rewatching againnnn

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Heyy! How are you? I just saw that you went to see All Shook Up and I was wondering if you had any idea how is the play doing in SK? Like did a lot of people go? Did the audience like it? Did Daehyun looked happy? I'm just curious on how he's doing and sorry for my bad English :) take care and thank you <3

heyyyy ah sorry for the shit reply!!! im the worst at replying to asks omfg

i’m so sad aksjdhsjakdh i really wanna rewatch All Shook Up againnnn 😪😪 it was just sososo good and i still can’t believe we were sitting so close to the stage let alone seeing Dae after the show;;;;;

about how the show is doing — i’m not too sure like statistically lmao but when i went it was pretty packed but the hall isn’t extremely massive either.

yess! the audience loved it i reckon - they got many laughs out of us and each solo/scene got quite a cheer and we were also clapping along to some songs too! ^^*

Dae seemed quite happy!!! When we saw him afterwards i filmed him saying “오늘은.. 아주 좋았어요” meaning ‘today was very good’!! and then he did the cutest laugh omfg ((i posted only a small snippet of my vid here.

oh no need to apologise,, your english is fantastic!! i hope i answered all your questions😸