rewatches are so funny now because you see just how much they do not give a shit about each other

But this was our show...

(Disclaimer: This is going to be rather long. Sorry for the negativity)

I know I’m late to the party but I need to get this out. 

I hate series four. Not just TFP, not just Mary’s redemption arc…I hate the whole thing.
The last days I spent delving deep into old tags, fic and started to rewatch the show and I only got sad. So fucking sad.
I remember joining fandom back in June, how it helped me crawl out of my shell and talk to people (sorry for not reaching out, I haven’t forgot about you lovelies).
I remember spending nights reading meta, which brought me from reluctantly shipping Johnlock to a full blown TJLCer.
I remember watching the show over and over, at first on my own, later surrounded by amazing people from all over the world at Steph’s watchalongs.
I remember following the news at the sdcc, and screaming over ‘love conquers all’ and our first teaser trailer.
I remember setlock and all the funny exchanges with Arwel.
I remember Sherlocked and watching the GBBO finale just to see two new frames cut into the teaser.
I remember being super excited about every new TJLCE video.
I remember how I couldn’t listen to the radio because EVERYTHING was Johnlock and my heart beat faster.
I remember “Tell them your darkest secret”-“I love you”.
I remember all those countdowns.

And S4 aired…

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So toward the end of last week, I reached the whopping number of 800 followers on this beloved arrogant tol son! Now, my mind pondered on what best way to celebrate such an achievement and I decided a sort of bias list/ follow forever would be the best option. Now, this is going to get incredibly long, so I am going to put majority of it under a read more just so that it does not bombard people’s dashes.

Please note, that there are over 810 of you all, so I will apologise now if I forget some of you but know that I love you all!

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Me Rewatching ML: Evillustrator

I guess Nath really likes Climatika and Lady Wifi’s design to dream about them. That or the ML team really liked their designs and wanted to bring them back in some way XD they are really good designs and fun villains. 

Hm, rewatching now, don’t know if the ship of Marinette/Nath appeals to me anymore. This dream sequence seems to suggest that he connects to the trope that the hero that saves the damsel must get her naturally, for he deserves it for his efforts. 

Also thinking Marinette needs to be saved; that would be quite a wake up call. Far more likely she’ll save you. She is scary. There is a solid reason why she can go solo just fine. 

Nathanael is failing science. 

Mendeleiev wipes her hand on shirt after dropping Nath’s picture. She calls his really good drawings chicken scratch. 

Juleka sits next to Nath in physics, Rose sits on the other side. Juleka and Nath are possible friends. Also Mendeleiev might’ve separated Rose and Juleka possibly from talking too much in class. 

Rose and Ivan sit alone. That is sad. 

Mendeleiev picks Nath up like some cat she’s ready to throw out. 

Marinette sees Nath’s sketchbook falls open, is confused why he drew her. 

Chloe is amused to see Nath crushing on Marinette, confirms what Marinette certainly wondered.

I saw Nath akumatized through humiliation, with Mendeleiev being the biggest instigator, Chloe’s verbal reveal about his crush in front of the class being the final snap.

And with Nath upset that Chloe revealed his crush to the class, he is definitely a very private person. Don’t know about him being shy, but definitely reserved and private. 

“Artists are so emotional. I love it.” Speaking from experience of having an artist friend? Gabriel certainly can be rather reactive when agitated. And Mama, who I do like the idea did play piano, is described to be very emotional and sensitive. You referring to both or just one? Most likely Mama though is who he might be thinking of since she seems a lot more reactive than Gabriel. 

“You tired of having your creative spirit crushed?” With this, I would definitely count Mendeleiev as the big main cause of Evillustrator, because it is only her that picks on him for his drawing, which is what his transformation resolves around. 

Alya why do you look offended to work with Nino and Adrien? Do they spew puns together? Are you and Nino still working out things? Is it kind of awkward? Or did you want alone time with Nino? Probably alone time with Nino if they are dating at this point. 

Mendeleiev officially doesn’t give two shits about making Chloe happy. 

“I hate dealing with it.” This is like the perfect summary of Chloe. 

Alya loves Marinette, but not enough to deal with Chloe and Sabrina, who she both refers to as “twosome of terror”. 

Marinette is appeased with just being mentioned to Adrien. 

Marinette used tackle. 


Alix’s locker is opposite of Chloe’s and it looks like it’s on the far left end. 

Marinette is unaware of how Chloe and Sabrina’s friendship works. 

Chloe and Sabrina have known each other since elementary (grade school in French), which is where this started. 

I find it funny that when Chloe states that Sabrina has to do what she says, Sabrina’s smile just drops right then and there and she has this “wait” expression.

I like the touch of detail that you can see Sabrina thinking this over while Chloe and Marinette argue, like you can tell she’s looking over facts and observations and considering what Marinette said to what Chloe insists. 

While Marinette is open enough to work and interact with Sabrina, Sabrina has left a bad enough impression that Marinette is a bit put off to receive a hug from Sabrina, very different from the sudden hug she received from Alya in Bubbler, which she quickly accepts despite her surprise. Here Marinette is just really put off and doesn’t seem to know how to respond. 

Despite this Marinette is open to test the waters and develop a friendship with Sabrina, though definitely still unsure.

Sabrina suggests to Marinette that they should reveal Chloe to the teacher. They do have a right to do so and should with Chloe hardly doing any work, but for Sabrina to propose this out of nowhere is very sudden and off putting; even Marinette is pretty put off and unsure about it. Kinda gives me an impression that Sabrina can be shifty with loyalties if she sees a better opportunity for a nicer friendship, at least what she grasps as friendship which is someone helping her do work. Really does make me think about the possibilities of Lila and Sabrina in s2, with Chloe’s redemption very likely resolving around her connection to Sabrina, which does need to change for both to get better. 

Day’s not over yet and Marinette is already tired. And doesn’t want to be in the middle of Chloe and Sabrina’s fight. 

Sabrina can be appeased/tempted with bribery, something Chloe has likely discovered works in getting past any fights. 

Chloe seems genuinely think that this is how friendship works, with friends that answer her whims and do what she wants. Being spoiled by the mayor and having Adrien and Sabrina as her only close friends, I can see how she thinks this is how it works. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her struggle as QB, cause LB, CN, and fox!Alya aren’t going to cave to her at all. And you have to do actual work. I am looking forward to a hard, painful redemption for Chloe. 

Chloe really cares about her hair. This is the most I hear about when she’s distressed. 

Fresh as an akuma, with a power to erase and create, and the worse Evillustrator can think of to torment Chloe is drop a bunch of hats on her and blow her with a hair dryer. 

Omg Adrien… so many puns… 

With Chloe, Chat is doing the questioning, a role LB usually does. LB though has this grossed out expression on her face. 

“Yay! Ladybug said I’m adorable!” There she goes with her crush. And is bothered that LB didn’t really smile right. She wants the perfect picture of them together. 

LB is so tired and done. 

Chat is calling out on LB for her attitude here. 

This is the first fight I’ve ever seen between LB and Chat. 

A frustrated Marinette will throw her bag when she gets home. 

Damn that’s a lot of missed phone calls. With all of this happening in the same day, it takes her a couple of minutes of travel from school, to Chloe’s, to home, and Marinette only lasted probably five minutes at most in Chloe’s company, I guess she’s about ten to fifteen minutes late to get in contact/meet up with Sabrina. And Sabrina called her constantly in that short time period, possibly suggesting that she’s a clingy friend, something that will certainly be an issue when Chloe gets her miraculous. 

Evillustrator don’t erase your crush’s window, that is not reassuring. I would’ve flipped out and thrown something at you. 

I say this crush on Marinette is pretty new since he doesn’t seem to know her very well; plus in a web episode, Marinette doesn’t list Nathanael as one of her friends (even Sabrina and Chloe got mentioned). 

Marinette a bit unsettled by infatuated akuma, and a likely reaction to someone she doesn’t know well approaching her romantically.

 Nathanael has a nervous habit of touch the back of his head. 

Pfffft, Evillustrator gives himself intense anime eyes. And of course Marinette has adorable, big eyes. It really does echo how he views them both. 

Look at my daughter go, making plans on the fly. 

And even when frustrated with Chloe, she makes sure and akuma won’t go after her. 

And she has the utmost trust in Chat to do his job well despite their little spat. I love this trust she has in him. Tikki approves of Marinette relying on Chat. 

Chat is an attentive guard cat. 

Evillustrator confirms that Adrien has physics down. 

Chat isn’t amused with Chloe’s cat pun. 

Adrien needs to learn to say no. This push over.

When LB tells him to leave Chloe, he kind sighs and looks disappointed, mostly likely thinking LB is brushing off Chloe’s danger again.

How long was Sabrina standing in that doorway waiting for Marinette? It looks like she’s been standing there for a while, no move to knock or anything. That hints that Sabrina will stand around and wait for Chloe.

Body language and expression suggest to me that Marinette is still unsure about how to handle/respond to Sabrina. 

I think most likely for both girls to develop, grow, and have healthy friendships, this current one has to broken up between each other and both willing to change and learn what a real friendship is and have a good, solid redemption. In the future if they’re up and willing, they can have a go at friendship again, but for sure, after they have developed.


With how quickly Chat arrived from Chloe to Marinette’s, through miraculouses, that’s just a couple of minutes of travel. 

Boy immediately moves to kiss her hand with his introduction. He wants to make make sure this “first” meeting goes right so much. 

Lmao, his face just screams “score!” 

There he goes, flexing and flirting and putting on a show. He wants to impress Marinette so much. 

I love this different opinion that Chat and Nath have of Marinette. In Nath’s dream, Marinette needs to be saved, to rely on him to get her out of that trouble. But here, Chat asks Marinette if she would help him, suggesting that he knows and trusts that she is capable, that she is his equal in this and can help him, not just a damsel in distress for him to impress with saving her. Even recognizes her to be a helpful Ladybug to him tonight (which understandable unnerves Marinette). 

And he’s so sad to say that LB is busy. He was probably looking forward to working with LB AND Marinette. And he rings his bell. 

Chat is pleased with Marinette’s overdramatic fangirling. 

I will say, this is a very nice date Evillustrator put together. 

Promises are important to Nathanael. Marinette it looks like appreciates this. 

Marinette does a little wave to Chat when he’s behind them, subtly telling him to wait. I love that touch of detail. 

“…you’re just like Chloe. Teasing me, mocking me, leading me on!” To make comparisons like these means that they’ve happened before, and that possibly not only has Chloe picked on Nath, but evidently lead him on too. Maybe Nath was the first one Chloe encountered to have a crush on her. Something she likely took advantage of, and sparked her finding amusement in boys confessing to her (like Kim in DC). 

Evillustrator can jump, damn. 

14, Tikki pops out of the purse where Chat could’ve seen her if he looked down by chance. 

Adrien’s first instinctive response to Marinette coming up with a smart plan is to pull her close and flirt. Marinette doesn’t respond positively to the sudden closeness. 

Chat is more than fine to back off, and Marinette is still physically comfortable with him. Bless these dorks. 

Lmao, he still wants to be impressive. 

15, Tikki floats into the open, and if Chat looked back, would’ve seen her. 

Chloe, all this effort wasted to try and appeal to Mendeleiev, who don’t give two shits; you could’ve been done a long time ago. 

Chat left first, with Marinette grumbling for a minute, yet LB is there first? Is LB hero faster than BC or did she purposely go faster? Or maybe she it’s her knowing the streets better? 

Look at these two. They’re flirting. 

“…this is known as the final showdown.” “…she’s a baddie!” This tells me that Nath bases his thinking off comics, or at least uses examples of comics with heroes. Also, declaring Chloe’s a “baddie” and deserves to be harassed, that’s a pretty black and white view to have. Also adds to why he didn’t go after Mendeleiev, he believes it was her right to call him out for drawing in her class. And yes, she is, but she doesn’t have the right to treat his work with such disrespect (reacting to his drawings in disgust, calling it chicken scratch). 

“Once I have them all in my grasp, I will have absolute power!” So HM wants all miraculouses. Or at least for sure, the ones he knows about. 

“…they only made matters worse.” Chloe you tsundere, that’s not what I saw earlier. This is a public front, you still adore LB. 

Alya is more than happy to put aside her personal feelings for Chloe for an interview. 

I stand that Adrien was totally waiting for Marinette in the locker next to hers. He was not there before.

Marinette’s locker is the 2nd from the last on the far right of the row next to the wall. And Chloe and Marinette share the same locker row. 

Sabrina is back to being happy to work for Chloe again, Marinette is baffled. 

Hi Adrien. Just out of nowhere, he totally had to come out of that locker. This nerd. Being a cat. Hiding in spaces and waiting to pop out. 

And Adrien, wanting to make sure Chat left a good impression on Marinette. He really cares that Chat left a good impression. 

Marinette states that Adrien is far more awesome than Chat, Adrien isn’t bothered at all. He is pleased enough that Marinette has deemed Chat awesome. 

16, it’s a school day, people coming in to gather their stuff for the morning, and Tikki’s just hanging out in the open on Marinette’s shoulder where she can be seen.

I RECOGINZE THAT. That is like one of the earliest concepts of ML that Thomas Astruc did, isn’t it? 

Also it seems Nath’s crush on Marinette is over, hinting that he possibly has some memory of what happened, though probably fleeting. If he does have a crush now, most likely for LB. 

anonymous asked:

Naf, what are your favorite animes/mangas? Also, happy new year!! :)

Happy new year!! 

So I had an old list of my favorite anime/manga but it’s a bit outdated so I’m gonna make a new one. Yeah!

(this is a long as fuck post, apologies!)


  • Otoyomegatari (eng: Bride’s Story): so I know this series is already pretty renowned but IT’S JUST SO GORGEOUS. The detail and research that goes into this series is so! frickin’! good!! The characters are subtle but full of personality, the humor is delivered in a very human way, the pacing is slow and gentle but full of interest, the story telling is refined. And the cultures are not demonized?? While there are “outsider” perspectives everyone works realistically within the confines of their societies and it’s really respectful. The age gap of the main couple (the groom is 12 and the bride is 20) has so much potential to be squicky but it’s healthy and not framed in any gross way. I love the way the series jumps to different areas and explores small arcs outside the main storyline, all staying within the theme of cultural marriages. Among these side stories, there is one with a majority dark-skinned cast, and the main characters are these carefree and fun-loving twin girls who are so much fun to read about! There’s also another story with a healthy polyamorous story that is, again, actually very accurate!! (Some people could argue it’s “platonic” but the way it’s executed really, really drips with romance lmao.) Highly suggest this series!!
  • Boku no Hero Academia (eng:My Hero Academy): I’ve completely fallen into the BnHA pit. I didn’t expect to like this series THIS MUCH but it is really, reeaaalllyyy damn good. I’ve never read a shounen series that had so much thought and good editing put into it. Like, it has incredible reread value! There’re a lot of small jokes (like single-panel but still very effective! jokes), unbelievable attention to detail, and it’s very obvious the characters were all worked out before the story was kicked off. The pacing is great, the momentum never feels sacrificed, yet there are still good chunks for breathing and emotional development. The characters are all very well-written even if they’re not “likeable,” you always have someone to root for, and the superpowers are refreshingly executed. The action is fucking FANTASTIC, and the story itself is intriguing with a lot of emotional impact without becoming hamfisted.
    There are still some issues with it, especially with the small amount of female characters and some unneeded romance undertones, but overall those criticisms do stay as “undertones” and probably weren’t done intentionally. A lot of the potential “fanservice scenes” are usually subverted in a hilarious way
  • Gakuen Babysitters (eng: School Babysitters): OOH BOY. This one’s a story about a high school with a daycare attached to it (mainly for the teachers’ kids). The main character is a high school student with a toddler-age younger brother, they’re new to this school and have to meet all the other kids… who are fucking adorable. All the toddlers at the daycare are really fleshed out, they all have set personalities and aren’t unrealistically angelic and some are bratty and most are CUTE AF, and they all have their moments to shine. Sometimes the characters border on caricatures or one-note jokes, but it works well for comedy and is generally kept fresh. There’re also some typical romance-y things but they’re totally glazed over in favor of the toddler-plots and YES A STORY WHERE KIDS AREN’T USED AS A PLOT DEVICE TO MAKE SOMEONE MORE ROMANTICALLY APPEALING AND seriously this series is SO CUTE you all should read it.
  • Bokura no Hentai (eng: Our Transformations): the “hentai” here is “transformations” not porn lmao. Anyway this series is about three kids who meet through an online “cross-dressing” community. The main character is actually a trans girl!! The other two mains are both cis, one gay one straight. The straight boy does say homo/transphobic things at the beginning but properly apologizes for his actions later. The series also deals with death in the family, mental illness and recovery, gender (obviously) as well as gender expectations and even addresses hypersexuality as a result of trauma. That being said, there is a heavy warning on this series for noncon situations and molestation. However it’s thankfully not treated in a romantic or rose-tinted way in the least. Some of the character growth is a little sudden (esp straight cis boy, I felt his turnaround was too fast and drastic) and some of the endgame couples (or implied couples) have some meh undertones, but overall a good story.
    The series is finished now and ended on a pretty good note, but the epilogue is incredibly sad. I suggest maybe not reading the very last chapter if you’re in a bad place mentally right now.
  • Kase-san: If you’re looking for feel-good wlw media, Kase-san is the shit. It’s sooo sugary and sweet, but still has good character growth and story development. It generally deals with real-world teenager stuff, but the couple is very healthy and progresses at a realistic but still romantic pace. Warnings for intense butterflies lmao this series is seriously so gentle and high-school romance-y in the best way. The biggest surprise is how the main girl grew on me so much? Like I have a huge pet peeve for cookie-cutter protagonists, but Yamada has so much personality and strengths! Even though the story is told from her perspective and generally follows her pining after the titular love interest, Kase, there are enough glimpses into Kase’s personality and motivations too (which helps to balance things out), and just Yamada herself is very vibrant and sweet! This series puts me in such a good mood
  • Tamen Di Gushi (eng: Their Story): Another good wlw series! I know this series is already pretty popular on Tumblr, but if anyone was still on the fence about it, I really think you should give it a shot. The romance is sweet and adorable but what really gets me is the HUMOR. The gags in this series are fucking out of this world, I can’t explain it well but the timing, expressions, and circumstances are SO FUNNY and the artist pulls it off so well!! I always look forward to the updates just because they’re so funny


  • Idolm@ster: ugh don’t even talk to me about this one it’s a total guilty pleasure but all the characters and even the sides are GREAT (I love the faceless president lmao). It’s a story about a start-up idol agency, and how all the adults are working to help each of the girls become famous. It was originally a video game (with some questionable content) but the anime is REALLY GOOD and very endearing and each of the girls has a moment to shine and grow. The songs are cute and the dances and performances are so rewarding to see esp after all the characters go through, and UGH It’s all so adorable, esp 2nd season. I love this show.
    [A NOTE: don’t watch the movie. Just don’t. It’s awful. Bad production value, unnecessary drama, A USELESS SIDEPLOT ABOUT A GIRL LOSING WEIGHT it’s awful don’t do it.]
  • Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls: New cast of idols, new agency, very different pacing. The beginning 7 episodes are a little hard to get through, but after that first trudge, the quality skyrockets. I actually think there were some things I enjoyed more about CG than the original im@s– there’s a bigger focus on the actual work they do (like their idol theming), company politics, and a MUCH BETTER VILLAIN introduced in the second season. This series doesn’t focus as much on each individual character, but the ones that do get development really hit home strong.
  • Escaflowne: one of the first animes I ever watched when they were dubbing it in fox kids. I rewatched the subbed anime when I got older and I gotta say it’s really lasts the test of time. Aside from the geek factors (high fantasy!! tarot cards!! dragons! MAGIC MECHS!!) the story and characters are really great. The main character, Hitomi, is just such a strong baby who’s never outshined by the other characters. She goes through a lot and still is allowed to feel vulnerability, it never quite feels like she has to “prove” herself worthy of being a hero just “because she’s a girl” etc, she’s allowed to be strong and courageous while also weak and in need of help, very multi-layered! And that’s only the main girl HAHA don’t even get me started on the other characters.
    Some of the later story can be a little weird? There’s some weird real-world references and one of the characters has an interesting(?) gender issue. I don’t personally know how I feel about it but it’s worth having a mild precaution to anyone thinking of going into this series.
“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x02 Again

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Everyone snuggled in? Ok sweet let’s LIVE-BLOG.

Season 3, Episode 2: “Primavera”

I forgot. I forgot that they were just gonna show us the end of “Mizumono” as the start of this episode.

With time, I can now say that I feel this was not the best or most interesting choice. Cut down with surreal editing would have been stronger, I think, and could still bring us to Will waking up in the hospital. And just imagine all the dizzy painful things they could have done with that! Flashes of the clutch-gutting stitched with flashes of other moments, a patchwork of Will’s frayed embroidered memories?? Yeah, yeah, I woulda done that.

It also might have helped get to the emotional place this episode wants us to be in, which is not the the emotional place I am in after watching the end of the second season again tbh! I think this is the first time in the series where I veer significantly off from where Will is at, which is probably notable. Though weirdly, I’m able to pick right up with Hanners in 3x01. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I guess the thing to keep reminding myself is that Will saw being half-murdered by Hannibal as something he brought on himself, a wound that part of him wanted, felt he deserved. “You play, you pay,” after all. Which is surely why Dream Abigail so quickly starts in on guilting him.

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wildphrancis  asked:

whats supernatural about?

This cannot be answered properly without taking a very long time. Supernatural is an amazing show, not just about two brothers who hunt evil…it is so much more. It is about how family is the most important thing, and family doesn’t end with blood, it is anyone in your life who you care about and is there for you. It is about the special bond between two brothers who would do anything for each other, even die and they have several times. 

They are heroes who save countless lives everyday and have stopped the world from ending at least three or four times and will continue to. It is about an angel who was an obedient servant to a God who was absent and never there, much like Sam & Dean with their own father who was blinded by the grief of losing his wife to a demon and spent his life tracking them down, forcing Sam & Dean into the life they have now. Castiel learned to think for himself and got free will, Dean made him feel things he never had before and he helped them in ways no one else ever had, turning his back on Heaven and everything he had ever known for centuries. It is about friendships, loyalty. Dean has basically raised his brother and does everything he can to give him as normal of a life as possible, and he would do anything for him, as would Sam and their relationship is epic, the best they are just …I can’t desrcibe how perfect it is. As is Dean’s relationship with Cas. But these three actors are freaking awesome, they play them SO perfect and they are best friends off set and it is so awesome…

I can sum up the seasons like this (im sure this is not what you mean but I get excited when people ask me about it and have seen every episode thousands of times so I can sum it up in like two minutes for you) these are main highlights of the storyline not stand alone episodes..there is a general theme each season that builds and grows int he next, but there are ‘monster of the week’ episodes that are usually just funny or a scary one that is its own, not having to do with the season’s story line

1-They are looking for their dad, fighting evil demons, ghosts and monsters along the way. Something is going on with Sam but they are not sure what it means, they get in an accident because of the demons and Dean is about to die but John gives his life, sells his soul for an eternity in hell to save his son.

2-Sam realizes he has powers, and it is a result of the demon blood Azazel gave him the night he killed his mother. They carry on what their dad wanted, Saving People, hunting things the family business. Sam is taken to a place to see if he is the chosen one, he is killed and Dean makes the same mistake John did, selling his soul because he cannot live without his brother in his life but he only gets one year. Azazal, the demon that ruined their lives is finally killed when John climbs out of hell and Dean shoots him.

3-Dean spends his year living it up, they try to find the demon that holds the contract, Lilith. A demon named Ruby is helping them, although she is really working with Lilith but we do not find that out for another season. In the end they cannot save him and the hell hounds come for him and he goes to hell

4-Castiel raises Dean from hell, they learn that Dean is here for a special reason, Lilith is trying to break 66 seals and if she succeeds she will bring on the apoclaypse. They have to stop her, but discover Ruby has been feeding Sam demon blood to get him powerful enough to kill Lilith because she is the final seal. Sam kills her, Lucifer rises and Dean kills Ruby

5-Now that the apocalypse has started they have to stop the four horsemen and discover Dean is Michaels true vessel and Sam is Lucifers and they must battle it out in the end. They try everything to stop the apocalypse which results in Sam letting Lucifer in and jumping in the cage, trapping himself and their half brother Adam there.

6-Castiel pulls Sam from the cage but his soul is left behind, so Sam is soulless for part of the season. Eve,mother of all evil monsters is in purgatory but monsters raise her and she is trying to take over, they stop her but Castiel, who is dealing with a war in heaven against archangel Raphael, swallows souls from purgatory and becomes God.

7- When Cas puts the souls back, the Leviathans, the oldest most evil monsters ever stayed behind. they can take on the form of any human and cannot be killed. They kill and kill and kill  (by the way Sam had been seeing hallucinations of Lucifer because when he got his soul back it was damaged but Cas fixed it and transferred it to himself and is now Crazy) Sam Dean and Cas find a way to kill them, they must kill Dick Roman, the leader, with a special weapon. Castiel kills him but he and Dean are standing too close when he dies and are sent to Purgatory with him

8-Dean is back from Purgatory, Sam had hit a dog and met a girl. They discover Kevin Tran is a prophet and he tried to decipher the demon tablet so they can close the gates of hell and rid the world of demons. Cas returns but is different, Naomi, a powerful angel, is controlling him from heaven and is trying to get the angel tablet. In the end, another angel, Metatron who is the scribe of God, knows what the tablets say and tricks Cas to give him his grace causing the angels to all be expelled from heaven and basically become human. Sam was trying to cure a demon to close the gates of hell, the king of hell Crowley. Dean stopped him just in time because he could have died

9- Sam is dying so Dean allows an angel to posses him in order to save him. Cas is human and struggling. Eventually Sam becomes strong enough and they rid him of the angel, but Metatron is trying to take over heaven and become God so he teams up with him. Abaddon, a knight of hell, is back and trying to take over hell since Sam and Dean have Crowley locked in their dungeon. Dean gets the mark of cain, a requirement with the first blade to kill Abaddon, but it comes with consequences because now he wants to kill and in the end Metatron kills Dean and he becomes a demon.

10- Dean is a demon, Sam cures him with the help of Cas in the end. Dean is human again but is feeling the effects of the mark. Cas is struggling with dwindling grace and reunited with his vessel’s daughter, he feels guilty that she lost her father and her life is shit right now. Dean is struggling everytime he kills he wants to do it more. Crowley’s mother is back, a powerful witch and it seems like she is playing him so we will have to see where that goes. Right now we are worried about Dean, as is Sam and Cas and tonight Season 10 continues so there will be many more feels, then season 11 will be even better

wow sorry that was so long, I really tried to sum it up the best I could in few words. Really Supernatural is a show about the bond between two brothers, occasionally an angel and the king of hell…but it is the importance of their love for each other and how it has prevailed over all evil and no monster, angel demon or god himself has ever come between them. It has horror things that are awesome, there are feels that will make you an emotional wreck but they worth it because you feel their pain you fall in love with them and it is also funny as hell. I want to go on forever but this is long enough…if I didnt answer your question explain what you want to know. I love this show and obviously an obsessed with it so I tend to go on and on about it

Supernatural is so much I could never describe it all because it has touched my life and changed it in to many ways and it is more than a show, the actors are amazing on and off set and the fandom is awesome too. I love everything about it and will watch and rewatch it forever because it is the best show ever

Rose’s Chicago Panel Analysis

A bunch of people have asked about my feeling on the panel and so here they are. I think the thing overall I found most interesting is how very different it was being in the room for the first time as opposed to watching online. I was lucky enough to be sitting with @spiritofx who was on a platinum pass so we were up pretty close and personal, about three rows back and slightly to the right. We had a good view and so I watched the people mostly instead of the screen which means some of the smaller things/moments I missed.

It was a very strange, surreal and honestly, at times uncomfortable way to spend 45 minutes, from the moment DD strolled out in his white, loungewear tuxedo to Gillian’s shirt auction and David chewing on her clothing. 

I came out with very mixed emotions, the panel was what I was most excited for in the weekend and I was honestly pretty disappointed. Fortunately other things turned out to be 100x better than I had anticipated but it was very bizarre to log onto tumblr and see people who had seen the livestream yelling Gillovny confirmed/such fun etc when I was feeling so strange about the whole thing.

Having seen the gifs etc. I get why they were yelling that, there were some super cute moments and retrospectively it was an interesting experience, but it wasn’t what expected at all and here is why…

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