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I used to follow Gatiss on twitter - now I can’t stand the sight or sound of him. He and Moffat totally destroyed BBC Sherlock with S4, and for me, the treatment of John Watson/Martin remains unforgivable. I am just glad to know I am not the only person unable to rewatch any part of my formerly favourite series again, especially from the emergence of Mary, knowing the travesty she was to become. And guess what, I am 76 years old, and mad as hell!!!!

I never followed him on twitter, thankfully. He never seemed that kind to fans to me.

But I’m with you, I can’t stand to look at or see him or Moffat anymore. I hate Mycroft now just because he’s played by Gatiss.

I hear you with John Watson/Martin. It is totally unforgivable what they did with his character. And to have Martin Fucking Freeman available to you and to push him aside so you can further Mary’s story line?? I’m just not really sure what they were thinking when they thought that was a good idea.

You are most certainly not alone. I used to rewatch this show all the time, never got tired of the episodes. I honestly thought they were going to do something great with it. What a fool I was.

I quite honestly have nothing against those who still believe, one of my best friends tin hats. But as they are more than welcome to keep on believing, we are well within our rights to be unhappy and to say so. BBC Sherlock is a product we consumed and were dissatisfied with. And don’t get me started on the BBCs replies to all the unhappy fans, Johnlocker or not.

Keep salting my friend, you are not alone!

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What are your fave episodes with a lot of CS? those for us suffering from missing them and wanting to rewatch their journey

Oh, fun question.

Captain Swan movie!  I love 3x21 Snow Drifts and 3x22 No Place Like Home and I really think they are the overall two best episodes of the series.And sooooo much CS goodness.  In fact there’s so much goodness it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite scene.  Their first dance and Emma’s first ball will always be pretty dang special, though. This is the show at it’s very best and I don’t think it was ever this good again. 

It’s always a good idea to revisit Tallahassee 2x06 and see how it all began. There is something so satisfying watching all the beanstalk scenes knowing what we know now.  Try watching while talking to the TV “Gurrrrrl, you are so going to get with that!” or “Sweet Pirate, that’s the future mother of your children that you are flinging that innuendo at!”

You know, I always think fondly back on Ariel 3x07. The downside to this is you have to look at Neal and put up with him being a third wheel, on the upside is one of my very favorite CS scenes (When I win your heart Emma…) and Emma being flustered. Also I forever love the message they sent with the staging of the scene in the Dark Hollow, the three characters formed an actual triangle, with Neal behind Emma (the past) and Hook in front of her (her future) and when they were both in jeopardy Emma only yelled one name. By the way if you have never seen this crack recap of the episode, you should go watch it. Back in the day I remember watching it over and over again. Hilarious.  Bonus: the delightful Joanna Garcia as Ariel!

I know there’s not a ton of CS, but I really love 4x02 White Out. We have great CS scenes at the beginning and end, and the middle is filled with a desperate Killian trying to save Emma. The hug at the end will forever be one of the best surprises this show ever gave me. I had no idea it was coming, and we had waited so long for it and it was so heart felt. That television moment was extremely cathartic and so well earned. Bonus: Charming with flowing hair and Warlord Bo Peep.  

Following that, the The Apprentice 4x04 the date episode is chock full of CS goodness. To me this episodes offers so much.  We get the first glimpse of Killian’s new modern costume, Emma feeling soft towards her pirate and putting on a pretty dress, excited Snow and over protective Charming.  And then the kiss! It’s one of my favorites, so sensual and full of feeling. And then… the best part is Emma going into the loft, and she is just absolutely lovestruck. To me that is THE moment she realizes she’s fully in love with him. 

It’s always nice when there’s a little tension between your pair, because that means the tension has to be released. This is one of the many reasons I love 4x13 Unforgiven. Hook was keeping something from Emma, Emma knew it, they got tense, and then they discussed it in such a mature, loving way. So much growth in this episode. Bonus: Snow and Charming almost catching them get busy at the Sheriff station!

I could watch 5x04 The Broken Kingdom on a loop.  Is there any more romantic imagery on this show than Captain Swan galloping across the countryside on a horse and then walking through a meadow and kissing in a field of Middlemist?  No… no there is not. If that’s not enough we get spying parents CS and Killian being the only one who can get through to Emma and keep the darkness at bay. Really nice. Bonus: Guinevere and Lancelot!

Obviously 5x08 Birth is one of the all time great CS episodes. It’s not easy, but we get so much development and so many amazing moments, both in Camelot and in Storybrooke. It’s a bit gut-wrenching, but it’s also the episode where we find out that EVERYTHING Dark Swan did was for Killian. We always knew that Killian would go to the end of the world or time for Emma, this is when we found out she would do the same. Beautiful.  

Probably the best episode of season 6 was 6x03 The Other Shoe.  I love this episode.  The Captain Cobra Swan team up was super fun and we got multiple moments of Killian comforting Emma and then, of course, the moving in conversation. This was a milestone I really wanted to see, so happy the show delivered. the Bonus: The Cinderella fairy backs are good!

I’ll end this with the amazing, fairy tale, roof top wedding, in the very special musical episode 6x20 The Song in your Heart. The musical episode is worth rewatching just for the musical numbers, but the last 6 minutes is the best.  Killian in a velvet suit, Emma in a gown fit for a Princess, the Charmings beaming as they walk Emma down the aisle, heartfelt vows that we actually get to hear and then a dance and a duet. Bonus: Colin and Jen both killing their solo numbers and the Josh, Ginny and Bex having so much fun with theirs. 

Thanks for asking, this was fun!

seriously bojack horseman has hit me so deep. it hasn’t even been a week and it has skyrocketed up my list of favorite shows. i feel like i’ve been hit by a truck. so much of it is relateable and painful and raw and real

also i’m legitimately crying over todd chavez he is everything to me

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This is more a question about Tom as opposed to Tomco but like in the book it mentions that the reasons for the marks on Star's cheeks are due to her family's exposure to magic (the idea being magic leaves a mark). I was rewatching "Pizza Thing" yesterday and noticed Pony Head also has love hearts on her neck. Makes sense as Pony Head has been seen to use magic. Tom has used magic on nearly every occasion he has been present in the show and lacks any marks like this though. Any theories?

My best guess perhaps that either those weird lines under his eyes are considered “Marks” ((although we aren’t even sure if they’re part of his skin or if it’s make-up yet)), demon magic is different then mewman and ponyhead magic, or demons themselves don’t get affected by magic enough to leave a mark.

It most likely falls into one of these three.

We don’t know much about demons to really say how they function, so we have to makes guesses on their biologies in comparison to other species.

Unless Tom’s mark is somewhere we can’t see…it would most likely fall to his eye marks.

Those are my best guesses on the subject.

But you never know, maybe demons don’t get marks at all. there were alot of creatures in BMB and only ones similar to Tom had anything resembling marks (Which frankly look more like make-up)


If we ever see Tom’s dad, and he has marks like Tom’s, then perhaps this might have some significance. That demons have their own kind of facial markings. 

But for now we’ll just have to guess on if Tom’s able to have magic markings or not.

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this isn't a request or anything, more like an idea but imagine lance blaming himself over florona dying (i think that was her name? well,,, the mermaid in season 2) because he thinks if he might just have been able to save her. everything ends with hunk comforting him saying that he did his best and he managed to save a planet and that he shouldn't blame himself ;^)

Oh no I had to rewatch the episode you made me do that how dare you.


They had some time after the energy beacon was activated before the Castle of Lions showed up. At first Hunk and Lance spent the time talking and laughing with the newly liberated Queen Luxia and her people, enjoying their hospitality without reservations. After a while, though, Hunk noticed Lance had drifted away from the others and was staring into the giant glowing pit that used to hold a sea serpent that had held a whole civilization in its sway.

Hunk gently extricated himself from the group he was talking to and swam over to his side. “Lance? Buddy?” Lance startled a bit and turned to face him, and Hunk winced, remembering that not long ago he had done his best to beat Lance to a pulp.

Lance didn’t seem to hold a grudge though. As soon he realized who it was, he gave Hunk a half-hearted smile and went back to staring at the pit. “Hey, man.”

“What are you thinking about?” Hunk asked.

Lance shrugged, not meeting his eyes. “I haven’t seen Flurona around. Everyone else is here. I thought she should be too. But I asked someone, and they said she went for a walk in the Baku garden. Pretty obvious euphemism, now.”

Hunk went still, his heart seizing up in his chest. With everything that had happened, he had somehow forgotten. The queen had told Flurona that she had to go to the garden because she had lost track of Lance. Flurona had accepted it so mildly, so easily, that Hunk had figured it wasn’t that much of a punishment. But now, with what they knew…

The Baku garden had eaten hundreds of these people. Hundreds. Had Flurona been the last one?

Hunk was never going to tell Lance why she’d been sent there, that was for sure. Hopefully no one else would mention it either. The poor guy would just blame himself, even though he’d had absolutely no control over it. No one had meant for this to happen. Not even the queen.

“Yeah,” Hunk said softly. “I’m sorry, dude. I know you liked her.”

Lance shook his head. “I like everyone here. But she was the first one, you know? The first real life mermaid I ever saw. She led us here. And she was so nice. I just…”

“It sucks.”

“Yeah, it sucks.”

Lance pulled in a breath and looked up at the frozen surface, far above their heads. “If I’d been a little quicker… I wasted a lot of time messing around, Hunk.”

“Hey, no.” Hunk reached out and grabbed Lance’s shoulders, turning him to face him. “You can’t think like that, dude. You can’t let yourself go down that road. You did everything you could. Everything. You saved everyone, and they all know it, too. If…” Hunk bit his lip, then went on. “If Flurona were here, she would say so, too. You know that, right?”

“Saved everyone else, you mean,” Lance said, not a little bitterly. “Everyone but Flurona.”

A hundred words jammed up in Hunk’s throat. They couldn’t save everyone. It sucked, but they had to deal. Lance had saved a whole planet, here. He had discovered new abilities, and he had been strong and smart and insanely heroic and even deepened his bond with Blue. Even if he’d been faster, it wouldn’t have been in time to save Flurona. From the timeline they had pieced together by talking about what had happened while they were separated, Hunk figured she’d already gone to the garden before the rebels had even told Lance what was going on, much less formulated a plan and carried it out.

All those words didn’t mean anything to Lance, not right now. He couldn’t focus on the positives, not while he was thinking of one huge, glaring negative. And really, he deserved to wallow a little. Flurona deserved to be grieved over, even by someone who had only known her for less than a day.

So Hunk just sighed and looked down. “I get it. When we get back to the castle, remind me to give you a big hug, okay? The armor and the head bubbles are making it kind of awkward right now.”

At this Lance did manage a smile, small and hesitant.

“And the jellyfish on your head,” Hunk said, dead serious. “When are you gonna take that thing off?”

And for a wonder, Lance laughed. It was short and immediately cut off, but it was a laugh. “Honestly, I’m kind of scared to. I think it might hurt. Guess maybe I should go ask Blumfump. He’s not a scientist, but he might have a theory on the best way to do it.”

“Okay. Let’s go do that.” Hunk got hold of Lance’s arm and tugged him easily through the water, back to the group.

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hi! im sure you get stuff like this all the time but I really really love your everlasting party fic! youre doing such an amazing job! you are such a good writer. i just spent the last hour reading it and i can honestly say ive never loved a fic more in my life. i really look forward to where you go with it! :)

Originally posted by nagisa-as

!!! Thank you :) Ahh I’ve had the next chapter planned for ages, I just have to get around to writing it. I recently moved cities so I’m still getting used to things, but now I wanna make sure I have it out this week ^^ Thank you so much for this lovely message!

AtlA/LoK fans

I have an idea.

The best idea. It is easy and simple, and I know everyone will enjoy it.

Why don’t we all, as a community

Pick a period of time



I’ve got some plans laid already. I’d love as much community support as possible. I’m thinking during the spring (March and April, tentatively), when there aren’t any other big fandom pushes that I know of, but I’d LOVE to coordinate with anybody else who wants to help organize and spread the word!

Please, anyone interested in helping with this, get in touch with me! <3


Where is my fic where Darcy has Thor watch Moana? I imagine Darcy singing “You’re Welcome” when Tony gets pissed off she interrupted him and dances her way out of the room. Then Thor wondering what it’s from (since it always ends up ends up in his head) and so they watch it and Thor fucking loves it. He adores Moana and thinks Maui is hilarious and amazing (which prompts Darcy to post videos of him speaking the lines during a rewatch. Steve joins for their viewing and discovers Thor likes to sing and talk along with films. He’s slightly blurry behind Thor, trying to contain his laughter. Darcy posts it and it’s how she became friends with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Best. Idea. Ever.) He then decides he wants tattoos of his “bardic tales and escapades for and with people of Midgard!”  

The next Halloween, it happens. Dwayne Johnson shows up as Maui and Thor’s got his version of the tattoos (stylistically Nordic but figures have similarities to The Secret of Kells film) with his mythic tales form Midgard during the old days and Darcy is elated and dressed up as Mabel from Gravity Falls and is squealing similarly. (They then go to a children’s ward in a hospital and MAKE EVERYONES DAMN DAY.) 

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I loved that "love is an open door" thing I showed it to my sister and she sang it as she read like 🎵i mean it's crazy!🎵 *pause* 🎵what?🎵 *pause* 🎵we finish each others🎵 *pause* 🎵Sandwichs!🎵 *pause* 🎵that's what I was going to say!!🎵 it was the best! Then she glared at me kuse she dosnt ship stony and hates it when I show her stuff like that.😊

hahaha!! awesome :D

I was never a big fan of Frozen but now I want to rewatch it soo badlyyy… and I am thinking how Stony - Frozen AU would look like, but I honestly have no idea D: Steve would be Kristoff, Tony would be Anna, but the rest? omg, who would be Olaf?!

My recent watercolor piece. I rewatched this wonderful show this past weekend and realized an unstoppable urge to paint them. This was one of the more frustrating watercolors that I have done recently because of all the grays and browns and the reference picture I used was not the best, so I had no idea what some of the things in the picture were. But it turned out really nice, so I don’t give a rat’s left buttcheek.


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How about the rfa reacting to mc being a soccer player?

Yoosung: -Like
-He kinda had an idea but he didn’t??
-You mentioned you played a lot as a kid but didn’t realize you did is professionally
-Will start coming to every one of your games
-One of the loudest people cheering
-Always proud of you even if your team looses
-Compliments everywhere like
-“I could never do that. You looked so amazing!!”
-“Wow!! That kick into the goal was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

Zen: -Kinda surprised
-Like you didn’t seem like you did that
-I mean yeah you were athletically built
-He just didn’t expect that
-Starts to wear your jersey e v e r y w h e r e
-Has his fans go to your games to cheer you on when he can’t make it
-Works out with you and it becomes both of your favorite couple activity

Jahee: -Kinda knew cause Seven probably said something about it
-Makes sure to tape all of your games to rewatch later
-Looks up different ways to make sure you play safely and how to take care of any injuries you might get
-When you 2 rewatch your plays she helps you figure out how to improve
-Constantly making sure you eat enough and stay healthy
-Always does her best to keep it fun for you so it doesn’t seem like over worrying

Jumin: -He had no idea
-Never watched sports before
-Actually kinda hated sports but tries to change that a little when he finds out
-You help him ease into the idea by slowly showing him one or two games or explaining how the game works
-Eventually becomes one of those guys yelling at the tv at every event in the game
-Makes Jahee look up the rules of soccer so he knows what’s already in place for your safety
-Still worries about you getting hurt
-Pays the team to make Elizabeth 3rd become the mascot

707: -He knew
-He fucking knew who you were the moment you said your name
-Like he was already a HUGE fan of the sport, your team, and you before you joined RFA
-He already watched every game before, but now he makes sure to see every single game ever
-It makes him super excited that you’re part of the team and makes him feel like he’s with a giant celebrity all the time
-When he goes to your games is constantly shouting “THAT’S MY GIRL!”
-Literally the loudest person there
-Has probably gotten kicked out of at least 1 game for over reacting to either the ref making a call or someone making a comment about you or your team

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Thanks to @dragonthorku last week for the video idea. Here is my personal list of my Favorite top 10 Animated Cartoon series of all time. Some you may find old school, some you may have forgotten about but with each one I can rewatch it from Beginning to end without Hassle. Tell me how many we have in common ;)

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The Gravedigger

As you all know, McFarlane Toys released a picture of 5 upcoming TWD action figures, including Daryl as a gravedigger from s3 s4:

And, all of this goes to bethgreenewarriorprincess who asked to have it written up:

Basically, the arcs are interconnected. Daryl dug a grave for C@rol in honored C@rol’s grave in season 3, an empty grave because there was no body, and he also most likely dug one for Beth. Why wouldn’t he? She’s his girl, the one who thought honoring the dead, respecting one’s humanity, was beautiful. TPTB will show us that. So much went unanswered in those 17 days: What happened to Beth’s body? Why wasn’t Daryl part of the Richmond trip, which was done for her? The fact that a gravedigger version of Daryl is being released at the same time with a Beth figure is eye-brow raising. Like, the one major character who never got a funeral when they could’ve shown one has her first figure released with a gravedigger figure? I call bull on that. It even connects to the fact that Beth and Daryl frame the figures (X). Also, T-Dog connects to Gravedigger Daryl because he also dug T-Dog’s grave it connects season 3 to season 4. And in Christy’s own words:

Dale is an actual representative figure of a death we didn’t have to question. Why Michonne?? "She’s alive.Beth’s alive.“Also t dog sacrificed himself so Carol could live.   Beth did that for Noah. The figures are interrelated.

And to add my thoughts:

Why all the Dale references? Not only was his Faulkner quote the basis for the last 5 episode titles of 5b, but they used the same walker/actor in 5x14 (confirmed on TTD), nods with the RV, and toys including an RV set and an upcoming death figure. Dale was the first moral compass of the group to die and the only one who made an effort to keep time, that we were shown. He made a point of winding his watch every day. Glenn had Hershel’s watch, but we didn’t see him use it for time. In 4x16, in the flashbacks, Hershel even mention he doesn’t know what time it is anymore since he gave Glenn his watch. Hershel used the sun to figure out it was “early.” Beth was also the only active time keeper of the group, as it’s been pointed. She kept a journal and kept track of how many days went without casualties. She is their time keeper and with her gone, time is broken. TPTB want the audience to be reminded of Dale and ultimately of time, because one of the keys to the great upcoming mystery is Time. And Beth is its gears. Thoughts?

Edited 9/13/15 because of a few mistakes (which I crossed out) and to add:

For clarification, the Daryl figure is from season 4, from the episode Infection. I had misinterpreted what Christy had said. That’s on me.

Daryl has been connected to honoring the dead since season 3. He was the one who put a Cherokee rose on C@rol’s empty grave, though he was not shown explicitly digging a grave for her. I was wrong about that. So I rewatched the scene, and it’s Glenn who dug a grave, and when Oscar and Axel asked to help, he told them to dig two more. This makes sense, because it was Glenn in season 1 who admittedly stated that, “We bury our loved ones, burn the dead.” It’s become a mantra, a theme, throughout the whole show. Beth and Daryl heavily embody that, honoring the dead the best they can. 

Axel said that Lori, T-Dog, and C@rol were “good folks” which parallels Beth’s idea of “good people.” After the inmates set work, Glenn went over to Hershel and talked about how they should’ve killed the prisoners on sight. Reminds me of when he talked about how he wanted to kill Dawn. He said this Rick in 5x09. There are even more parallels than we thought. As Christy summed it up, “It was gimple job to tie his vision of the shows future to mazzarras reign.”

No matter what, the fact that we never what became of Beth’s body, and her first figure is being released with a Gravedigger Daryl is extremely suspect. They hint at what never happened during those 17 days: Beth’s funeral. Funereal rites are what actually first connected Bethyl. Daryl rode up to the Greene farm, Beth first seeing him, as she was building a stone memorial for Otis. They first connected when he came and told her about Zach, who was also denied having his remains put to rest, and Beth acknowledged it by taking the counter back to 0. A miniature reset foretelling a reset in the making right now. But it can’t be complete without the two people involved, the two people who strive to live and hope, yet not forget the dead, Her Lady Persephone and Lord Hades: Beth and Daryl. We weren’t shown a funeral because the grave is empty. Just like C@rol’s empty grave, Beth’s is empty because she’s still alive.


Are you really going to–




“Okay, so if the weather holds …”

“I have verified for myself that the conditions will be ideal.”

“Perfect. Once the lights go down, we’ll do Special Silent Henshin #51. This is SO much better than my idea to buy all their albums I could find and make them eat them.”

“See what fun you can have with a bit of subtlety?”

“I am not certain that ‘subtlety’ would best describe our actions.”

“Don’t listen to her, this is the greatest thing of ALL TIME.”

“The sea does enjoy a good show.”

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Dear GameDev, thank you for this blog. Really love it and learn a lot. Story: 2K showed "gameplay" trailer in 2010 and 2011 about Bioshock Infinite which showed a really different game. It had a darker atmosphere and more open space. The fights were more dynamic. Questions: Did we really see gameplay there? If not, why did they say it is? Why do you think it changed so much? Story changes, money or publisher instructions? Best regards Ratkes

I rewatched the gameplay videos from [2010] and [2011], and I’m certain it was gameplay. Definitely a work in progress, but the elements of gameplay were there - it wasn’t prerendered, and there was somebody controlling the game at the time. That said, it was also pretty obvious that the video in question was also heavily, heavily tailored to be watched by an audience and not actually played by a player. It was designed to show off the aesthetic and give an idea for what the game would play like, but it was highly unlikely the game would ever actually play exactly the way it looked.

The thing about gameplay demos and videos like that is that they are usually heavily scripted. They follow a predetermined sequence - start here, engage with this scene, show these powers, engage with that scene, show those weapons, run to this location where the next cinematic triggers, do this, do that, then it’s over. In many respects, what you’re watching in these cases is much more like an elaborate quick time event than free-form gameplay because robust gameplay systems aren’t yet in a state where the game can allow for players to do what they want. They might only have this one way to get through the demo, so they have to make sure whoever is playing is sticking to the script. The demo build won’t behave well if you don’t stick to the script - timing will get out of whack, scripted events will break, things won’t spawn or despawn correctly, incorrect or missing animations may get played on characters, etc. Furthermore, a lot of the prototypes end up using placeholder effects or data - like how the Vigors in the 2010 Bioshock Infinite gameplay video behaved really similarly to Plasmids from Bioshock. They probably were the abilities from Bioshock - put in to act as a placeholder. In essence, each video is very much on rails but most viewers don’t notice because they’re not the ones driving.

Furthermore, things change as the development team proceeds through the production phase. Elizabeth’s power set, for example, was a lot less well-defined in the 2010 demo than it was in the 2011 video, probably because the developers decided to focus Elizabeth’s gameplay on the tears in between (most likely to help differentiate her better from Booker). The gameplay videos serve as a snapshot in time to show what the developers wanted to present as the core experience for the game within a small time frame. My guess was that Irrational’s team had a lot of things they wanted to put into the game, and then started scaling back or adjusting them as they realized that some of these features were too resource-intensive, fragile (easy for players to mess up), or just lacking in fun.

Really, it’s almost never because of external pressure or story changes - executive meddling only tends to happen when development is already troubled, and story changes are almost never a factor when determining gameplay. If anything, it’s the other way around - the core gameplay dictates how the story unfolds, because it is way harder to develop gameplay than it is to change a story. No, what we saw in the progression of Bioshock Infinite is the same progression every game goes through - gameplay systems are implemented, reviewed, and then improved upon while schedule and effort permits. 

Remember, a lot of the stuff that gets cut before release is stuff that may have shown well in a best-case-scenario video, but couldn’t pass the worst-case test scenario. That’s really what a lot of games have troubles with - a feature or sequence looks great when everything lines up, but not every player is going to do the right thing at the right time. It’s these worst-case scenarios that end up driving a lot of gameplay, just because millions of people are going to be playing a AAA game and a lot of them aren’t going to play exactly the way you thought they would.

Got a burning question you want answered?

Seven Minutes

A/N: I was rewatching episode 4 from season 1 (my fave episode) when I thought to myself, “Hmm… What if instead of 1 minute in the cupboard, Finn and Rae were in there for 7? Sort of like ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ maybe.” And that’s when I got the idea to write this one-shot AU. It’s not my best work but I hope you like it! xx

P.S: The first part that is italicized are actual lines from the show, just in case you were wondering. And I recommend you listen to this song while reading. (you don’t have to though!)

Word Count: 1,570 (this includes the original dialogue from the show)


“Rae?” Finn asked.


“Why are you being such a complete knobhead to me?” Finn’s question had caught her off guard.


“Did I do something to annoy you?” He asked with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“No, I just –“ Before Rae could answer him, Finn had interrupted her.

“Then why are you mugging me off all the time? I apologized for being a bit funny when we first met, but that’s because I didn’t know you. Now, one minute you’re dead nice to me and the next you’re just being totally rude.” He sounded a bit hurt and frustrated as he responded.

“I’m not trying to be rude.” She rushed. She didn’t want to come off as rude; she just wanted to create tension.

“Then maybe it just comes naturally to you.” He paused before continuing. “I thought we were getting on.”

“It’s not as simple as that, is it?”

“It is as simple as that, Rae. Either we’re friends or we’re not friends.” He said with hopes of Rae choosing the first option because he didn’t want to lose her so early on. He’d take what he could get and if it meant that he’d be just friends with Rae, then he’d happily oblige. Although he wanted her to be something more than his friend…

“Maybe I don’t want to be your friend.”

“You what?” He asked as his heart began to break. He couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe I don’t want to be your friend.” She repeated.

“Why not?” Finn asked because if she wanted to end their friendship, he at least wanted to know why.

“Because I-I – “ Rae was fumbling with her words and she could feel her anxiety start to creep up on her.

Close your eyes and count to ten, Rae. He’s waiting for you to answer! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

She took a deep breath before opening her eyes and being faced with Finn’s gaze on her. His gaze faltered as he looked down to the floor. He couldn’t look her in the eyes as she told him why they couldn’t be friends because he knew it’d be too much for him to handle.

“Maybe I don’t want to be your friend, Finn. Maybe I want to be more than that because I really like you.” She said.

He looked up right as her words left her mouth. He probably heard wrong. No. He was pretty confident that she said that she wanted to be more. Does she really want to be more than friends? He couldn’t believe it. She wanted to be more than friends. Rae Earl wanted to be more than friends. And she liked him!

It was her turn to look down as she continued. “I know it’s really stupid to think that you might like me the same way I like you. I mean look at you, Finn! You’re like a Greek god and I’m just a big blob. And I know for a fact that after we leave this cupboard, you’re gonna run off with the girl you just kissed and get off with her or maybe with some other lucky girl.”

“Rae, what are you talkin’ about?” He asked but she just continued to ramble on.

“Why would even look at a girl like me? You have a whole list of girls who’d kill to go out with you. For fucks sake, you’re probably set for this life and the one after it. Bloody hell! I should have never opened my damn mouth!”

“Rae…” He said but didn’t let him speak as she continued to speak.

“You must think I’m mad or fucked up. Or both. You don’t deserve someone as fucked up as me. You deserve someone who isn’t mad, someone who is skinny and pretty and girly, and someone who’ll make you happy. I am none of those things. In fact, I am the exact opposite. You deserve –“

“RAE!” Finn yelled and it brought Rae’s rambling to a complete stop. He had had enough of her putting herself down. He needed to let her to know how he felt before she said anything else.

“What?” Rae inquired after she finally relaxed a bit.

“Can you repeat that again?” Finn begged.

“WHAT? You want me to repeat everything I just said? I don’t even bloody remember what my rambling was about and you expect me to re –“

“No! Can you repeat that first part? The part where you said you wanted to be friends and that you like me.” He said as the side of his mouth quirked up.

“Oh.” Rae gulped.

I just spilled my guts out to him and he asks me to repeat the first part to him. I’m starting to think that he’s the mad one here.

“Finn, I really, REALLY like you. A lot actually. And I want you as more than a friend. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m mad and fat while you’re normal and bloody gorgeous. We don’t fit.” She muttered as she hung her head low. She couldn’t look at his face for fear that she would be met with a look of disgust or something worse.

“Listen, Rae.” He started, “I’m really glad that you like me and want me as more than a friend. You have no idea how fuckin’ happy that makes me because I’ve liked you since the moment you stole my 20p because I knew you were different. Those other girls don’t mean anything to me because they are all the same. They wear the same clothes and talk about the same shit every day. But you’re different from them and I like that.” He says.

Finn gently grabs Rae’s chin and slowly tilts her head up so that she can face him. He reaches out and tucks a strand of her raven black hair behind her ear before he cups her cheek in his hand.

She’s so soft. It’s the exact opposite of her personality. And her eyes are so big and expressive. Her nose is so cute and tiny. And her lips look so soft and plump. Oi! How I want those lips on mine.

The charge in the room has shifted once again. The tension from earlier had faded completely as something more electric has taken its place. Finn couldn’t stop staring at Rae, especially her eyes which were now gleaming. Rae couldn’t stop looking at Finn either; his face was breathtaking and his expression held a hint of… lust? Rae wasn’t sure what it was exactly that he was feeling but she knew for a fact that she’d never seen him like this before. And she felt her heart beat start to pick up its pace while simultaneously feeling that her breathing had gotten heavier.

“Rae,” Finn murmured as he closed the small gap between them, “You have no idea how much I want to kiss you.” He said as he looked down at her lips while licking his own lips. His breathe was hot on her face and she couldn’t believe that this gorgeous man wanted to kiss her. It was so surreal to her.

I have to be dreaming! This is too good to be true. Maybe I’ll wake up soon in my warm bed and realize that all of this is just my imagination. But I can’t be imagining this, though, because I can feel his hot breathe on my face. Oh, bollocks! I want to kiss him. AND BAD!

Rae closed the distance between their lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He wrapped his own arms around her waist and pulled her close, their bodies flushed against each other. Finn, the ever cheeky bastard that he was, teased Rae’s mouth open with his tongue before she gave in and granted him access. Their tongues fought for dominance and Finn felt himself grow hard. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice but when Rae pressed into his hardness, he let out a low moan which, in turn, had solicited a whimper from Rae.

Their hands made their way into each other’s hair and Rae couldn’t help but tug at his hair when he found that sweet spot behind her ear that caused a moan to escape from her lips. Finn couldn’t help but smile at the reaction he got out of her and knowing that he was the one to have caused it. Not his best mate Archie or some other bloke.

These caresses and noises and teases continued on for God knows how long and it would have kept on with their make out session had it not been for Chop who decided to barge in after their seven minutes were up and screaming, “ALL RIGHT YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS! Time for you two to stop sucking each other’s faces off and come back to Earth!”

But instead of breaking off the kiss, they both flipped him the bird which caused Chop, along with a few other witnesses, to laugh.

“Look at ‘em go! That’s my boy Finn!” Chop exclaimed which caused Finn to flip him the bird again.

Finn decided that that was enough of their audience and went to kick the door to the cupboard closed but before it shut completely, he, along with Rae, heard Archie declare, “I knew they liked each other! I told you so! But no one ever listens to uncle Archie!”

The real meaning behind Hook’s speech in 2x09- META TIME.

Now that we all know some of Killian’s backstory (including that little snippet that Adam posted- the “almost canon” script tease) we know that he too has been let down a lot. He’s been abandoned and hurt and afraid as a child too. He and Emma are kindred spirits, really. The reason he was so familiar with the look in an orphan’s eyes is because it’s the same one he saw every day in the mirror, and in his brother’s eyes. It’s one he knows well, because he’s been the poor child whom life has fucked over. He’s been that sad, lost little boy, too. Only for far longer…

When he met Emma, there was obviously a shift in him. Rewatch Tallahassee and honestly tell me that after being up on the beanstalk, he hasn’t ALREADY started to fall for Emma. I dare you. Because it’s true. Both Jen and Colin have even confirmed it; they HAD feelings for each other even as far back as Tallahassee, but because they were both so used to being let down and hurt by other people, they didn’t acknowledge them at all. They were too afraid of being let down again, to even feel their feelings at all for each other. People always talk about this episode 100% from Emma’s POV, but now that we know Hook’s story a little better, we know that he came from a poor situation too, that his upbringing was hard and that he was essentially an orphan too. They saw that in each other, an understanding of sorts. The way HE was feeling is really important to this meta. 

When Emma Swan came into Killian Jones’ life, she was like a light in a dark sea, like seeing the sun again after a long and harsh winter. She was this new energy. He even managed to- visibly- forget about Milah while he was with her, and I think that both scared him (like, would it interfere with his “life’s mission” of killing Rumplestiltskin?) and drew him in (maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let her in…) and you can see the cogs in his head just turning away because he’s met this woman who is just so wow, he can barely believe it (A+ acting, Colin). Like, his questions weren’t sexual, they were about being in love and how it felt to be an orphan, abandoned and alone. He was asking questions that were important to HIM, and you can’t tell me he would’ve asked those questions to just anybody.

And then when she left him, I think his feelings were supposed to parallel her own when she was left alone. He would have been hurt. He’d try not to show it and move on, getting back in with Cora just to spite her. He’d do his fucking best not to show how much it affected him, but it did and I JUST UNDERSTOOD TO WHAT DEGREE. Let’s do a play- by- play here, because it’s intense. I literally rewatched this scene 50 times in the past couple hours, so I feel this isn’t just a crapshoot and I have a really good idea of what I’m talking about.

In 2x09, when Emma is behind the bars of Rumple’s cell, she calls out to Hook and says “please don’t do this. My son is in Storybrooke, he needs me.” She is scared for her son, obviously doesn’t get what she’s done (to Hook). She just wants to go home. She left him because she was scared and that’s all she knows. Her side.

Hook responds “Perhaps you should have considered that before abandoning me on that beanstalk.” He is angry- legitimately angry, not just “I’m a pirate and that sort of irritated me a bit”- at her for leaving him up there. Look at his face.

Emma deflects with “You would’ve done the same.” She’s trying to justify her actions, to him and to herself, because on some level, she feels bad. 

Hook’s expression softens considerably in the moments before he answers her; he looks almost sad. Hurt, even. “Actually, no.”  He is implying that she did exactly what was done to her (she abandoned him just like she was abandoned, herself) and you can tell it stings her like a fucking knife because she knows it’s true. This is actually a huge piece of character development. For both of them, though Hook you won’t know until season 3. 

Hook then continues by taking out the bean on the necklace and dangling it in front of Emma. “Do you know what this is, Emma?” He keeps it just out of reach, because his trust in her is gone. I used to think he was just callous and cruel, but his every move is planned. He dangles it for her and yanks it away because that’s how it felt to be left up there and the rug pulled out from under him.

“The bean that the giant kept!” 

“Yes, indeed. A pirate always keeps a souvenir of his conquest.” <— I call bullshit. We’ve seen this man fight like, 100 foes and he has only kept SIGNIFICANT items (Liam’s name tag from the satchel, Baelfire’s cutlass, Milah’s drawing, the Jolly Roger’s rigging); we have NEVER seen him take something from any situation that wasn’t important to him. So, the fact that he has this bean in the first place is a huge deal and we really don’t talk about it enough. No, sir, you don’t keep a souvenir from EVERY conquest, just the meaningful ones. And yes, you are sentimental as fuck. 

“But this… this is much more than a mere trinket.”Pan to Emma staring at the bean. 

“This is a symbol. Of something that was once magical, (pan to Snow and then back to Hook) full of hope and possibility.” Emma again.

 Note how he NEVER takes his eyes off Emma while he says this, and how he goes from that careless, Idgaf smile, to angry.

“Now look at it. Dried up, dead, useless…” He’s trying to look like he doesn’t care still, but it’s there. He’s sad, because he’s been let down again and why should he have expected anything different?

“Much like you…. Just as I am done with you.”

I just fucking realized TODAY that Hook never stopped caring. He NEVER stopped caring, he just tried to pretend like he stopped. That’s his coping mechanism, that’s just what he does. And that the reason for that long speech is because he was talking about Emma, not the fucking bean. It had literally nothing to do with the bean. He was telling her (without telling) her that he saw her as a light, that she was hope and magic and full of possibility, and now she’s just dead (because for her to leave him she must be dead inside, I guess). Because it actually really hurt him. He thought that, with a woman who has had such a similar upbringing, the last thing she would do was leave. He’s calling her on her shit after she called him on his. Their feelings were already there, but he admitted so much with one little speech and WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT THIS MORE?????

SHE WAS HIS FUCKING HOPE. I have rewatched this scene probably 50 times today and he was fucking telling her HIS PERSONAL FEELINGS THROUGH THAT SYMBOLIC BEAN. 


That’s how he saw her. He saw potential- in himself- for the first time, to let someone in again. To not focus on hate all the time. To be happy. He saw that potential in Tallahassee and he admitted it to her. 

I am not ok right now. 

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How is controlling mako who thinks he knows what's best for Korra better than Dewey who respects Pearl's boundaries and doesn't come on to her or makes it about himself after being rejected? Also no Pewey shipper ships them as non-con. You have no idea what you're talking about you need to rewatch the shows and look at the tags of the respective ships before you talk shit, which presumingly you found up your own ass.