rewatching the league


Do you see this? It’s things like this that keep breaking my heart. Anna knows all about hell, and she goes to touch him and he flinches back, not expecting (even more than usual) that someone might want to touch him with kindness. Why would they, after that happened in hell? He thinks he doesn’t deserve kindness or gentleness in any way. But the way he goes still, blinks and settles into it; look how much he wants this kind of gentle kindness and seriously, this man breaks my heart over and over again. 


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?


Superman and Batman are not dating.
They are not best friends.
They are not standing too close.
And they are definitely not having sex.
So stop asking. Stop judging them. And stop seeing something that’s not there.

(I’m rewatching justice league, the animated batman oeuvre and all the DC animated movies. This is all the scenes I noticed…. words added by me but subtext is all created by the superbat writers that created the animated movies and shows)

I just finished rewatching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and during the Justice Lords episode(the one where an alternate dimension Superman killed Lex Luthor) I started wondering how that dimensions Danny would have reacted.
Like would he have been with the Justice Lords and their corrupted ideals or would he have fought against them. He could have ended up taken out by the League(which is terrifying to think about since that Superman lobotomized the villains) or maybe he escaped and started a resistance or something. There’s also the possibility that he could have ended up dying like the Flash in that universe at the hands of Lex Luthor.
I just thought it was an interesting concept to think of Danny’s role in a world with a corrupt Justice League. What do you guys think?


Whether Darkseid is rocking a romper with thigh highs or Green Lantern wondering about all of Batman’s exes, there’s a lot happening in the animated movies and to shows.

Who is Darkseid’s basing his fashion forward Instagram style on? How did Bane learn all of Beyoncé choreography so quickly?


there is only one  w o r t h y  goal for scientific exploration: piercing the tissue that separates  l i f e   fr o m   d e a t h. everything else from the deep bottom of the sea, to the top of the highest mountain, on the farthest planet, i s  i n s i g n i f i c a n t. life and death, sir malcolm. the flicker that separates one from the other. fast as a bat’s wing. more beautiful than any sonnet - that is my river. that is my mountain.

                there, i will plant my flag.