Annina Vogel’s Reworked Antique Jewellery

I should also mention jewellery designer Annina Vogel who sells her exquisite reworked antique jewellery collection at Liberty as well as online. Yes, eye-wateringly super expensive, but unregrettable forever heirloom pieces. The one piece I own is unfortunately not online but only in store - a beautifully simple chain ring in a rose gold hue. Always gets noticed and commented on. I love it! 

Large pearl horseshoe Victorian stud ring

Victorian rose cut diamond bird ring

Triple studded diamond bangle

Georgian soft-edged marquis closed-back rose cut diamond ring


Receiving a package from forageandfind is always a delight! The large bottom necklace was a one-off, but the unicorn, teardrop, crescent moon and moon face necklaces are still available on their site!

Forage & Find is a mother-daughter jewellery company that specialise in reworking vintage jewellery components into new pieces. Offering a mixture of current line and one-off pieces, their site is the ultimate destination for any old soul. I own several of their pieces and all of them have a very special place in my collection.