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Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

Last night I started a rewatch of Doctor Who to take my dad through the show from the beginning. He’s watched several episodes, but never really in any order. 

A rewatch of course means plot bunnies or meta posts from me, because every time I watch this show, I catch things I missed before. 

For instance! Has anyone ever noticed the look on Rose’s face at the very end, when she tells the Doctor no and he doesn’t argue? She expected him to persuade her. 

My entire meta/headcanon surrounding this has changed. I used to think she said no because he was offering her so much more than she’d ever thought was possible. I still think that’s part of her thinking–”I’m just a shopgirl; why does he want to travel with me?” And Mickey is right there, reminding her of how much she isn’t. 

But now… I think I get it now. She was uncertain if she really had the right to accept such an offer, so she said no hoping he would give her reasons that she was the perfect companion for his life. The initial refusal is also there to appease Mickey, at least a little. “Well, I didn’t just run off the first chance I got… he had to talk me into it.” 

It’s all there in her body language. Even when she says no, she’s still hopeful and poised to run. When he slumps in disappointment and only says okay, she is surprised. That’s not how she expected him to react. (@rudennotgingr pointed out that she’s not used to people accepting her choices without arguing over her.) 

And then she stands there in that alley for a few seconds after the TARDIS disappears, staring at the spot where it had been in disbelief. He wasn’t supposed to leave without her!

I’m really not sure how I missed this before. 

So while watching Trollhunters I noticed something interesting in the museum. What I saw is in the same episode where we saw one of Berk’s ships from How to Train Your Dragon. I couldn’t get a screenshot when I first watched it because I binged the series in two days with my Dad on his TV, but I’m rewatching it, and I finally got a screenshot.


It’s Dagur’s axe! For those of you who don’t know, he’s a character who first showed up in the Riders of Berk, and he used that axe in Defenders of Berk.

See? Same axe.

Have you SEEN the very last part of TFP? The part where they’re doing some synchronized jogging thing or something?

(too bad I don’t have a screen shot haha, someone else add it please?)

Anyway I rewatched TFP today with my dad and he laughed, like this is a Sherlock Casual laughing and saying “that looks so fake, that’s the most out of character shot of them ever, running dramatically in sync”

AND THEN I turned to him like looking at the camera in the office and SAID “THE WHOLE EPISODE SEEMS KINDA MIND PALACE-Y DONTCHA THINK?”

AND HE SAID, WITHOUT A SINGLE HESITATION, “huh, well here’s my theory based on that which I just came up with(ok I’m paraphrasing here just go with it), “what if everything after he got on the plane after shooting that magnussen guy has been fake, like he’s still overdosed on drugs or something?”


me and my dad just rewatched that iconic tribal to see what the hell happened, and let me tell you the editors did an amazing job at tossing in red herrings.

the way i understood it: the original plan was for nuku to vote off sierra, but since jt told culpepper early in the tribal, that was what tipped brad off that they didn’t change. hali was going to vote with her tribe the entire time, but she wanted nuku to vote brad to help her out. sandra also wanted brad out so that she could help hali, but jt and malcolm weren’t gonna flip so she resigned to the original plan. i think mana voted for malcolm because they wanted the strength off their tribe.

nuku went hell because jt couldn’t keep his trap shut.

I was rewatching a date with markiplier

And I kept saying bonjour, my dad came up to me and said ‘if I hear bonjour one more time’ because apparently my brother was playing the videos out loud downstairs and for some reason I thought this was funny ????

Our Brooklyn Promenades (Part 4)

Summary: It’s their fourth date, and Steve surprises [Y/N] with something old and new!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2040

Warnings: None.

A/N: Read Part 3 or check out the Masterlist for more. Happy reading!

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Chapter 4: DUMBO

[Y/N] was nothing if not patient -or so she told herself- but when Steve still had not kissed her after their third date, but had given her another quick and friendly hug instead, she had grown a little bit frustrated. She understood that he was the type of man who probably preferred to take things slow, but she was a red-blooded woman and she had her physical needs. Those involved more than unspoken stares and sexually-laden brushes of their bodies, so his passiveness only encouraged her to be more active.

Staring out of the window of her Uber, [Y/N] silently took in all the pretty bright lights. Those lights had an almost enchanting effect. The twinkling rays that streamed from the luminous buildings and signs always succeeded in seducing her distracted mind. She glanced back down at her phone and her thoughts wandered back to him. Perhaps he’s friend-zoning me? But then why are we going out again tonight? I’m overthinking this. It was [Y/N]’s least favorite part of developing feelings for someone else, because it meant she became a little less carefree and a little bit more concerned with what the hell was going on between them.

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More brilliance from my dad

So we’re rewatching Coraline right now, and in that latter part of the movie when Coraline and the cat are running into the house to escape the blanked out world, I yelled “Aaah not the kitty!”

“The kitty’s in her purse -_-”

“… You mean… Her purrse?”

*stares at me for a second quietly*

“See, this is why I beat you”


My dad and I have been watching Black Sails (yes, I w i l l convert everyone I know to this show), and we just watched season 2 episode 5.
He said that James’ relationship with Thomas being showed onscreen (even if he guessed the subtext from s1) proves that Flint has fought in his life for something else than simply violence (love), and that it really humanises him, who’s acted very inhumane in first episodes, and that if he (my dad) were to rewatch it again, there would be a lot of things that would take a different meaning.

For example the scene when Flint kills Gates, because he mentioned getting him and Miranda to Boston in order to get pardonned and start anew, it would have meant Flint would have had to admit his relationship with Thomad was a crime, or even to deny its existence, which is something he simply couldn’t do. Whereas when watching this scene for the first time, Flint just seemed to be a selfish cold hearted asshole (I’m paraphrasing).

(My dad also made a joke on how James would have served as the toy to both of the Hamiltons in the end.
“ Black Sails :The noble couple and their sextoy” and also Rackham is a bastard for not taking Anne with him)