rewatching with the little bro


stiles & lydia ± ‘anchors’

“stiles, where are you going? […] let’s just go back to sleep. […] don’t worry about it. […] just go back to sleep stiles. what if who gets in? stiles, just leave it please… come back to bed! stiles, please! don’t stiles! don’t! don’t go in there, please, stiles!”

on PB in Graybles 1000+

i was rewatching the ep with my little bro when the pb-stalking scene came on and he goes “is this in the same time as Jake the Brick?”

when i asked why, he pointed out PB’s shirt-

which was, evidently, the same shirt she wore in Jake the Brick-

which aired a couple of episodes before The Cooler when this happened-

so if ever you wanna believe that PB isn’t regressing back into her spying days, remember this. unless, y’know, she just wore the shirt again later.