So I’m rewatching Transformers Animated for the first time in like… eons since it was cancelled bc Nostalgia and all that right?

And like… their Token Human ally, Sari Sumdac. At the moment She’s 7 years old. A small child, not even a decade old, and the first episode after the 3 part intro she’s established by the narritive as singlehandedly working like a caretaker of her obviously workaholic single father.

I remember a lot of people saying way back when that Sari was super annoying when she was young and after her upgrade that she was a massive Mary Sue, and while I’ll probably get to the latter later, the former is a little more interesting an answer to me atm.

Sari was 7 when the series started, she had her 8th birthday in a later episode and an offscreen 9th birthday before her big Upgrade. The intro episodes gave us some of her characterization, excitable young girl, sneaky, a true born Slytherin with cunning far beyond her years, yet compassionate, creative, and with the heart of a lioness. But this is the first peek we get into the normal, day-to-day lives of the Sumdacs, this is what we should be establishing as their normal routine, and what do we see?

We see a 7 year old girl having to hack her way into her father’s ‘office’ to give him some tea, is immediately (if tiredly) scolded for going places she shouldn’t, inquiring on her father’s dietary habits with a concerned yet clearly unsurprised look, before grinning good naturedly at his non-answers and carefully leading him toward the kitchens where he could eat something.

That’s not normal 7 year old behavior, and if anything it makes all the more sense as to why she acts somewhat irresponsibly with the Autobots, and with the Key. It’s the only time where she’s gone from taking care of people to being taken care of. Idk about you guys but when I was 7 years old, if my conversations with my singular parent were normally just me trying to get them to take care of themselves, It’d take me 0.08 seconds to act as much like a kid as I possibly could around my Big brother figures and Uncle figues, even if I get scolded for not taking things seriously.

I remember when I was first watching TFA that there was a sort of… vague sense of Dystopia  around Cybertron, and I’m sure when I get there that’ll be another rant entirely. But for now I just really wanna add Sari to my 'My presh child’ list.

(also, don’t even act surprised that Sari used her key on TutorBot Isaac, you should have known it was only a matter of time until she hacked it)