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Series Rewrite: Season One - Masterpost

What if Jess never died in the fire? 

You and your little sister, Jess, get dragged into the hunting life, whether you like it or not. How will Jess cope with a life on the road? How will Dean cope with two women joining the hunt for his father? How will Sam cope with trying to protect the love of his life from this terrible world? How will you cope when you realise that all you knew about the world was wrong?

Updated every Tuesday (unless I post that it’s gonna be late) - warnings by episode



Dead In The Water

Phantom Traveler

Bloody Mary 


Hook Man 



Asylum (drabble) 



Route 666 (drabble)


The Benders


Hell House

Something Wicked 


Dead Man’s Blood


Season Finale

Devil’s Trap

Season Two - Coming July 2017

finally, you and me are the lucky ones (kolvina one shot)

Despite everything, Kol and Davina find each other. Despite everything, they find their own happy ending. 

(soulmate au & rewrite of the originals season one)

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Fic: Windows To Your Soul

Gideon Appreciation Week Day Two: AUs

It’s Day Two of Gideon week and that means AU. Anyone that has read my fics or my posts knows I’m a huge fan of human!Gideon because I think sometimes the team treats her as just a computer rather than a real member of the team. I enjoy exploring how the team treats her when she’s human as opposed to Rip who already treats her as a real person. So I wrote it.

Title: Windows To Your Soul

Summary: A season one rewrite in which Gideon is an android in human form rather than just a computer and how that changes how the team treats and interacts with her and how she adds more value to the plot.

Word Count: 17K (yes it is long, it took me nearly a week to write it)

Link to AO3 because it is far too long to post on tumblr. 

AN: If people want I would be happy to write a season two rewrite as well or flesh out more scenes, just let me know! A lot of the headcanons for Android!Gideon come from the BBC show Humans.

 Also shoutout to @timewantstohappen for the title to the fic and listening to ramble on about it for days!

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Sunday Olicity Fic Rec

Hello darlings! Apologies for missing last week. Life and such, etc. Special shout out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite writers, @hannasus! (go read her everything, you will not regret it). If you are interested in last week’s recs, you can find them here: (X)

Starting with the WIPs…

Give Him Your Heart (he will give you his) by @alexiablackbriar13
Ok, I just need to say a little something about @alexiablackbriar13 before I rec this work - she is excellent. Her ideas are inventive and magical and I just want her to WRITE ALL THE THINGS. I think I’ve rec’d before - and bad me if I thought to and didn’t -  How To Train Your Vigilante because 1) I love that movie and 2) it’s a little Beauty & The Beast-ish but in like, a good way? Anyway, back to GHYH…OMG. Puppy!Oliver is my new favorite thing. I have to say, I never imagined having your boyfriend turned into a puppy would be this complicated, but I find myself spending a lot of time actually thinking about it…what it would mean for the person now turned into a puppy, how they would react, how puppies react. There’s just a lot of thinking happening. It’s good. Read the thing.

An Arrow Thru It by @some1foundme
I started this fic because this is the same author as Mark of An Angel, which I’m also highly enjoying. This is an Arrow re-write where Felicity was being held prisoner by Ivo on Lian Yu and is rescued by shipwrecked Oliver and Sara. There are flashbacks interspersed and it’s all just very intriguing. We see a much different Felicity, but it somehow works. I’m digging this a lot. 

Someone Else’s Sky by @punchdrunkdoc
Oh. My. God. Ok, so I think this is based on a movie with Eva Longoria, right? I’ve never seen it - and no one spoil me! - but I am obsessed with this fic. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is a VERY interesting different first meeting AU. 

The Predator by @supersillyanddorky06
Well, talking about fics I’m absolutely obsessed with…I wait patiently every Tuesday for an update of this story. Mob AU, not Bratva. Poor Felicity is isolated and completely alone in the world, and Oliver is this overgrown Lost Boy with a gun. Oh, and he wants to kill her. I NEED TO KNOW WHY. Seriously, I need to know. NEED. MIGHTY NEED

One Shots

Stricken by @juliesioux
Julie likes to kill me. That’s basically what this is. The nature of our relationship is she writes, I cry. This is some smutty, post 4.19 angst. Obvs, if you haven’t seen the ep (although no idea how you’ve avoided this spoiler), you might want to bookmark this until then. But yeah. I’m just dead over here. Also, I’ve rec’d this before but can I please direct you to: Ghost of Jupiter: Part 2. Set during the Summer of Love, Oliver and Felicity *coughs* connecting *coughs* in Bali. Often, and with feeling. It’s so gorgeously written, too.

There’s No Falling Back to Sleep Once You’ve Wakened From the Dream by @theshipsfirstmate
Post episode tag for 4.18. This makes my heart hurt so much. I love Felicity Smoak. She is the reason I watch Arrow; and any fic that explores her back story and highlights her as the incredible emotional warrior she is just GETS ME IN THE FEELS. I love this. It’s beautiful. 

Sorry I Tased You by @deadlybingo
This is so adorable I can’t. Sometimes, I just really need to read ficlets of epic fluff proportions. If that’s you too, please allow me to direct you to this little gem. IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANT TO DIE. 

Hold On To Me by @cjjingram
What are things that I love the most? I don’t know, Jenn. Maybe season one rewrites where Oliver gets his head out of his ass and realizes Felicity is right in front of him? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! This is the literal best. Elevator scene, of less than platonic circumstances. PERFECTION. 

annnnnd the smut…

Nomenclature by @wagamiller
First of all, @wagamiller is one of my favorite olicity writers. Hands down, I love all of her work. ALL OF IT. The characterization in her work is always on point (even in AUs…it’s literally ridiculous). And who doesn’t love funny, smutty olicity? No one, duh. 

I Know You Want It In The Worst Way by @machawicket
Oh, Macha. Always making me feel all the feelings, even when you’re writing smut. I just don’t know how you manage that, and yet it happens every time. Oliver says “Missed you so much,” and I am just a withering mess of emotions. Thanks for that, Macha. Thanks a lot. 

Throwback Rec
The Way Back Home by jules_ink
I love this work. It’s suspenseful and exciting, but most of all the dialogue is absolutely perfect. Oliver back on Lian Yu, and this time with Felicity in tow. Really, the stuff of tropey dreams. If anyone knows if this writer is on tumblr, please share as I’d love to be able to tag her. 

Happy reading! 


Summary: In order to get the information you need for case, you start to date the owner of an auction house’s daughter. Dean isn’t keen on the idea of you dating anyone else.
Words: 8.5k (plus 2.8k smutty coda- smut can be avoided or read alone)
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, brief Sarah x Reader
Warnings: pseudo-infidelity, bi!reader Coda warnings: smutty smutty goodness

Beta: @blacksiren 
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

You were lying on your stomach in a motel just outside of New York, skimming through local papers and looking for a case.

Dean was out hustling pool, your sister shopping for non-perishable essentials, leaving you and Sam behind to do the job hunting.

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I really need a beta reader/sounding board for plot ideas for my fic. I have two different rewrites I’m working on. One is a Third Doctor x Rose rewrite of season one, the other is a Eighth Doctor x Rose rewrite of season one. Both are rated teen. So if you want new fic to influence and/or read, let me know via ask or private message. Or by reblogging this post. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

HELLOOOOO! Love your blog and your reunion fic was spectacular. Can I get a list of your fave olicity fics pretty please??

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed my writing, that’s really sweet of you to say. I love seeing comments from lovely people like yourself. Anywho! On to the list:

Times like these by anthfanA man from Felicity’s past she never thought she’d see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she’d rather keep forgotten, and a new threat. If you haven’t read this masterpiece yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. This is simply perfection. Angst, fluff, and, yes, smut. Go read it!

Technical assistance by thatmasquedgirlFelicity Smoak swore she’d provide technical assistance to all who need it. She’s just not prepared for her newest client. A story that shows another way Felicity and Oliver could have met. Each chapter contains a bonus scene at the end. Olicity undertones, with a definite slow burn. In which Felicity thinks Oliver and the Arrow are different people. This fic is pure awesomeness, plus regular updates to get excited about!

You’re his hope (Post-3.09 Olicity) by chronicolicityFelicity struggling to save Oliver’s humanity after losing him to the League of Assassins. I am in awe of this, it’s so brilliantly written, I can’t believe this author doesn’t write professionally. I’d read any novel by her. 

What happened in Vegas… by Jules_Ink - It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission, only to find out what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (Season one rewrite) The plot points in this are absolutely brilliant, and every motivation of the characters is reflected by their backstory. Great writing.

After hours by @befitandchase - Arrow AU: There was a time when IT specialist Felicity Smoak’s life wasn’t complicated. She had a decent paying job at Queen Consolidated and a small apartment in Starling City that she loved. But the crushing debts of her student loans from MIT had put her in some rather compromising positions outside the office, earning money doing things only a girl from Vegas would dare to do. A chance encounter with none other than Queen Consolidated’s new CEO quickly changes her life and turns it upside down. The characterisation in this is bang on, and once again each character is influenced by their back story, whilst remaining to be portrayed as the characters we’ve grown to love. Warning! Smutty smutty smut smut. Enjoy!

The Retreat by bstevens1021 -  Oliver has discovered biochemical weapons are in Starling City and he’s determined to find out who is bringing them in. A tip from an informant leads Oliver and Felicity to a Caribbean resort in order to uncover the couriers’ identity, and tensions rise fast. So does the heat. Set two months post 2.23, “Unthinkable." I love me a good ‘Pretending to be a couple’ trope, and this one nails it on the head. 

Let Your Heart Be Light by callistawolfOliver Queen is a billionaire former-playboy and he needs a girlfriend to bring to the family’s mountain cabin for Christmas. So he asks Felicity Smoak, a woman he knows from his company. She’s just a friend, but she’s also the only friend he has who he can trust with the ruse. Complications arise when he realizes that maybe what he thought he wanted isn’t what he wants at all. More than that, he starts to wonder if maybe the perfect answer to all his problems wasn’t in front of him all this time. I know it’s not Christmas, but damn this is a good read, whatever the season. If you’re in the mood for some tooth rotting Olicity fluff, this is your fix.

Thanks again for the ask, happy reading!


Summary: Sam’s nightmares lead you in pursuit of a string of mysterious deaths in Michigan. You and Dean talk about what happened with Cassie and Dan.
Words: 3.1k+
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess (past Dean x Cassie, OMC x Reader)
Warnings: past infidelity, angst

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You woke up with incessant knocking on your motel door. Your eyes opened and you squinted at the clock, seeing it was just past 3am.

Gently peeling Jessica’s arms from around you and grabbing the gun from under your mattress, you walked over to the door.

Pistol raised, you carefully opened the door to be met with-

“Don’t shoot,” Sam said, knowing that you’d be instinctively defensive. “We have to go.”

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Supernatural Related Asks
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  3. Favorite angel?
  4. Favorite demon?
  5. Favorite episode?
  6. If you could rewrite one season, which one would it be? Why?
  7. If you could only watch one season for the rest of your life, what season would it be?
  8. If you could write yourself into one episode, would you? What episode?
  9. What supernatural being would you be?
  10. Wincest, Destiel, or neither?
  11. Sam, Dean, or Cas?
  12. If you could spend the day with one cast member, who would it be? What would you do?
  13. You can bring back one character. Who is it?
  14. Would you ever sell your soul for something/someone? If so, what/who?
  15. What is the first episode that ever made you cry? (if any)
  16. What character death hurt you the most?
  17. Favorite Crowley line?
  18. Favorite Cas line?
  19. Favorite brothers scene?
  20. What side character would you like to see again? 
  21. Favorite and least favorite storyline?
  22. Character you’d gladly kill off?
  23. Favorite pre-s4 episode?
  24. What would you tell each member of Team Free Will if you had the chance to speak to them?
  25. What made you fall in love with Supernatural?

i know people are probably asleep right or don’t have time read a 11k word one shot right now, but when you get the chance please read my newest kolvina one shot! it’s a few posts ago on my blog. i’m really happy with how it turned out and i think it could help give off good vibes (vibes that we need with the mess of canon). it’s a soulmate au + a rewrite of season one with kol in it so two for the price of one!

bokayjunkie’s end of the year olicity fic rec

Because apparently i’ve been hoarding fanfics like it’s my career this year. I tried really hard to narrow them down to fics that have absolutely left an impact on me and ones I would read over and over. Also, these are fics i’ve read this year, not necessarily published this year.

And to make it easier on me, all of these fics are complete (or at the very least marked complete) 

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Summary: Sam starts having visions again as you get closer to the demon, and John doesn’t take it well. Dean has reservations about you going into the fight, which ends in an argument.
Words: 5.3k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: aggressive confrontations

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

Your sleep was restless, dreams of the demon haunting you for the first time in weeks.

You woke up in a cold sweat, your heart pounding in your chest as you took deep breaths to calm yourself down.

You rolled over in Dean’s arms, gently placing your hand to his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat beneath your palm and finding comfort in the steady rhythm.

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The Benders

Summary: You and Sam work a case to try and get out of your emotional funk, but you end up in a lot of trouble. Luckily Dean, with the help of local law enforcement, locates the two of you in time.
Words: 3.8k
Sam x Jess, Dean x Reader
Warnings: episode-related angst

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Sam took the lead on the next case in Hibbing, Minnesota. You both needed a distraction, and Dean and Jess weren’t going to argue with the two of you when you set your minds to something.

You were wearing your sheriff’s getup, feeling powerful with your badge and holster, as you stood in the witness’ living room, speaking with him and his mother.

“I know you’re just doing your job, but the police have been here all week already,” she told you, “I don’t see why we have to go through this again. The more he tells the story, the more he believes it’s true.”

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Summary: Jessica is relieved that you and Sam got back safe, and the brothers’ reunion with their father doesn’t go as you expected
Words: 4.5k 
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess 
Warnings: episode-related injury

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

Jess was so relieved to see you when you eventually got back to the motel that she started to cry the second you opened the door.

She rushed over to you, pulling you into a rough hug and burying her face in your neck. You were certain you smelled terrible after your time trapped in a cage, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care when her tears were falling onto your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you soothed, hugging her back and stepping the two of you to the side to let the brothers into the room. “Jessy, I’m here, we’re here, we’re okay.”

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Devil’s Trap

Summary: You’re getting closer and closer to finding the demon, so you enlist the help of Bobby Singer. Getting John back doesn’t go to plan at all.
Words: 6.4k
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Warnings: episode related angst and violence

Beta: @blacksiren
A/N: this is the final part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite of Season One, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’re never going to see your father again.”

Dean hung up the phone instantly, shoving it into his pocket and picking up the Colt.

“What are you doing?” you asked as he tucked the gun into the back of his pants.

He picked up your jacket, handing it to you and kissing your cheek.

“We gotta go,” he told you, and you nodded, putting on your jacket before helping Jess to slip on her own.

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Route 666

Summary: Dean is forced to come clean about his time with Cassie, and you take revenge in your own petty way (minimal episode plot)

Words: 500+ (drabble)

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, Dean x Cassie, OMC x Reader

Warnings: infidelity, implied smut

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 

There was a tense silence when the four of you met up in a bar after Sam and Dean had finished a hunt in Missouri.

You looked at Sam across the booth, confused, but he just motioned to Dean to explain.

“So?” you prompted, already irritated, “What’s the deal?”

“I, uh,” he cleared his throat, “The hunt, the victim was my, uh- my ex’s father.”

“Right,” you nodded, following along.

Dean looked at Sam, pleading in his eyes, and you frowned at him.

“Fucking spit it out, Dean.”

“I slept with her,” he blurted, and Sam and Jess froze in their seats.

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Summary: You take Dean to see a faith healer, and you get freaked out realising you’re dealing with a reaper.

Words: 1,698

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess

Warnings: feels

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 

Originally posted by spnedits

Dean was dying.

Yesterday, he was fine.

Today, he was a couple of weeks away from death, and acting like it wasn’t happening,

When Sam suggested Nebraska, you and Jess jumped on the idea, but Dean wasn’t having it.

Eventually, you convinced him to go.

“It can’t make it any worse,” you offered, and he couldn’t argue with that.

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