rewatching for about the 13th time


This one goes out to droolingatbarbeques who’s cute Haikyuities’ drawings had me inspired to draw some new stuff ^^

So, I had been in a slump for about 3 weeks without drawing much, due to hard Chem and Bio tests. To cheer myself up, I rewatched Haikyuu!! for like the 13th time and I just smiled to myself at all the awesome moments between Kageyama and Hinata. So, I decided to redraw some of the funny moments between them, but also add in some different expressions and change up some of the style. 2 of the poses are made just by me,which you can probably tell by how different they look from the others, especially Hinata’s hair being fluffier XD But just in case you are trying to flatter me and say you “can’t tell the difference”, I zoomed in and pointed them out.

*looks at clock*

It’s so late… I’m going to bed.

anonymous asked:

So Lexa's tattoo is about polaris crashing down to earth ? does that change any of your theory ?

I need to rewatch the show to see what ALIE’s specific wording was. What I took from it is that the 13th station was never in space. I took from it that the 13th station being blown out of the sky was a myth to unite the 12 stations. I took from it that Rebecca made ALIE think that the program was in space, but it has been on earth the entire time. This is where the lines of Commanders come from…to protect this ‘machine’ and code. Commander Theories

But, i need to rewatch it… (and i don’t have a copy of it to rewatch atm)