rewatching 30 rock because why not


(ok backstory: I dont have one i just like kissing no one prompted this why am i like this)

holsom: oh man. these two. do u kno what. self restraint is??? because NEITHER OF YOU HAVE IT. its like they just. fuckin. make out. theres no like inbetween its like either theyre not kissing at all or its softcore porn. and then they like do some weird handshake or highfive or some dumb bro shit. its gotta b the right mood tho like, if holster is watching fuckin 30 rock that shit can wait rans it doesnt matter if im rewatching it. or if theres a test tomorrow in fuckin biochemistry and all rans can do is talk abt dna. no kisses. like its not uncommon for them to kiss its just that theyre too impatient most of the time to spend more than ten minutes kissing. its wild. ya need jesus. ((theres lot of tactile shit tho like hand holds r like lifeblood))

zimbits: BREAK OUT THE MF CANDLES. bitty and jack kiss like fuckin. the first kiss in goddamn romantic comedy. like, jacks big yaoi hands cupping bittys soft lil face like rachel mc-fuckin-adams n shit. its like 500 first dates in this bitch. they gotta fuckin prepare its a wine and dine situation. like yeah theres pecks here and there but its like kissin ya gma like arivederci baba. like do u kno that analogy when u get sex ed in the 7th grade thats like boys r microwaves and girls r crockpots. jack is a fucking crockpot boy. hes gotta be warmed up or else hes like stiff and confused. and when they get going they can literally kiss for h o u r s. like bitty will start cutthroat kitchen & jack will come in and they miss like a whole fuc king season bc theyre just making the fuck out like why.

nurseydex: ok like, these two tho. they kiss casually like all the fucking time. like nursey will b like “babe new episode of the daily shows on” and dex will b like “k” and kiss him. or if dex is like “i fucking hate u” then nursey will be like nah and then kiss him on the cheek and 98% of the time he smiles the poor fuck. they dont rlly make out tho its just like short lil smooches throughout the day. like literally nursey will walk by as dex is getting out of the bathroom & kiss him like. why. there was no reason 2. he just wanna.

shlardo: dont kiss a ton. v casual still. they mostly kiss if they fuckin or bc someone is sad. its mostly comfort besides hugs. mustaches arent nice to kiss.

charmer: OMG WHY. chowder is like a pupper he kisses her hands and her face all over its so cute he loves her so much. caitlin likes 2 eskimo kiss also. its v pure & sugar sweet every time. babies.

lamilla(if shlardo doesnt work for u) : lardo lowkey cries when she gets 2 kiss camilla its a privilege. buff buff gf puff. camilla leads the fuck outta this stuff. although camillas like my art gf is perfect. anyways they like to kiss grandma like unless they got nowhere 2 be bc otherwise itll get w i l d. lowkey a mix of zimbits & nurseydex ngl.