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For any fans of Toontown Rewritten following me, since the new website finally was released, here’s something tremENDOUSLY old that I had worked on for the team back when ideas about a site overhaul had started coming around.

At the time that I made this I was juuuust starting up my 3rd year of college, so I was under a really tight timecrunch to finish up a seemingly massive project here on top of getting lots of new class assignments, and needless to say a lot of this wound up super rushed. xD A larger part of this I’m not a huge fan of with the execution, but there’s a few bits I do still like (such as sneaking m’ black cat toon Dr Snappy Wacky Gadget onto the trolley >.;P), and I thought it’d be fun once I had the go ahead to finally share this publicly just to show where things started out at. It seemed like the team used elements of this art for other various assets, so it still got some mileage outside its original purpose xD

Since I’m not iN college anymore either, I’m hoping to get back into making some fun new stuff for the team, so you might see some new pieces of mine show up in the future! .;>

(also if you want to see these in higher res just peep at my dA account, since tumblr’s always gotta be a butt with sizing >:V)

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Sleepless in Seattle: Outlaw Queen

Regina was driving home from another long night at the office when a familiar voice came on the radio.

“My name is Roland,” he said to the host of the program. Those distinctive tones could only belong to the child she had met the week before. His father was a carpenter that worked for her sometimes, and one day he had brought his son into work when he needed to do a quick job in her office.

At the thought of Robin and his little boy her heart fluttered. It had been a long time since she’d met anyone that had made her yearn for a family, but the two of them did. She purposefully put the thought away. Robin wore a wedding ring, after all, though he’d never mentioned his wife during their brief chats as he worked.

Regina pulled over to the side of the empty road so she could concentrate on the radio, unable to resist the pull of Roland Hood.

“Well, Roland. You sound a little younger than our usual callers.”

“I’m four,” he said proudly. Regina couldn’t help but smile. She pictured the adorable little boy, cradling the phone by his ear and her smile widened.

“And why are you calling tonight, Roland?”

Regina found herself holding her breath.

“I need to find my dad a wife,” the small voice said determinedly.

Regina’s breath left her in a whoosh. He wasn’t married. Divorced? Widowed? She reached for the volume controls and turned it up.

“Why do you say that, Roland?” the host asked kindly.

“He’s sad a lot and I want him to be happy,” the boy said simply. Regina’s heart melted.

“And what makes you think a wife would make him happy?”

“Because when my mum was alive he used to smile all the time. I know because he showed me photos. Now he doesn’t. I asked him if I could get a new mum, because I don’t remember having one. He said it wasn’t that simple, because he had me. I don’t know what that means.”

Regina smiled and was surprised to realise she had tears in her eyes. This selfless little boy only wanted his father to smile, and Regina couldn’t help but love him a little for that.

“He probably means that he wants to focus on raising you for a while.”

“But if Dad got married, he’d never stop being my dad, right?” Roland asked with uncomplicated child’s logic.

Suddenly, there was an older male voice in the background of the call. “Roland, who are you talking to?”

“The radio man,” he answered his father.

“What? Give me that.” There was a slight scuffle, and suddenly Robin’s voice was on the line. Regina closed her eyes and let it wash over and into her in the privacy of her car. “Who is this?”

“I’m Doctor Archie Hopper.”

“Oh, you. My son likes your show.” Regina could tell by his voice that he was dubious as to why. It did seem like a strange program for a four-year-old to enjoy listening to.

“Thank you. Your son called because he’s concerned about you.”

“He is?” The surprise in his voice was obvious.

“He expressed a desire to see you remarry. He thought it might make you happier.”

“I’m plenty happy,” he said, not quite disguising the lie.

“I think Roland might also miss having a mother. How long has it been since your wife passed away?”

“Two and a half years,” came the reluctant reply.

“And have you had any relationships in this time?”

There was a pause. “No.”

“No? No one has sparked your interest in all that time?”

Regina’s body froze. No breath left her lips as her eyes riveted on the radio.

“There is one woman,” he said slowly. “But I don’t think I should be talking about this.” There was an obvious frown in his voice.

“What’s this woman like?” Dr Hopper asked unperturbed. “Does she know how you feel?”

Robin let out a short laugh. “I hope she doesn’t know. She’s brilliant, ambitious, and extremely attractive. Stunning in every way. I don’t think she’d have the time of day for a humble widowed carpenter with a son.”

Regina’s heart stuttered in her chest. Dare she hope…?

“What makes you say that? Has she done anything to give you that impression?”

“I don’t know why I’m telling you about this.”

“Maybe you just need to talk to someone?”

“Yeah, you and all your listeners.”

“What is the chance that she’d be one of them?” Dr Hopper asked shrewdly. Regina had to admire his ability to press the man’s buttons.

There was a long sigh. “One Friday I asked what she doing that evening. She told me she had planned to work. When I told her that I had managed to get someone to watch my son for me, she looked almost…irritated. Either she really didn’t want me asking her for a drink, or she doesn’t have much fondness for children. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for me.”

Regina felt her heart squeeze. She remembered that day. It was the first time she had heard about his son. Combined with the wedding ring on his finger she had been so annoyed with herself at her inability to get the man out of her mind. She thought she’d told him to have a lovely date night with his wife before she’d walked off, but obviously not or this situation might have been cleared up earlier.

Regina’s heart ached at the thought that he’d misconstrued her expression. But what really set her mind and soul alight was the fact that he was interested in her. Very interested, by the sounds of things. She couldn’t decide whether she felt thrilled or relieved.

“Well, that is a tough situation. Given that this is the first woman that has interested you in a long time, don’t you think it would be worth pursuing, just so you know once and for all?”

Robin let out a long sigh and the spell of intimacy that had been growing between him and Dr Hopper clearly broke. Regina felt herself come back to earth as well.

“Maybe. Thanks for the chat.” Robin hung up before Dr Hopper could do his usual signoff.

Regina restarted her car and began her drive home, considering how she was going to proceed.


The next day one of Regina’s shelves mysteriously broke, and she called Robin over to fix it. The instant their eyes met she saw a faint blush stain his cheeks and wondered if he was remembering all the things he had said about her the night before.

He broke eye contact to look at the shelf and set his tools down. As usual, he began work immediately, with an efficiency she couldn’t help but admire.

“I was listening to the radio last night,” she mentioned casually. He froze.

“Oh?” he asked with a strangled voice.

“I was listening to Dr Hopper’s program,” she told him. He let out a long breath, still not facing her. Regina began to think that he was going to backtrack on all those lovely words he had said when he turned towards her.

“I’m so sorry, madam Mayor. I won’t let any inconvenient feelings on my part get in the way of our professional relationship.” His back was straight and the angle of his chin was proud. She slowly strolled towards him.

“And what about any inconvenient feelings on my part? What will you do about those?”

Robin blinked, clearly surprised, before his eyes darkened. He took a few steps in her direction until they were only a hand span apart. His eyes drifted down to her lips and Regina felt a delicious shiver go down her spine.

She leaned forward and he followed suit until their lips were just a breath from each other. They closed the gap between them, Regina’s hands clasping the lapels of his jacket. The kiss was firm, controlled; neither a tender meeting of the lips or a raging inferno of passion but something in between. It was the kind of kiss that only people who knew each other to the depths of their souls could kiss; warm, familiar and comforting.

They broke apart.

“I believe you owe me a drink,” she told him breathlessly.

He grinned and took her hand.

“Shall we?”

Part 2

Doing the Write Thing #60 ft. headaches

So this was for last night’s writing session, which I guess was technically this morning… I would’ve written this up last night, but I was super exhausted, and had this killer headache. Sorry for being MIA on here the last couple days! It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ve been chilling with the family, and relaxing for a bit. We had a bit of a celebration for @sarahkelsiwrites​’ birthday on Saturday as well, so I’ll be honest, my mind has not been in the writing mood, lol.

But here we are!

Daily word count goal: 250

Words written: 1776

This is sort of hard to calculate today because a) I’m scrapping the end of this scene, and b) a lot of it is rewritten stuff, but that’s just an estimate

Total word count: 150 072

Hit 150k but it’s probably still around 149k when I delete some of the shtuff written yesterday.

Total page count: 272

Songs played: I didn’t listen to music yesterday because my head was hurting so badly, so I popped on an ASMR video, lol. I don’t really like listening to ASMR when writing because it makes me tired, but yoooo my headache needed it so bad, and it helped quite a bit.

Things to know: Just that my head hurt ™ and half the things I wrote were written drowsily/I had no idea what I was writing and honestly looking back on what I wrote, I’d say I succeeded because I mean, it’s not all awful?

How I felt: In paiiiiin. I don’t get headaches all that often, but when I do they make sure I know they’re there, lol. I was also really exhausted, but decided to give writing a shot instead of sleeping for some reason even tho I really needed the sleep but okay Rachel.

Rating of writing session out of 10 and why: Like a 6? Not because lack of enjoyment, but because the paiiiiin.

On a scale from 1-10 my level of stoked-ness is: Uh. I don’t know about this one. Maybe an 8. What I’m writing is sort of interesting/worth being excited for, but I need to finish this chapter first and I ain’t lookin forward to that, lol.

Lyrics to describe writing session: Oh that’s an ending that I can’t write, ‘cause / I’ve got you to let me down

–What Ever Happened, The Strokes (Room On Fire)

HONESTLY THOUGH. I feel like I’m running in circles with the end of this chapter, lol. I keep writing solid paragraphs, but it’s like… You said that already 25 other times but ok…

GIF to describe writing session:

pretty much.


Soooo this is soooo incredibly unedited, but I mean I’m going to share it anyway because I sort of like its idea, but yes, not cleaned up *yet*:

My mother never taught me to fear people. She preached acting on bravery, and honing confidence. I didn’t know to look out for the nice ones. The ones who greet you on your first day, and show you to your room. Or the ones who open the door for you, and ask how your day was. She never taught me to fear the ones who smile, and the ones who tell you everything’s going to be alright when you realize how badly you miss the things you lost. She never taught me to fear what the brain can make you think when people are concerned, and what it does to you when you eventually figure everything out. She never taught me to fear the boy who tells you your name is pretty, or the one who says he understands why you cry over breakfast and back into your pillow. She didn’t teach me to fear myself, and what having that power could do.

Okkk, that’s it for now. I’m going to catch some breakfast, then maybe work on the rest of this chapter, lol. OH but also, thought it might be fun to show you exactly what my Word looks like at the moment:

I don’t *think* Word (at least for Windows) has a dark mode feature, so I mean, I did what I could. The light from my computer was killing me, and I wish the theme colour could be all black, but this worked out fairly well? If any of you know about said dark mode, I’m all ears. My word usually looks like this for reference:

Option A was WAYYY nicer to my eyes, HA.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update! I hope to be back fairly soon. :)



Got some new video editing software, so I made a quick Greg/Rose mv. Was mostly just to test out the software, & I think i got the gist of it. :) But the vid turned out nice, so I thought I’d share.