rewatching this movie after 7 years

the-pizza-man-learned-it-to-me  asked:

What episodes of supernatural would you recommend rewatching?

Hmm. Let’s see.

1. Pilot is always nice, go back and rewatch what started all this.

2. Wendigo. I honestly loved that episode, and I’m positive we forgot most of that episode after 12 years.

3. Season finales & episodes after. Dramatic!

4. Top funny episodes are: Yellow Fever, Fan Fiction, The French Mistake, Monster Movie, Baby, Season 7 Time for a Wedding, and Weekend at Bobby’s.

5. Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. That’s when Charlie comes in :)

6. End of Season 5. The series was supposed to end there and that was meant to be the ending.

7. Rewatch your favorite season. That’s always nice.

8. Season 7. Dick jokes.

9. If you were watching with the episodes as season 12 came out, I suggest watching the season over again. Weeks in between each episode kind of takes the moment away.

10. What do you like personally? Angst, happy episodes, ones with Cas in them, etc. Search up on google or the SuperWiki to find episodes that fit your taste.

Thanks for the ask and I hope this hiatus isn’t too bad for you!

what she says: im fine

what she means: In Meet The Robinsons (2007) Wilbur has Lewis wear a hat when interacting with the rest of the family because his hair is “A Dead Giveaway” which turns out to be true. As a kid it was funny, but it made me think about stuff, like “hm, maybe it’s a common hairstyle from the past? but that doesn’t make sense, Lewis is the only person in the movie with hair like that. or maybe there’s something weird about hair from the past that only future people can see? either way, they couldnt see the Cornelius Connection so what’s stopping the Robinsons from wanting to adopt an orphan, even if he’s from the past? especially considering the history of Mr. Robinson Himself. not to mention that they didn’t even recognize his younger self walkin around their home. but that tom selleck joke was still funny tho.” 10 years after the movie’s release (and rewatching for the first time in 7 years since my DVD copy got played and scratched to the point of being unwatchable), I made an observation that my baby 9-year-old brain didn’t see before: When the Robinsons celebrate their decision to add Lewis to the family and Wilbur knocks his hat off, everyone is incredibly shocked, Franny is furious. I always thought they were overreacting, they were just happy a second ago, so Lewis is understandably confused and upset. However, the Robinsons reactions don’t appear to be an “Oh No The SpaceTime Continuum Is In Big Trouble!” kinda shocked, but rather like an “Oh No This Isn’t Supposed To Happen, This Is A Big Mistake!” kinda shocked. Now when Franny talks to Lewis, it seems like she’s trying to explain why he can’t stay without saying too much, as if she knows something that he doesn’t. It took me a decade to see, and now the movie makes so much more sense. Lewis’ hair wasn’t a dead giveaway simply because he’s from the past. His hair was a dead giveaway because there’s one Robinson in particular who still has that hair in the family’s present-day; Cornelius’ future.

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1. What’s your favorite, comfiest, prettiest outfit ?

My fav and comfiest outifit is my blue sweater, a simple jean and a good pair of socks! The prettiest one…are my clothes even considered pretty? lol Idk, they’re not ugly but it’s just common and comfy clothes haha

2. What’s the piece of art/music/litterature/movie that left you the most shaken ?

-The ending of the “chimera-ants” of Hunter x Hunter. It’ tragic and yet so beautiful…idk who to explain this better, but you get it once you see it XD

- A manga that not a lot of people might know: “Dobutsu no kuni” or “Animal kingdom” for us. When you start reading it you DON’T EXPECT AT ALL what you get at the end! It was an amazing ride, I loved it to death.

- The movie Wolf children Ame and Yuki, I just looove this movie to pieces!! It’s so beautiful, i love rewatching it again and again!

- and Undertale! You know why, it gots you too! ; D

3. What language would you love to learn, if you were able to learn one quickly ?

definitly japanese!

4. If you were to meet a 5 years younger version of yourself, what do you think they’d tell you ?

Is that a mirror? (Yeah i didn’t changed very much in 5 years lol…)

5. What’s your favorite season ?

I like summer and winter

6. What happens after death ?

Guess I’ll die??

7. What’s the fictional trope that always gets you ?


8. What caused your biggest/longest crazy giggle ?

Well, the other day my brother made a funny sound with his mouth and idk why but I laughted very hard and, obviously, he kept doing it and i couldn’t stop laughing. I’m giggling again just thinking about it lol

9. Talk about one of your favorite memories, one where you were proud of youruself or something you accomplished, one when you were incredibly happy, tell me all the details

This summer, I found the courage to hang out with some of my co-workers after work thanks to a new person I met there (pretty sure i would of never dare to otherwise haha). And it was cool! It makes me think that…I maybe be better at making friends than i thought? And that people can actually apprieciate my company even thought i don’t speak a lot haha! Idk, it’s just nice to feel appreciated!

10. Pineapple on pizza : abomination from evil or simple human mistake ?

Why the hate!! I love pizza with pineapples! Seriously! XD

11. What’s your worst regret ?

my school days…It might be hard to be an adult, but I’m sooo glad to be out of school! Some years were hell for me, so yup!

(what a depressing way to end this quiz but HEY lol)

Here are my questions:

1- What’s your favorite mythical creature?

2- What do you like to cook?

3- Is there something (like a show, game, book, toy, ect.) you used to like a lot when you were younger but now realize how bad or stupid it was?

4- Your favorite ice-cream flavour?

5- Have you ever traveled in another country?

6- Any cool or nice dream you made?

7- Who is your favorite Disney princess?

8- If you could time travel, WHEN would you go?

9- Is there something that makes you laught every time?

10- Do you like horror movies?


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