rewatching season 1 and crying

What your SU OTP says about you

Pearlmethyst- you’ve been watching since season one and intend on taking this ship to your grave. You are very gay and are a die hard believer in the ‘opposites attract’ rule.

Pearlnet-You are quite gay and you’ve been trash since Season 1. You’ve rewatched the Sardonyx fusion dance around 100000000 times and start crying whenever Pearl clutches Garnet’s arm. You give 0 f*cks that Garnet is a fusion and continuously stress the difference between Rupphire and Garnet herself. You have a very big gay crush on Garnet.

Gamethyst- You are calm af and just want some more shipping fuel. You’re secretly salty that Amedot and Lapidot have more scenes to ship off of than you do. You also give 0 f*cks that Garnet is a fusion.

Amedot- You were previously in the Gravity Falls fandom. You love complementary colours and scouring the Internet for Amedot evidence is essentially your life. Too Far is your favorite episode and you religiously watch AJ Universe. You place emphasis on logic and are Sherlock Holmes af. Making predictions to only be proven wrong but giving 0 sh*ts is your aesthetic.

Lapidot- You have a big gay crush on Lapis. You are also chronically gay. You’ve been shipping since Jailbreak and have a mental breakdown whenever they interact on screen. Your lock screen is quite likely fanart of these two and you also intend on dragging this ship to your grave. You have a love affair with human AUs and you probably low key ship Pearlmethyst.

Pearlapis- “It’s all about the aesthetic,” *sips Starbucks Coffee and adjusts scarf*

Pearlrose- You’re very gay for Tuxedo Pearl. You are about as vanilla as vanilla gets, my friend.

Pearlidot- Tol and smol gay rocks and Altoids is your aesthetic. You f*cking love human AUs.

Garnidot- You also have a big gay crush on Garnet. You screamed and acted like a nutcase when Garnet said “Let’s fuse”. Log Date is probably your favourite episode. You are also a fan of the tol smol dynamic.

Jaspidot- You’ve been shipping since Jailbreak and are quite similar to Gamethyst shippers, chill af but low key pissed about the ship wars.

Jasper x Garnet- Gems who fight and shove each other bang and love each other. You’re really gay.

Jaspearl- “She big”… But seriously you, like the Amedots, are Sherlock Holmes af when it comes to parallels. You’re gay for Jasper.

Bispearl- “She big”. You screamed at the top of your lungs when Pearl jumped into Bismuth’s arms. That animation error is your favorite thing ever (you know what I’m talking about). You are an insanely gay individual.

Bisnet- You’re very gay and love the idea of a makeout sesh in a lava shower. You are obsessed with the size ratio of Garnet’s hand to Bismuth’s.

(=`ェ´=) true question: because i’ve forgotten pretty much everything that’s happened, do i rewatch rvb from the beginning just so I can continue watching it? the answer may surprise you.

remember the days when fitzsimmons used to actually smile?!?!?!? yeah me either