World Cities Day tweet chat today!

We’ll be getting underway with our World Cities Day tweet chat in just under an hour! Here are some of the questions we’ll be exploring with Usman Haque:

Will there be a struggle between the power of data & control, and creativity in ‘smarter’ cities?

What can communities do to empower transformation of their own city spaces?

How can smart cities help increase connection between it’s citizens & encourage bottom-up innovation?

What role does the government have to play in smarter cities AND smarter citizens?

What are some of the most exciting citizen-led 'smarter citizen’ projects?

How can data be used to help cities and citizens?

How does an emphasis on 'environments’ instead of object-centric 'sensors’ change the vision for a smart city?

Join us over on Twitter and get involved with the discussion!

We’ll be tweeting the questions from @teamrework