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“I suppose it looks reckless, of course. One eggshell, such a trivial thing, will probably just shatter on the boulder. However, no matter how strong a boulder is, it’s dead. While no matter how weak an egg is, its alive. As time passes, a boulder will break and become sand, but someday a chick will hatch from an egg and step on that sand.”


The youth, who were someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s brother—the young people who gathered to reclaim their land! … I didn’t realize how much I’d come to regret not killing you that day.

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↪ ueno rie, gaksital

Ueno Rie’s last scene was beautiful and possibly one of the best endings for a character in any drama I’ve seen. She finally reclaims her identity and her name that she had pushed away for so long. Hearing her say her Korean name to Katsuyama was beautiful because you know what she’s gone through to get to that point. We don’t know where she’s going and I’m not sure she even knows where she’s going, but there’s something really nice in that uncertainty and I think we can trust that she’ll be okay now. 

“I will never forget your name.”


Bridal Mask: Favorite moments

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The moment when a fan meets his idol for the 1st time



This was the moment Shunji HAD TO finally stop, but didn’t. He got to know the reasons behind KangTo’s decision and still, pursued his own battle into catching him. I can understand what happened in Shunji’s mind till a certain point. 1. He was the sweetest guy in the drama, a school teacher, who had a bad relationship with his own Japanese family and his best friend was the Korean KangTo. 2. Gaksital kills his brother in front of his eyes and, he, though didn’t want to be a policeman, after seeing his father crying (he always saw his tough side) decides to avenge his brother and use that occasion to protect Mok Dan too. After that, I don’t understand him anymore. At a certain point he says “I think I’m turning into a monster” and that’s what happens.
It’s interesting to see how KangTo and Shunji are similar. KangTo was a very unpleasant character in the start, but, after his family’s death he changes. In particular, his brother’s death pushes him wear the bridal mask and turns him into a better man. Shunji, on the other hand, starts by being the kindest character and, his brother death, turns him into the worst person. So, basically, we see how these two people reacted to death and how carried out vengeance.
Shunji’s lowest was reached when he tried to shot KangTo at his own wedding, but shot Mok Dan instead… he destroyed KangTo’s life.
Anyway, there is one point in his favour. At the end, when there is their final confrontation, Shunji decides to kill himself, instead than letting KangTo do something he didn’t want to. So, I appreciated the gesture. But Shunji remains a sociopathic asshole. And, please, there are loads of dramas/movies in which characters may be in love (WBDS, for example), but this is not the case between KangTo and Shunji. They shared a deep friendship, but nothing more. (I see people shipping them together, that’s why). KangTo was in love with Mok Dan and Shunji was obsessed with her.


“It was like he was my younger brother and I felt like protecting him. However, once we started filming, I always admired how he totally changed. That’s how good an actor he is. Once filming ends, he immediately turned back into a cute child.”

- Jin Se Yeon about Joo Won )

심판의 날 ((Judgement Day)
주원 & 이정현
심판의 날 ((Judgement Day)
God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The vengeance of the heaven on you
The vengeance of the heaven will fall, anathema

On the day of burning red sun
This land would again return to me
Like naked gestures
Now it will rise again.

God come down on us
Ray of eternal light
Get your justice
The impious vengeance of the heaven
The vengeance of the heaven will fall, anathema on you
I wont forgive you anymore
The sky will open for me
My heart, this land
We will rise again"