rewatching band of brothers

Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 5-Crossroads

  • Dick you good it sounds like you need to work on your cardio a bit my man
  • Ok but in all seriousness that opening scene is hella rad bc it seems like you’re running with him
  • Wait do Winters and Nixon share a room holy fuck
  • Aww look how married they are
  • Look how Winters lovingly pats his back and lovingly tells him to get up
  • And look how Nix lovingly tells him to fuck off
  • Annnd Winters proceeds to dump Nixon’s own piss on him
  • After Nixon throws the pillow at him he starts to laugh this man is not innocent

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[banging pots and pans] hello naughty children time for PAIN

so we just finished our band of brothers rewatch, hosted by the lovely @opheliaintherushes, and we got to thinking… we should do this for the pacific

SO. starting this friday (jan. 20) at 5pm PST, we’re going to be starting the pacific from the very beginning and watching together on! i’ll be streaming the episode, and we can all chat in the same window (no account required)! the link to my room will be posted on my blog around 4:30pm PST, half an hour before we begin.

feel free to join whether it’s your first time watching or your hundredth – if you haven’t seen the show before, just be aware that it’s a war drama and contains potentially upsetting content. if you’re not sure whether the show is for you or not, or if you have any other questions, please don’t be afraid to send me a message and ask!

this first time we’ll be watching episodes one and two! hope to see you there :) feel free to track the tag #tpwatchparty for info going forward!

Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 2- day of Days

  • Joe Toye crossing himself in the background
  • Lipton’s angry “Does that light look green to you?!” Is so awesome
  • Winters’ little “hell with that!” to Hall as they run from the machine gun fire
  • Toye and Malarky’s banter as they walk on the railroad
  • Guarnere’s “Who the hell is Hall?”
  • Everyone thinks Lipton is sweet and innocent but he’s really badass. Like he doesn’t hesitate to start rummaging through the bodies of the dead soldiers in order to get what he needs to survive. But he’s also really 

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I’m rewatching Band of Brothers (again) and the more I see it, the more I feel like the director is trying to induce empathy in me about the struggles of these soldiers, I can’t help but think they were big time racists back home.

You can’t trust a white man in the 1940′s.

Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 1- Currahee

  • Ok but can we just talk about that in Episode one the first conversation we hear between Nix and Winters is them talking about moving to Chicago together??? Like???? Ur gay???? Get married???
  • I just love the scene where Sobel is inspecting the men bc it established personalities and relationships between the men like Muck’s glance at Malarkey and Winters and Lipton’s glances at Sobel when he walked away, the fact that Bull is standing right behind Martin (!!!) and even

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