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Favorite ianthony moment?

Hiya! :D Honey, there are SOOO many things that have happened between them that there’s no way that I could just narrow it down to one thing, but here’s my top five!

5. The Head Kiss

This makes me giggle like a little school girl because this is just the most adorable shit ever. I could sit here and watch Anthony kiss Ian’s head all day and think about all the times that he would do that to Ian domestically like before going to bed or before leaving the house or ANYTHING! It’s super cute and I just can’t get enough of it! <3


4. The Ghost Reenactment

What’s there left to say? They took one of my most favorite 80′s movies and turned it into a lovely gay reenactment that made me smile from ear to freaking ear… and also squeal. That happened too…


3. Bridal Style

This one is an “old but gold” moment. It happened YEARS ago, but it still gives me the feels even after all this time! I mean, what’s more adorable than Anthony packing Ian bridal style? Hardly anything! These two knew exactly what they were doing and it was some serious fandom fuel that I’m still burning!


2. The April Fool’s Hug

This may not be my top favorite one, but it sure as hell did a number on me! We’ve all imagined what a good, tight Ianthony hug would look like, BUT NONE OF US EVER EXPECTED WE’D ACTUALLY GET ONE ON CAMERA! Not even me, one of the most optimistic shippers on the site! Unfortunately, Smosh has removed this video from their channel, but you can watch this beautiful hug via reupload thanks to the wonderful @everythingianthony ! :D


1. Shot in the Dark

Y’all probably think I’m crazy, but this moment is my current favorite Ianthony moment. Why? Because context is everything! This moment is number one in my book because of how much it fucked me up and how much it continues to fuck me up every time I rewatch it. From how close they’re standing to each other, how Ian asks where Anthony is, how Anthony calmly replies to him and puts his hand VERY close to Ian’s face, and JUST THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING! I love it SOO much and it is MY TOP moment because of how much this fucks me up. You guys might disagree, but to me, it doesn’t get any better than this!


Serena and Anger

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TLDR: A combination of analysis, praise, and criticism in regards to Serena and her portrayal throughout Arc V.

So Serena is a weird favorite character for me in that, on my initial viewing of Arc V, she didn’t really stand out to me much.  I didn’t dislike her, but nothing about her had resonated with me yet.  Key word though because as I thought about her as a character and rewatched a few episodes I fell head over heels in love.

I couldn’t grasp the reason why.  I didn’t feel as if I had missed anything about her character the first time.  Still one trait of hers was striking: her anger.  It’s been a facet ever since I’ve always enjoyed, but with Arc V’s conclusion and a few weeks to digest everything, now I feel I can talk about it in fully.

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I can’t even believe it!! I haven’t been this happy in so long!!

What a BEAUTIFUL night for Caryl and what VALIDATION of their love! There were just so many scenes, and just SO MUCH. SO MUCH detail that went into every quote and motion and nuance, from Daryl’s “She gets hurt; she dies; she catches a fever; she gets taken out by a walker; she gets hit by lightning—anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” To Caryl inviting him in after rejecting Ezekiel and the crying, and the hug (BOTH OF THEM). PLUS the fact that Carol is 100% honest with Daryl no hesitation and no front–JUST UGH.


I was honestly keep a sort of reserved space for myself, because we do tend to get too excited about spoilers, and premiers and there’s a lot of speculation so I was figuring maybe it was going to be a small scene but NO. They knew what they were doing, they knew what they were going for. This was 100% Caryl. Nothing else. Even Carol’s tiny ‘shut up’ to Daryl’s joke was amazing, because even with everything he’s hiding and she’s fearing, they can still joke around with each other and he tries to get her in a good mood, and in a safe place because he doesn’t want her to be consumed (wink) by the bleakness.

I’m going to rewatch this episode, which is so rare for me because I haven’t rewatched a single ep in TWD ever, but I’m on a high. 

TV shows I’m thinking of watching:

–American Gods
–The Handmaid’s Tale (which I’ve started)
–Leverage rewatch
–Brooklyn Nine Nine (catch up on last two seasons)
–You’re the Worst
–Black Sails

TV Shows I’ll actually end up watching because I put off everything, even leisure, and furthermore amongst my leisure who can ever satisfactorily split their time between books, fanfic, video games, podcasts, knitting, tv shows, nice walks outside, naps, baths, going to bed early, and (my personal favorite) pacing madly back and forth in the basement listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the billionth time as you fervidly plan out the love life of your OCs:

–Griffin’s Nuzlocke run, for the third time

I don’t like bullies

(A/N): Is it problematic I rewatch the captain america series every weekend? Like, I have the movies memorized I swear

Request: Can I request a BuckyxReader where reader is Steve’s sister, she’s known for being a sweetheart but then someone insults Steve and she kicks guy’s ass and Steve and Bucky recall the times she’s fought in their name because she hates bullies too? XO

Warnings: some swearing

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   (Y/N) was an absolute sweetheart, almost the epitome of their older brother, kind and compassionate, sweet and timid, and everything in between but god help the poor soul who ever laid a finger on them or anyone they remotely cared about. While (Y/N) was deceptively kind looking they did have a rather scary side that would just so happen to come out at the slightest mention of a bully. 

   Throughout (Y/N)’s entire life they had to deal with bullies, not because they themself were bullied but because their older brother Steve was, alongside with his best friend Bucky. From the day (Y/N) knew what bullying was was the day they would no tolerate the mistreatment of their older brother. Even after all these years, when Steve and Bucky were old enough and strong enough to take care of themselves (Y/N) was still there to beat the living hell out of someone if they so much as uttered something rude about them, just like now. 

   The three were on an undercover mission together, pretending to be on a family vacation so they could track down some prized item that Tony made the mistake of losing. So far nothing had set them off, everything seemed to be normal, they had stayed in their personas for the entire mission, and there was no sight of the object they were hunting. Everything had been going swell- well, as swell as an undercover mission could go when suddenly some wise ass man from across their table made some remark, just loud enough for (Y/N)’s ears to catch up on. 

   “God, look at those two, they look like complete douchebags,” (Y/N) knew it was only an offhanded comment meant not to be heard by them so they elected to ignore it until the man spoke up again. “You think the other one’s with them?” Even without having to look (Y/N) knew that the slimy looking guy was staring right at them, no doubt drunk off the copious amounts of fruity drinks he’d consumed. “Damn, they could do way better than either one of them-” Finally (Y/N) had had enough of this mistreatment, not only of Steve and Bucky but now of themself. Rising from their chair, damn near seething at the man, they marched over to his table, completely ignoring the hisses of Steve and Bucky to return to the table. 

   “Excuse me, sir,” (Y/N) smiled sweetly even if a look of murder was hidden in their eyes. “I couldn’t help but hear what you were saying- about my brother and boyfriend,” (Y/N) gestured to Steve and Bucky behind them, the two smiling shyly at the man, clearly having no clue what was going on. 

   “Yeah?” The man smiles, leaning forward onto his elbows as he looked up at (Y/N) innocently, making (Y/N) feel sick to their stomach. “It’s true honey, why don’t you ditch those losers and join-” The man stops when (Y/N) grabs him by his shirt collar, hoisting him up into the air with the simplest of ease. 

   “You wanna fuckin’ talk about them like that, huh?” (Y/N) smiled that same sweetly smile, this time the smile was laced with a dangerous poison. Everyone around the two either scattered or moved away, staring at (Y/N) with a nearly horrified expression luckily Steve and Bucky were quick to react, diffusing (Y/N)’s temper before it got out of hand. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky coaxed (Y/N) away from the man, aka gently removing them from him as they clung to his shirt with an inhuman like grip. “Stop, come on, drop the guy,” Steve was on the other side of (Y/N), doing the same exact thing, trying to coax (Y/N) into letting the man down. The man stares at them absolutely horrified, his eyes wide and jaw slacked as he looked between the three. With a rather impatient growl (Y/N) dropped the man, giving him one harsh threat before turning on their heel and marching away, most likely to lock themself in their room and feel guilty for lashing out. That’s what usually happened after stuff like this, (Y/N) would get mad at a bully, give them a good lesson and immediately feel guilty afterwards, guess it was just in their shy nature to feel that way. 

   “Should we-” Bucky begins, only to have Steve cut him off a moment later. 

   “No, just let ‘em work it out themself,” Bucky stares after (Y/N) longingly, wishing nothing more than to go comfort them but Steve’s voice interrupts his thoughts. 

   “Remember than one time back in kindergarten when (Y/N) kicked the teacher because she said you weren’t as bright as all the other kids?” Bucky chuckles as he recalls the memory, nodding his head. Even though it was over 70 years ago he could recall that sunshiney day perfectly. 

    It had been just that, a perfectly sunshiney day, a perfect day to go out and play amongst the trees. All the other kids were doing it and Bucky thought it looked like fun, so why not join in? So Bucky, small, kindergarten Bucky decided to climb a tree, nothing too big or anything, just a simple tree. He’d gotten up at least halfway before he realized that he was going to have to get down somehow and suddenly this didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. So rather than climb the rest of the way up he began to climb down, losing his footing on more than one occasion.but he’d always been able to stay up, never falling. It wasn’t until a shrill cry of ‘James Buchanan Barnes’ filled the air that Bucky truly fell, knocking the wind from his tiny body in the process. 

   Bucky then laid upon the ground, wincing as he attempted to breath once again. 

   “James Buchanan Barnes,” His teacher yelled, stomping her way over to where he was. “What in heaven’s name do you think you’re doing?” Bucky stared up at her with wide and fearful eyes, his back and chest still stinging from the fall. 

   “I was just trying to climb the tree miss,” the teacher had sighed, picking up Bucky and dusting him off as she stared at him with what Bucky thought to be kind and sympathetic eyes. 

   “Well-” She sighed, “I guess we can’t all be as bright as everyone else can we?” Bucky had thought nothing of it, merely thinking it was his teacher making some offhanded comment, (Y/N) who stood only a few feet away, did not. Without even a second of hesitation (Y/N) scurried up and kicked Bucky’s teacher in the leg, glaring at her with a childlike expression. The teacher let out a yowl of pain, clutching her leg as she too glared at (Y/N). 

   “(Y/N) Rogers, what do you think you’re-”

   “Bucky’s  smart!” They had exclaimed, their voice high and soft, just as a young child’s would be. “He’s the smartest kid I know! In fact I think he’s smarter than my older brother Steve, and he’s real smart!” Bucky had smiled at (Y/N)’s protective nature, even if the teacher had disapproved of both Bucky and (Y/N). 

   Needless to say they both got in trouble with their parents that night but Bucky would never forget the way (Y/N) had stood up for him. 

    “What about that time in highschool when uh- damn,” Bucky smiles a bit, “I can’t remember his name- that old football guy, big, square head?” Steve nods, smiling as he recalls the memory. 

   “Yeah, I know him, but I can’t for the life of me remember his name,” 

   “Well uh- what about that time (Y/N) nearly jumped that guy after he made fun of your size?” Steve nods, smiling fondly as he recollects the time, and many times after that (Y/N) had stuck up for his small size, resulting in more bloody knuckles on their part than he’d like to remember. In fact, more often that not (Y/N) was the one to swoop in and save the day, sparing both Bucky and Steve from countless fights and years worth of humiliation. 

   “How about that time your date was a complete ass to you so (Y/N) showed up at her doorstep and demanded she come and apologize?” Steve chuckles heartily, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “I’m sure they did the same for you,” 

   “No,” Bucky smiles, shaking his head. “They just took me on the dates instead,” Steve smiles, his heart warming in his chest as he thought about just how amazing his younger sibling was. He was damn lucky they tested on them during the war too otherwise he’d be completely alone in this new world, save it be for Bucky. “You know, they’re just like you,” Bucky whispers, nodding his head to his own comment. 

   “Yeah?” Steve turns to look at Bucky, his smile only growing. “How so?”

   “They don’t like bullies, don’t care where they’re from,” 

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top 5 tv shows? :)

This one I can answer! Again, not in any particular order. But have my favourite TV shows ever: 

  • Lost (actually my favourite tv show of all time, ever)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Community
  • Grey’s Anatomy 
  • Bunheads (major shame that the show was cancelled after a season - because it was perfection)

Honorable mention for Game of Thrones because I do watch the new season every year. However it’s not a show I can manage to rewatch, unlike all of the above. 

I mean… I’m pretty awful because I watch absolutely everything. Shows that I’ve also enjoyed that didn’t make the list because I can only pick so many are: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Vikings, The IT Crowd, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs. 

I just love TV shows a lot. I don’t watch that many movies anymore because it’s so much more tiring. But TV shows… <3


35 Characters of 2015

12. Abbi and Ilana (Broad City)

Broad City is an amazing, hilarious show entirely because of these two characters, and it feels wrong to separate them. A female fronted buddy comedy, Broad City’s is almost everything I ever wanted from a comedy. Their close bond is a refreshing comedic take on female friendship that drives the characters. They can be good people one minute and horrible people the next, but their hearts are generally in the right place, and it makes them always entertaining to watch, and rewatch.

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Do you think Finch ever suspected or knew that it was Shaw who killed Dillinger? RAM is one of my fav S3 episodes and I can't stop thinking about it right now.

I adore RAM with everything I’ve got. Isagrim, seeking and I recently rewatched and it is categorically the best!

And yeah, I think he knew. Mostly because I’m sure he tried to get every last bit of info that he possibly could on the extremely dangerous people he was hiring and going to be in close proximity to, and lbh he’s never had trouble getting his hands on ‘classified’ information. I’m guessing he has a detailed history about their times at the military/marines somewhere in his head, and at least a working knowledge of their times with the CIA/ISA. 

Alright, I think I speak for everyone when I say this.

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are extremely vital parts of who I am. I have been watching A:TLA since I was a little kid, TLoK for the past two years. Over all of this time, I have changed so much as a person. I’ve come out of my shell. I’ve started writing again, drawing again, laughing again. I’ve become wiser, calmer, funnier, kinder, more creative, artistic, confident. Not to mention, both shows have saved me from very dark times in my life. In their own unique ways, they gave me the inspiration to become stronger. Both shows gave me life, and reasons to stay alive. 

This applies to the fandom, too. Though it’s been crazy-and I admit, I fell away from the fandom a bit with the whole ~Book 2 shipping wars~ going on-the A:TLA/TLoK fandom has been my home, my safe place, for the past three years. Never have I felt more supported, more in love; never have I felt like I belonged somewhere until I stumbled upon this fandom. I find it funny that I’d rather sit on my computer crying over gifs and fanfics with all of you instead of going out to a party, but it’s true. These past few years with have been a crazy roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t trade the hilarious experiences I’ve had here for the world.

As much as I want to see Book 4 (I really do want to see it, with all of my heart), I’m not prepared for it to come and go so soon. Only because I’m sickened with nostalgia, because I’m worried about the fate of the fandom after everything is over and gone, and because I’m worried about losing my lifeline. I know I can always rewatch the shows, but it will never be the same. I am not prepared for TLoK–let alone the Avatar franchise–to end. But I don’t think I ever will be.

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I saw your post with spn and queerbaiting. Even though I ship destiel, I think it was pretty obvious that, indeed, it's queerbaiting. I understood this in s8. I think after horrible s7 and somehow s6, they had to improve their ratings and with destiel it was rly easy. Well, they brought back interest and slowly started killing their chemistry again with keeping them apart in s9 and s10. I'm pretty sure that after this season where ratings were rly low, they'll bring destiel back in s11. It's sad

Hi, Nonnie! The topic of queerbaiting is a very serious one because I know it affects people in very different ways. That’s why I also know the opinions regarding Supernatural and queerbaiting can vary a lot.

Wikipedia gives this definition of queerbaiting:

The term [querbaiting] refers to what happens “when people in the media (usually television/movies) add homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers with the indication of them not ever getting together for real in the show/book/movie”.

As this definition states, a queer relationship or character is hinted at to attract/appeal to the queer market, and then is denied, either modifying the character’s behavior (making them enter a heterosexual relationship), playing it off as a joke (sometimes a recurring joke or trope), or denying the assumptions (in interviews, panels and such) without modifying the character’s behavior. (x)

This could be proof enough that Supernatural is queerbaiting because (according to some people) they have modified the characters’ behaviors, made them enter a heterosexual relationship (not long-term), or denied the assumptions. However, in my case (and this is me and me only; what I choose to believe doesn’t have to be a complete truth or the rule that others have to follow), I’ve chosen to wait before shouting “queerbaiting!” because of the line “with the indication of them not ever getting together for real in the show”. We don’t know that yet. There’s no way we can know that. We will know for sure only when Supernatural is over for good.

Regarding the 3 things that prove queerbaiting:

1) They modify the characters’ behaviors. I don’t think TPTB started killing Dean and Cas’ chemistry in season 9 or 10. Dean’s arc was related to the Mark of Cain. It was his total downfall. He was supposed to be getting dark and murderous. He couldn’t do that with Cas near him all the time. Season 9 and 10 still gave us a Castiel that would do anything for Dean. How did he change? Season 9 gave us a Dean that was happier when Cas was around no matter how dark he was getting, and season 10 gave us a Dean who even trusted Cas with the First Blade, who defended Cas, and who could not kill him despite the urges of the Mark. The focus of the show is NOT Destiel and it will NEVER BE. People should remember that more often. I understand seasons 9 and 10 as moments needed for some individual character growth. Both Dean and Cas had journeys that couldn’t be influenced by the other. Dean is finally saying out loud what he wants his endgame to be. And Cas is getting closer to saying it, too. I don’t want Dean and Cas to have a codependent relationship. I’ve appreciated the fact that each of them has had their own journey (no matter how badly written) and that at the end of such journey, they might find each other.

2) They make them enter a heterosexual relationship. People might remember 9x03 (April and Cas) and 9x08 (Suzy and Dean), but those were not long-term relationships. They were one night stands (that if analyzed in context taught both of them something important for their character). Tell me one show with a slow burn story that doesn’t give the main characters the chance to hook up with somebody else for at least one episode! Supernatural is NOT about romance, so Dean or Cas won’t be given permanent love interests whether straight or queer. Why aren’t they given a queer one night stand? That would be kind of silly! If they did, they would totally ruin the suspense regarding the Dean/Cas dynamic. How could Dean be with another guy and not with Cas after all these years? How could Cas hook up with a man and not with Dean after everything he’s been through with Dean? The show simply won’t go there. We shouldn’t be expecting something like that. Is that queerbaiting? All I know is that in a genre show like Supernatural, even if Cas were a woman, Dean and Cas wouldn’t be together yet.

3) They deny the assumptions. Hmmm, not really. We haven’t been given comments by the people that matter. Jensen can say that Dean is straight and that wouldn’t matter because he’s an actor, not a writer. Actors don’t even see parallels or other things that we pick up very easily. They’re not into the show the way we are. Their experience is totally different. On the other hand, everything that happened in the 9x03 fiasco (what with Chad Kennedy saying that they had no intention of having a bi character or Guy Bee saying that we were upset for something that was simply not part of the show) didn’t come from the people that matter either. Nothing has been said by Jeremy Carver or Rob Singer. The writers of the show always leave it open. Is that queerbaiting? Are they just leading us on? Maybe. But WE CAN’T KNOW THAT UNTIL THE SHOW ENDS FOR GOOD.

As I said in another post, “[TPTB] have set a very good love story for Dean and Cas, one that cannot be denied on rewatch once the series ends. If they have Dean and Cas get together at the very end of the series, everything they’ve done so far can be used to “prove” that was their intention all along. Which is exactly what I think they’re gonna do.”

That’s why I don’t think we can definitely call it queerbaiting yet. How long did it take for Mulder and Scully to get together? How long did it take for Castle and Becket? Or for Brennan and Booth from Bones? Nobody ever called those queerbaiting because the three were female/male dynamics. But the slow burn was there. So, Supernatural is giving us either the most epic slow-burn love story ever told or the biggest queerbait in the history of ever. I still believe only time will tell which one it is.

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IT WOULD BE SO GOOD like okay i’m Going To Let It Out Now :

kara as a nerdy kid in charge of the school’s paper. she Defends anyone who’s getting beat up by bullies (mon-el) even tho she’s teeny tiny. she’s so smitten with lena who’s the super smart and Beautiful girl in her bio class.

and like kara gets bitten by the spider and becomes spiderman/girl and saves lena one day from something and just takes them high up to look over the city , and like They Fall In Love and kara beats lex luthor and stops him from attacking lena and everything Is Wonderful and Perfect and lena doesnt die Ever and kara is a hero

and gets hired by catco eventually because she’s the Only Person for some reason who can get an interview with spiderman lmao

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card and foreshadowing the hell out of Tsubasa

In which I go through the second CCS movie and pick out all the parallels it has with the general premise of Tsubasa: The Reservoir Chronicle. Because there’s more than I initially thought there was, and it’s going to bug me if I don’t. 

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25 Days of Outlander, Day 8 - Favourite Master Raymond Scene

I have to choose the first moment that we meet Master Raymond, from Episode 2.02, Not in Scotland Anymore, because Dominique Pinon made him everything I had ever hoped he would be, and far more. He captured his warmth, his otherworldliness, and his absolute ‘frogness’. 

And the setting - well, Jon Gary Steele created something truly wonderful, the apothecary shop was spectacular, including that alligator hanging from the rafters! You can watch and rewatch this scene over and over,  and just let your eyes travel across the screen taking in all the amazing props that fill up the shelves.

And of course, I as ‘Master Seamstress’ ( thanks for that, @kalendraashtar) can’t talk about Master Raymond, and not wax lyrical over his costume. It is an absolute masterpiece of design by Terry Dresbach. 

Obviously,  I couldn’t resist having a go at recreating such an amazing coat, but how was I to find a doll that could represent Raymond? Well that’s where my brain thought laterally, and FrogMaster Raymond was born!

It probably is the most delicate intricate embroidery work I have ever done, and I look back now and wonder how I managed it….

And lastly, this scene also features Claire in that glorious tribute to Christian Dior, another costuming triumph by Terry D.

Just so many reasons to love this scene. 


“This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that our Order and the Republic have fallen with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place.  This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi; trust in the Force.”

So today I was rewatching Spark of Rebellion because I got an awesome new TV for Christmas and, I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Star Wars on Christmas and I was, again, struck by the intensity of this scene when the emotion behind it is considered. Judging by Kanan’s age he was likely around the age of 12 when Darth Vader marched on the Temple and because of his age we can safely assume that he was there when Vader arrived. He was there to watch as everyone and everything he had ever loved was destroyed and lost. Respected and skilled Jedi Masters died protecting him. Fellow Younglings died, running beside him while he somehow escaped. What guilt must he feel. How many times has he sat in his room with the cold feeling of isolation closing in while that message (a message telling him to trust in the Force, which he probably believes has let him down and abandoned him) plays on repeat over and over for him to listen to while he tries to take hope from it. I really can’t wait for Disney to delve into how awful and alone this man must truly feel in the galaxy.


okay so these are the moments i think regina and emma are consciously aware of their feelings for the other. it happens for regina really early on; she knows her feelings go beyond attraction when emma refuses to let her die (it’s the first time anyone has put regina first). for emma, it’s a much later, smaller moment. for years, she’s rationalized her willingness to protect/prioritize regina as a result of her relationship with henry, and their friendship. here though, i think it finally clicks for emma that she’s going to do everything she can to secure regina’s happy ending… because she loves her. for emma though, i don’t think it ever occurs to her that they could be together. she’s going to fight for regina to be back with robin, and the idea that that will bring regina happiness is enough for her.