Cuddles?- Mathew Espinosa

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Request: Can you do an imagine with Matthew Espinosa. Like it can smut or not smut. Just anything with him will be fine. Thank you!💕- @itzel-the-pretzel

Warnings: None

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You had been out of town for a couple of days for a business trip, leaving Matt alone; and that’s never good. So when you came back you called out his name but got no response. He must be still filming you thought. You went into the kitchen to get a snack when you saw the dishes piled up. “Damn it Matthew” You murmured. You started to wash the dishes. A few minutes later you heard the door open and then feet running. Before you can comprehend you felt hands around your waist trying to drag you to the couch. “Matthew!” you laugh and he still tries, but you’re holding onto the counter for dear life. “Come on babe, I missed you and I just want to cuddle” he whines. You laugh again and reply with “I will cuddle with you when i finish these dishes that you didn’t do” He huffs and goes to sit on the couch with a pout on his lips. You quietly laugh at him and finish the dishes.

You had finished the dishes and go upstairs to change. When you enter your shared bedroom you look at all the clothes on the floor; you gape at the mess before shaking your head and picking it all up. You found 3 of his boxers under the bed, around 10, if not more, shirts scattered around the floor, and his pants on the chair, the bed had not been made and your shared desk had papers everywhere. You huff and start cleaning up; shaking your head at your messy boyfriend at the same time. Not even a minute later Matthew came into the room and tackled you to the bed. “Matthew, what are you doing!?” you laugh as he sits on top of you, making sure not to crush you. “This” he replies tickling your sides, as you laugh out loud trying to get him off of you. “Matt-Matthew st-stop i-it” you laugh tears coming out of your eyes; when he finally stopped he leaned down and pecked your lips before cuddling you. You tried to escape his grasp  and finish cleaning, but he was to strong so you just cuddled him back. The both of you soon drifted off to sleep, holding each other.

proverbialdoormat said: i either request jean and marco (i miss them a lot!) or oikawa and iwa-chan :3c

otherduck asked: probably waaay too late for this but Jean and Marco (or just Jean) from your witches au? I love your art SO MUCH!!!!

I got an ask with one more request with witch au Jean and Marco, but when I tried to answer it it was just deleted? Tumblr’s message system has been bugging a lot for me lately… but here they are! EDIT: Ah I managed to find what the ask said!!


Hey :)) Can i please rewuest ome where Jin let’s you listen to the cover of 난 너를 사랑해 he did before anobody else? 💖💖 THANKS

req by: anonymous 

here you go! its been a while since i did snaps i kinda missed it hehe hope you enjooooyed! xoxo