rewatching this and i had to

Am I seriously the only one rewatching the scene where Theo takes Gabe’s pain again and again? Honestly, the whole scene is beautiful. The music, the acting... Even the damn lights that go off and on. I’m so proud of Theo Raeken.

And yes, this scene would have probably killed my feels if it had been Theo taking Liam’s pain. 

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i just rewatched the boncas moment and im actually shaking, theyre so fucjing in love and i adore them for being so kind and inspiring and jdndjdnjd theyre both a fucking gift and im emotional instead of writing chemistry homework

if i had a dollar for every angle i’ve watched tater tots receive those 3 awards from i could buy any item of my choice from dan’s wardrobe

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for the kisses prompts: FS + 9 + Star Wars Verse AU

9. ‘war’s end’ kiss

Fitz follows hot on Jemma’s heels as she hurries out of the Resistance base command centre towards their shared ship.

The arrival of General Leia’s ex-husband, along with a rouge Stormtrooper, had shaken the Resistance to its core, before spurning it into action. They brought news of the First Order’s lightspeed weapon, capable of draining a sun and destroying a planet. Remembering the images he’d seen of the ruins of the Republic capital, the first place the weapon had hit, Fitz shudders.

Only five minutes ago, the General had informed them their their planet was the First Order’s next target.

He watches as Jemma zips up her pilot’s uniform, slipping on her gloves and stuffing her feet into big black boots, until he can’t wait any longer.

‘You’ll be careful, won’t you?’

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Hello people! 😊 I popped back here after a long break because of the news that came out today, about the PLL spinoff.

I had been dying for a Mona spinoff but I really don’t know how I feel about it now that it has been confirmed. I think the bitter taste of the finale is still in my mouth (I still haven’t rewatched the finale, not even once or any other pll episode). I’m curious for sure. I will probably check it out because I can’t not, you know?

How have you all been?❤ It’s been 2+ months since I last logged into this account but somehow it feels like half a year has passed! I’ve missed the daily conversations and the banter for sure.

finished streaming steven universe season 1 part 1!

i think the season absolutely got better and better over time. it was building up to steven discovering his powers and becoming the hope of the crystal gems. 

yeah, steven universe isn’t as fun to rewatch as adventure time. not by a long shot. so little actually happens in SU that i remember it all perfectly. but as you get furter along…. suddenly the jokes become funnier, the heartwarming moments become more intense, and the mysteries become richer. by the end of the season i was able to remember the feeling that made me fall in love with SU in the first place. 

favourite episode: monster buddies. best ep in the show tbh.

it’s a shame that lapis never got any moments that were as awesome as her introduction. she’s a good character but she’s sharply underutilized. 

on a final note… nothing, no show in the WORLD, can top steven universe in the musical department. it is the OVERLORD of music. i will sing along to every song, hum every background noise. especially in season 1 cos kasu produced a season 1 ost which i have safely downloaded to my computer.

MOLLY DOESN’T COUNT- another Sherlolly theory

fuck! I just had a revelation

Rewatching the Reichenbach Fall because what’s a girl to do when she has all this other work to do?

I just had a revelation– one of my favorite Sherlolly moments is watching Sherlock completely blown away by Molly– the whole “I know what it means to look sad when you think no one can see you” “you can see me” “I don’t count” thing…





Because when you love somebody, when you trust somebody so much that you can be YOU around them, when all the masks and facades are useless, when you’re with that one person you can be your true self with….you’re YOU. 

You don’t hide anything, do you?

Because when you love somebody, they become a part of you, you absorb them. You begin to share the same heart, the same lungs, the same soul. Because when you’re with the person you love the most, the world slips away from you- all your aches and pains….everything belongs to this other half of you. 

When you’re upset, you don’t have to hide it from them, don’t have to put up this facade, this mask. You can be YOU. 

That’s why Molly never counted. 

He’s never had to wear a mask for her.

She’s never been an outsider looking in at Sherlock, she’s always been looking at him from inside.

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Tell me why you like Bert and what was the situation where you said you liked him the most of all? :D And who comes after him?

//Manga Spoilers//

Ahhh well I first started to take notice of him in the episodes with him, Reiner, Eren and Ymir sitting in the trees. When I saw him sitting in his signature knees-hugged-into-himself way, I thought it was so adorable and I suddenly had the urge to hug him. Over the next few episodes I really payed attention to his character and how he thought/felt, and rewatched older episodes too for that same reason. I realised I related to him a lot, especially in his introverted manner, as I tended to be the person who faded into the background that people didn’t notice. Reading the manga only strengthened my feelings towards him, especially after learning his motivations and seeing the hell he went through during the entirety of his time in Paradis. I feel like I was one of the only people who didn’t immediately hate him for the stuff he said to Armin at Shiganshina, as it was clear that he was acting out of desperation and clearly wasn’t his true self, even if I didn’t understand his motivations at the time.

I have shed so. many. tears. over him. I cried when he gave his speech to the 104th members after kidnapping Eren, cried when he almost died after Eren unleashed the Coordinate on him and Ymir saved him, cried when he cried after that when he was sitting on the walls (ok but did you hear how see said “I’m sorry,” it killed me.) There’ve been many other times too but I’d probably be here all day if I tried to list them.

Either way, to answer your question, I decided he was my favourite back when I was still an anime-only and kept it up all the way throughout the manga and still now.  

As for my second favourite, that’s a very hard decision. Erwin was a favourite of mine for a good while (making chapter 84 the worst chapter ever for me, having both him and Bertholdt die in the same chapter) but recently Eren’s been growing on me too. I adore Mikasa but find her to be a little shallow in terms of character development at this point at the manga (which I can’t really blame Isayama for – she had so many shining moments of development early on that it would probably be difficult to come up with any more for her). I also really like Reiner, Ymir and Historia…ahhh such a difficult decision! I’m gonna say Ymir is my second favourite for now (which is just great considering how she’s dead too…)

Woah I rambled a lot but hopefully this gave you some insight into why I like Bertl so much 😊 There’s honestly waaayyyy more to it than this but this is probably the most concise explanation I can give.

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There’s one thing, okay, that’s happening here, and that’s we all love each other. Okay? Us. Us, this! Caleb, you love Benicio, right? And Karen, you love Billy, and Freckle, you love me, and you also love Benicio, and Benicio also loves me and then it goes on and on like this. Do you guys see what I’m getting at?

The Gay And Wondrous Life Of Caleb Gallo dir. Brian Jordan Alvarez


                                  “Okay, should we get some coffee? Sure. Where?”
Chandler and Monica walk over to the kitchen-counter and leave their keys. Then the other four pick out their keys and leave them as well. They all leave the apartment. Joey helps Chandler with the stroller in the hallway, while Monica and Rachel have their arms around each other. Everybody walks downstairs to Central Perk. The camera goes inside the apartment again, and it pans around. We see the keys on the counter, and the final shot is of the frame around the peephole. The screen fades to black. (Friends, 1994 – 2004)