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Vanoss: Delirious, Delirious, she has you.

Delirious: Don’t worry, don’t worry, as long as she’s got me, you’re safe.


Ohmwrecker / Masked Game | Dead by Daylight #32 Most Intense Nurse Killer Ever! ft Delirious, Vanoss.


The reason why Yurio left

So because rewatching Yuri on Ice has become my main activity in life (and more after episode 10), I’m noticing little nuances about the first episodes that make me reconsider everything. This time is about Yurio leaving after the Onsen on Ice competition.

I had never really understood why he had left in the first place. I mean, we all knew that Victor was going to stay with Yuuri (because of plot reasons mainly), but Yurio seriously bothered to try and take Victor back to Russia. And here he just suddenly gave up, which is not quite like him.

Yurio had bothered to fly to Japan, to accept the competition, to train with Yuuri as his equal. And he didn’t really feel concerned most of the time. He was quite sure he could handle this.

He even accepted teaching Yuuri the quad Salchow, and he was not kind when doing so, but surely quite serious about it. Why? Because he didn’t really consider him a menace. He was determined to win, and Yuuri learning a new jump couldn’t stop that.

The deal here is all about Yuuri, not about Yurio. Because Yurio knew that Victor had come to Yuuri because he had been seduced at the banquet, half a year before. And just like Victor, Yurio found a Yuuri that didn’t resemble that seductive drunk guy at all.

Yurio knew that this Yuuri wouldn’t be able to keep Victor by his side like this. Not a Yuuri without that sensual and sexual power that had charmed Victor. And that power was nowhere no be seen, so Yurio wasn’t really concerned.

He had his own problems to reach his Agape, right, but that was nothing compared to Yuuri’s problems to find his Eros, and Yurio was perfectly conscious of his advantage. Even without Agape and Eros, Yurio’s confidence and technical skills were enough to effectively crush Yuuri.

It’s quite interesting because no one was really believing in Yuuri (except for Minako, maybe). Not Yuuri himself, for sure. But Nishigouri also declared that this Eros thing was not for Yuuri. Even Victor was starting to doubt that Yuuri would be able to show that attitude again. In fact, Victor was really concerned about that. He was losing confidence about his own idea to make Yuuri seductive again.

Also, technically, as many people mentioned at the time, Yurio did better. He nailed all his jumps, unlike Yuuri. And yes, he lost his Agape at the end of the performance and he wasn’t really satisfied with the whole of it, but Victor did praise him. He acknowledged him and had no critique for his performance.

But then this happened.

Yuuri managed to do find his Eros. He managed to be seductive and captivating. It was not perfect, maybe, but the Eros was there. And Yurio knew what that meant. If Victor could see the charm that he had fell for at the party in this Yuuri, then Yurio had definitely lost him. And it didn’t matter how good his performance had been, because Victor had proved himself right. He had brought back Yuuri’s Eros, which was his reason to follow Yuuri in the first place.

So the important thing here is that in no case Yurio felt inferior. He still considered himself better. He still considered he could win over Yuuri. He was still determined to crush him and he would have no mercy. In fact, he stated it quite clearly.

Yurio didn’t lose in the Onsen on Ice in terms of skill or quality of performance. He simply knew there was something between Victor and Yuuri that was unique of the two, and that he had no way to change it. This was all about Victor’s standards, not about skating. So once Yuuri showed them that his Eros was still there, Yurio knew there was nothing more he could do to bring Victor back with him.

Still, that didn’t make him in any case worse as a skater, which is the essential point here. He merely had to manage without Victor. And in the end, it doesn’t seem that was harming for him at all.

Happy (belated) Birthday Eddie Redmayne !!

I decided to draw my favorite roles of his which were incidentally his most recent works I think. I thought of including the one he played in The Other Boleyn Girl or Elizabeth: The Golden Age because Eddie in medieval clothes *_* but I couldn’t seem to fit them :”    

Wish you all the best Eddie <3 and hope you’ll continue to grace us with more fantastic movies!


Psych Rewatch: Pilot (1.01)
- You named your fake detective agency “Psych?” Why don’t you just call it, “Hey, we’re fooling you and the police department. Hope we don’t make a mistake and somebody dies because of it.”
– First of all, Gus, that name is entirely too long. It would never fit on the window. And secondly, the best way to convince people you’re not lying to them is to tell them you are!

anonymous asked:

Actress Elizabeth Banks said she understands why people ship reylo because "Rewatched recently: she could turn him; there's a strong connection; they have already been in each other's heads." she said this back in September. I just only found out recently. But it's interesting how she even noticed their strong "connection" before the Star Wars databank confirmed it. :)

Yes, I saw that a while ago! It’s another reason to love Elizabeth Banks :).


I’m sure some people know this already, but since I think I made a huge discovery, I’m gonna share this.. And such..

I was rewatching Durarara! because why not.. And in episode 20, around 14:17, I came across this.

If you look closer..

looks familiar??


Lol jk.


Claude get out of here. You’re in the wrong anime.

If there’s anything that I enjoy about Regina and Rumple’s characters, it’s their dynamic with one another.  They were fantastic frenemies in season one.  Their antagonistic, occasionally cooperative relationship was one of the greatest things about them.  Of course, the whole thing has been tainted by the disturbing revelation that they secretly had the hots for each other given the Golden Queen interactions in season 6.  But if you completely ignore that (which is hard, because it’s literally seared into my brain) their relationship was pretty fantastic.

No need to go through the trouble! I’ll throw myself in the dumpster!

Okay but the reason why I drew this was because I rewatched all the Egg’s guide to minecraft and stuff and well…this happened….so….please, just kill me before I do anything else like this, please I’m begging you st o p  m e

Rewatching the first two episodes of Trollhunters (because why not)

And i just realized the Amulet cycles through the most spoken human languages (Chinese first, then Spanish, and then English) Which is pretty freakin’ cool imo

Jim, If you’d kept up on your Spanish studies maybe you would have realized what it said just a little sooner

you’ve been through so much. and if I’m making this harder for you, then just tell me, ‘cause that’s the last thing I want. all of these expectations… I should never have put you in that situation.
—  Kurt Weller