reworked clothing

With Needles Rebuild gaining hype and resale prices trending up, it’s about time I mention some smaller Japanese brands that do similar remake work but can be found for much lower prices, assuming you can even find them at all. There’s a lot of flavors of patchwork, from punk and crust inspired clothes to boro patchwork and unconventional stitching. I’ve collected as many as I could think of here, though I ignored some labels like Kapital and Remi Relief because they’re already pretty well known.

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Turner Upfront Presentation 2015

Flew to NYC for the Turner 2015 Upfront Presentation to rep my new TBS series Clipped. I decided to go for a monochromatic all-white fit. Wanted to do a more playful, casual yet sophisticated look, so I wore my blazer as a cape. I think I pulled it off! Haha. Always find alternative ways to rework your clothing.

Although it was a quick trip I had so much fun seeing old and new faces. P.S. I’m wearing heels in the pic with Shaq! He’s so tall! Hahahaa

P.S.S. Don’t forget to tune in June 16 for the premiere of Clipped on TBS. <3<3

What I’m Wearing:

Bra top: Lovers and Friends
Pant:  Safiyaa
Jacket: Smythe
Shoes: Stuart Wietzman
Jewelry: Vita Fe