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CASEY: Don’t encourage him, dad. He should call his girlfriend and sort things out.

DENNIS: Casey, we men, we’re not really… talkers.

Okay, so, we talk about this scene a lot, but we don’t really talk about it.

What makes this episode great isn’t the “Derek calls her dad back!” part. For me, it’s what’s behind his motivation to call him back. Like always, Derek puts Casey before everything else. He and his girlfriend, Kendra, have just gotten into a fight, and he’s avoiding her because he can’t deal with girly tears and emotions. Kendra is pretty much in the same situation as Casey, upset and distraught, but Derek doesn’t bat an eyelash.

Cue Casey starting to have a breakdown about not being able to spend any time with her dad on her perfect night–Derek being the only one in their family of seven to notice this–and you know what he does? He stops it with his whole ‘I don’t care’ shtick, calls her dad, and convinces him to skip his plane ride back to Toronto and come back. Instead of going to his room and fixing things with Kendra, instead of waiting for Casey’s feeling to blow over themselves, Derek puts Casey’s needs and sadness over everything.

The clincher here is that Casey only realizes that Derek called her dad back when he mentioned that “guy talk is so much easier,” relating back to their earlier conversation when Derek was blowing off Kendra because he doesn’t do girl talk, and he’s not good at sorting things out. The thing is? He kind of just did. But to Casey. It’s always Casey for Derek; he knows how much this meant to her, so he went ahead and came through for her.

The only thing this episode was missing was Derek watching Dennis and Casey from the staircase. God, that would’ve been a perfect ending.

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What is your favorite David Tennant role?

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Nicknames: I have oh so many it would take to long to say all of them

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Birthdate: January 16th 

Favorite bands: Queen is really the most I listen to and love with all my heart

Song stuck in my head:  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (writing that is a bitch) and earlier I had the sound of music in my head but Julie Andrews is always in my thoughts I love her

Last movie I watched: White Chicks is on in the background rn

Last TV show I watched: I rewatched madoka magica last week 

Other blogs: like if I have other blogs??? or I mean I know I’m dumb but I really don’t understand that this question is asking haha I’m sorry

When I Created This Blog: It has to be close to a year now i think??

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Instruments: I play piano! And what I mean by that I mean I can play like 1/64th of a song horribly and when I still in public school they went around and saw who can play the flute and of cause they said it was extremely hard so when I was able to play it I thought I was a chosen one but they never let me in a music class I guess cause they thought I was too dumb to handle even more even though the music appreciation class I was in was the only class I got an A I know I talk a lot stop judging me

What I’m Wearing: I’m wearing an adventure time with fionna and cake shirt with jeans along with a sweater and socks (I literally wear this every single day)

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: like 5 BUT only like 2 go on me as the rest elevate my short little legs

Dream Job: I’d love to be a screenwriter or animations and direct them too!

Dream Trip: Sweden (honestly anywhere in scandinavia I’d like to maybe eve live there too) and Paris!

Favorite Food:  Just give me spicy food and carbs

Nationality: Scandinavian, dutch, and hispanic 

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1) Relationship status: rimi and i doing the  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ad infinitum

2) Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick but i forget that too 

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4) Top 3 shows:

1) atla (doing my nth rewatch rn)
2) mp100 (a complete surprise)
3) fma (5ever)

5) Top 3 characters:

1) aradia megido (LISTEN)
2) mob (this was a tight race with ara but know that he missed her by a .0002 margin)
3) midoriya izuku and kaladin stormblessed (i cant pick. rimi im stealing both of these from you because youre right. youre so right.)

6) Top 3 ships: (ive really been in a nonshippy mood lately but i still like all of these)

1) terumob
2) tododeku
3) tsuchako

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