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Vielleicht ist es dem ein oder anderen schon aufgefallen, dass ich momentan eher weniger poste. Das liegt aber nicht daran, dass ich keine Lust oder Zeit habe, nein, es liegt daran, dass ich auf meinem Dashboard so gut wie nie irgendwelche YouTube Sachen habe, demnach kann ich nichts rebloggen und deshalb ist dieser Blog einfach total inaktiv, was ich sehr schade finde.
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Could you please post photos of the dads holding their babies for the first time?

Ryan Edwards and Bentley

Josh Rendon and Jocelyn

Weston Gosa and Weston Jr

Tyler Baltierra and Carly

Andrew Lewis and Jace

Josh Drummonds and Lyle

Matt and Nevaeh

Adam Lind and Aubree

Eric Salinas and Jordynn

Tyler Keller and Brooklyn

Corey Simms, Aliannah and Aleeah

Skylar Sickles and Summer

Jo Rivera and Isaac 

Cody Tarrant and Brody

Alex Gutierrez and Genesis

Daniel Peterson and Liam

James Worsham and Za’karia 

Brandon Akerill and Austin

Isaiah Robinson and Destiny 

J.R. Davis and Rylan

Nathan Stone and Blake 

Brian Finder and Noah

Ryan McElrath and Miah

Jamie Alderman and Jamie Jr

Mario Escovedo and Kylee

Mike Schwing and Preston

Jairo Rodriguez and Enrique

Zak Hegab and Kay’den

Nathan Bridewell and Aubri

Joey Aranzeta and Aydenn

Josh McKee and Gannon

Joey Maes and Molli

Devoin Austin and Nova

Forrest Ponce and Aniyah

Matt McCann and Arabella

Eric Kennemer and Kaylee

Ben Lagle and Tristan

Blake Thomas and Tinleigh

Colin Crowder and Levy

Cody Jensen and Aubrey

Dustin Franklin and Drake

Trevor Davis and Kayden

Maurice Rumph and Aiden

DJ Rewis and Peyton

Tony Shipley, Amayah and Amariah

Shawn Burke and Peyton

Dell Wells and Laila

Derek Taylor and Genevieve

Scott Snody and Dayton

Stone Nesmith and Rowan

Missing: Derek Underwood (deceased), Gary Shirley, Cory Haskett, Justin Lane, Josh Smith, Tyler Zeplin, Iman Williams, Todd Hight (deceased), Eli

I tried to find as many photos as I could from the actual births or from just after they came home. 

Just a quick thinng about Suicide Squad

I realy really liked it. My expectation on this movie started low, went high, than low again, and then even lower after the rewies (maybe with just a tinge of hope. in sort, a rollercoster.

But in the end it was good. I had a lot of fun and felt very satisfied with my nerd side and Harley Quinn trash (I read the comics and stuff), but also my profane friends and the audience in general was amused and entusiastic with the movie.

I’m not saying it was perfect, but the small mistakes that were made are no bigger than the ones you can find in Civil War.

Maybe I will write something about Harley and Joker some other time, beacause in that case I won’t be talking only about the movie (something people keep doing, saying that the Joker and Harley relationship is abusive in the movie… by showing comic books example. it’s a diffrent thing. another canon. I mean… their relationship changes even from comic canon to comic canon!)

I do want to say the one thing critics seem to ignore: there was a lot taling about the characters being wasted an the enemy not interesting. Nowhere I read about how I think all of this actually fits toghether.

The movie was trying to make a point: false gods battling on earth. On one side we have Enchantress, she wants to give a false illusion of happiness to does who worship her, a promess of someting that can never be real… some sortof heaven. on the other side we have Waller, a human who plays god , uses people as her pawn and lives a life of isolation, cruelty, unable to trust anyone. between thees gods, the worst that humanity can offer actually manages to find love, family, friendship, a porpouse and a sensse of belonging, a place to be content in a realistic, not perfect kind of way.

I think this contrast was very intresting and well played, so the choice of enemy was actually on point! maybe the biggest mistake DC made was including that enchantress line about man worchipping machines. I think that brings the audince out of track. maybe something about humans not worshipping gods anymore because the believe themsefs gods now that they have the power of machines, woud have given people a push to the right point.

Anyway the movie is funny, Harley is adorable, Diablo is adorable and Will Smith is amazing. I’m so happy in the the endd I wasn’t let down by this movie.