’s the best thing in the galaxy. (Remember, Ezra is the same age as Luke).

He is, however, completely horrified by the saber-blaster monstrosity that the boy has created.

And maybe Hera confesses that the clone troopers saved her life when she was young, and Ben begins reminiscing about their missions to Ryloth and the friends they made. And maybe he tells more stories, Story Time with Old Ben.

But if Ahsoka is there.

If Ahsoka is there. Oh man, start the waterworks. Ben Kenobi is a hardened old hermit who is used to his heart breaking, so seeing an old friend takes him completely off guard and punches him in the gut. Where the exchange between Rex and Ahsoka went something like, “I’m glad you’re alive” “You too”, Ben and Ahsoka’s meeting would have to be something like “You’re alive, I can’t believe that you’re alive,” and “I heard Cody shot you down on Utaupau,”. Maybe crying happens. 

And what if Rex is there, too? Maaann oooh man, Rex is ready to be anywhere but there. He tries to hide behind everyone, but eventually Ben spots him, and he’s obviously shocked to see a clone, but he glances up at the scar on his head and nods, remembering the rumors that circulated after Fives’ death. “I’m glad you weren’t there,” Ben says, though he of course can’t mention that Anakin was there to take orders for him, “It’s good to see you again, Captain.”

Commence an interlude, possible flashback sequence episode where we get a sucker punch from the prequel era and a slice of hope for the upcoming original trilogy era. Eventually when Commander Sato alerts them that the Empire is tracking them, they have to leave to protect Ben and Luke. But before they go, of course, Ben pulls Kanan aside and gives him some advice, and calls him ‘Master Dume’.