rewatching this movie after 7 years

the-pizza-man-learned-it-to-me  asked:

What episodes of supernatural would you recommend rewatching?

Hmm. Let’s see.

1. Pilot is always nice, go back and rewatch what started all this.

2. Wendigo. I honestly loved that episode, and I’m positive we forgot most of that episode after 12 years.

3. Season finales & episodes after. Dramatic!

4. Top funny episodes are: Yellow Fever, Fan Fiction, The French Mistake, Monster Movie, Baby, Season 7 Time for a Wedding, and Weekend at Bobby’s.

5. Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo. That’s when Charlie comes in :)

6. End of Season 5. The series was supposed to end there and that was meant to be the ending.

7. Rewatch your favorite season. That’s always nice.

8. Season 7. Dick jokes.

9. If you were watching with the episodes as season 12 came out, I suggest watching the season over again. Weeks in between each episode kind of takes the moment away.

10. What do you like personally? Angst, happy episodes, ones with Cas in them, etc. Search up on google or the SuperWiki to find episodes that fit your taste.

Thanks for the ask and I hope this hiatus isn’t too bad for you!